May 22, 2022

Men in shorts.

I'm reading this NYT wedding story: "Step by Step, Embracing a Future With Each Other/Doug Lockwood and Linda Murphy met in 2019 as members of a support group for people who had lost longtime spouses. A year later came a series of walks that eventually led them to the altar." 


... Mr. Lockwood suggested they meet for a stroll that October. Though unsure of his intentions — the two had never interacted outside of their support group setting — Ms. Murphy agreed. “I was intrigued and curious and thought, ‘Well, why not?’” she said. 

Ahead of their outing, Mr. Lockwood got a haircut, took his dog Penny, a corgi and Cavalier King Charles spaniel mix, to the groomer and bought a new polo shirt and shorts.

ADDED: Speaking of fashion, at the wedding, the bride wore a dark blue dress, and there's a link to this other recent NYT article, "Saying Goodbye to the Plain White Wedding Gown/As couples seek to plan nuptials that feel more personal, many are eschewing tradition. But this may be the most visible break yet." Judging from the photos over there, black is the most popular alternative color — black lace. 

About that dog — "a corgi and Cavalier King Charles spaniel mix" — yes, there's a photo of the dog, which sounds like something concocted for the purpose of pleasing women. The photo shows the dog at the wedding, wearing flowers on her collar.


Heartless Aztec said...

Hair cut AND the dogs groomed? Damn. His intentions were serious.

typingtalker said...

In other news ...

Meade said...


David Begley said...

Tear it all down.

David Begley said...

What did Meade where to that first date? Certainly not shorts!

Lem said...

I drove two couples to a Dave Mathews Band concert in ATL yesterday. Talk about shorts galore, when we got there.

Skeptical Voter said...

A dog as chick bait. And the same dog gets to be a wedding guest. Mission accomplished!

Not all dogs do so well. Biden has biters who have to be banished from the White House. And I wonder what happened to Barack Obama's Portuguese Water Spaniel? Last seen pulling a hapless Barack down the walk, was the dog shuffled off to exile.

Ann Althouse said...

"What did Meade where to that first date? Certainly not shorts!"

It was January in Wisconsin.

Ann Althouse said...

I think if the first date for that couple was a walk on the beach in warm weather that shorts would be fine. It's the beach!

You might want to consider whether you have nice-looking calves though. Many older men have legs they might want to exclude from the first-impression experience.

My opposition to shorts has always been the problem of looking like an enlarged child. It's especially bad for an older man who isn't is great shape and is relying on a big boxy shirt and longish shorts and then some sort of sneakers. How is this projecting yourself as a man who could be a sexual partner? What if the woman is wearing a skirt and has put effort into looking nice for you? Why take the trouble to go out if you aren't going to try?

John henry said...


Yeah, it starts with the dog, apparently. But what he is really doing is "grooming" her to have sex with him.

That seems to be a real complaint

I take it there is no dispute that Sabatini’s and Knouse’s “fling” was consensual. Rather, Knouse now says that Sabatini “groomed” her into a sexual relationship. It’s a novel theory, but let’s do the math. Sabatini is now 54 years old, and Knouse is 21 years his junior. Their consensual relationship began in 2018. So Knouse would have been 29 years old–a little long in the tooth for “grooming.”

Poor dog. It's not her fault he is involved in this nefarious scheme.

John LGKTQ Henry

Joe Smith said...

Men wear shorts when doing physical activities. They free up our legs and keep us cool.

The fact that I have magnificent legs from years of playing tennis, soccer, and golf is just a bonus for you gals...

Rollo said...

When exactly did "since I was in short pants" cease to be a relevant idiom?

And if we are going through a "crisis of masculinity" how much of it can be attributed to the loss of this important rite of passage?

Joe Smith said...

'It was January in Wisconsin.'

I have a friend who grew up in Wisconsin and now lives in Colorado.

Other than at fancy restaurants or events, he only wears shorts.

Unless he's going to be outside for more than an hour, he will wear shorts in all kinds of weather...

John henry said...

I've always thought of Bill Murray as the epitome of cool since his early snl days.

In Saint Vincent, playing a 70 something Vietnam vet (he was 64 at the time) really pulls off the look.

Shorts, boxy shirt, flip-flops with socks.

As an added bonus, he does this while singing Bob Dylan (shelter from the storm) and dancing.

Bill Murray is ultramaga cool in my book.

John LGKTQ Henry

Mason G said...

"What if the woman is wearing a skirt and has put effort into looking nice for you?"

What if the woman isn't in any better shape than the man? Shouldn't she be expected to hide her body the way the man is?

Temujin said...

I'm feeling glad that I cannot access this article.

J said...

Speaking of fashion is not the fashion "industry" just a modern invention to get the vast public to buy more clothing since clothing is not considered a durable good.So therefore based on deception and falsity from the beginning.Oh and advertising to support it all.

Dave Begley said...

I thought Meade's response was, "Ann wore blue. The Nazis wore grey."

Ann Althouse said...

"What if the woman isn't in any better shape than the man? Shouldn't she be expected to hide her body the way the man is?"

Everyone ought to figure out what looks best on them, and the question is whether "hiding" in something baggy is the best choice. It's usually not. You've inserted the word "hiding" to create some sort of equality argument, but I don't accept that. I didn't say the man should "hide." I think the oversized boxy shirt with big long baggy shorts is as much hiding as long pants. I'm not saying hide yourself, just don't show up dressed like an enlarged boy.

There are some infantilizing things that women wear too. I'm not recommending that, but that's normally not about "hiding."

All clothing "hides" some parts of your body, so you're always making decisions about what to display naked and what to cover. Make good choices! Some women always cover their upper arms, for example.

Dave Begley said...
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mikee said...

Corgi mixes are always Corgis doing cosplay.

mikee said...

As to projecting myself as a sexual partner by abjuring shorts, to hell with that. If you see me in shorts I grant you the presumption that I am not cruising for pussy. And stop objectifying me! I am more than a potential sex partner. Like old Walt, as sung by old Bob, I contain multitudes!

Mr Wibble said...

If you want to "hide" imperfections, baggy clothes are the worst option. Well-fitting clothes with the right colors and patterns will serve you better, as they can create the illusion of more definition, draw the eye to specific points, and hide a bit of thickness.

Kevin said...

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