May 21, 2022

At the Sunrise Café...


... you can write about whatever you want.


Here's a panorama version that includes the moon (and the moon's shattered reflection in the water)(click and click again for a good enlargement):



Ann Althouse said...

The first photo was taken at 5:21. The second at 5:30. The panorama was the first photo taken — at 5:18.

I love getting out there so early! It's exciting and mystical.

Lem said...

That's the best panorama I've seen here yet. I may have missed one or two.

farmgirl said...

It truly is.
And the Dawn chorus- the term coming from Owl, via Winnie the Pooh.

It would take a very special Lake to replace Mendota.
NH does have beautiful lakes.

Lem said...

There’s also an Althouse pelican video which came through my YouTube picks.

Check it out 👉🏽

Joe Smith said...

Who leaked the SCOTUS draft opinion?

Why don't we know that by now?

Rt41Rebel said...

It's come to my attention that many are using LinkedIn as a matchmaking tool. In the last month, no less than 4 young random women have connected with me and then followed up with flirtatious message conversations. One young women from France was very blunt:

"I am single without children I am looking for a serious sincere and honest man to have a romantic relationship based on trust and you, Etienne, what are you looking for on the net?"

At first I thought this odd, but it actually makes sense. No one lies about their profile on a career site, and it's easy to assess the level of their success. Try getting that on a dating app.

stlcdr said...

What’s with the baby formula shortage?

It seems that there is no baby formula on the shelves, apparently due to the FDA shutting down Anderson (?) factory, and the house passes a bill giving 29 million to the FDA which somehow creates more baby formula. Oh and the republicans hate women because they voted against it.

The second bill allows WIC recipients to buy different brands of baby formula? When there is no baby formula available. Again, the Rs are evil and hate women and babies for voting against it.

Why can’t the media and do their job? I can find no truth about the supposed ‘facts’ above. I have found one bill, the 29 million to the FDA for salaries and expenses. Seems that this rewards government departments for creating (sic) a problem.

stlcdr said...

Oh, and that panorama looks excellent with little to no obvious distortion. Always have trouble with that.

farmgirl said...

Rt41Rebel- a French girl!!

Jefferson's Revenge said...

Rebel. I use Linked often in my business. I am in recruiting. I regularly get connection requests from attractive women, usually Asian, who want to sell me something. I do not believe the picture matches the person. I am under no illusion as to the motive. Cynicism is required. Don’t get you hopes up brother.

stlcdr said...

An essay from someone who is, actually, non-binary.

farmgirl said...

Stlcdr: not to worry.
I believe I read on Breitbart that we’re receiving special shipments of formula from Germany.

America Last…

farmgirl said...

And I can’t decide which sunrise I appreciate the most- they all speak volumes.

Kai Akker said...

If you watch the replay of the Preakness closely, you see something unusual, I believe.

The (ultimately) winning horse's rider is working together with another rider to hurt the chances of the favorite, Epicenter, while giving each of the two colluders a better shot at winning.

The two riders are brothers Jose and Irad Ortiz. Irad, on a losing long shot, has post 7 just to the inside of favorite Epicenter, 8. Right after the starting gates open, you can see him steer a little outwards, pinching the 8 back.

I thought it was just bad racing luck for Epicenter before I realized the 7 horse was ridden by Irad, a notably aggressive rider, probably overly aggressive.

The interesting part is the signaling that seems to be going on between the two Ortizes. Jose, on 5, comes out two paths shortly after the start and gets right next to Irad. Jose looks back a couple times, possibly just to locate Epicenter; or, possibly, to verify that they have squeezed him out successfully.

Then he seems to signal his brother, in some way, that it is OK and time for the brother to take his long shot to the front. Irad has his horse burst forwards. Jose holds his back, just long enough to fall into a careful second place several lengths behind Irad. They go that way as far as Irad's long shot can handle it, which is pretty far, almost to the stretch. On a speed-favoring track like Pimlico, Irad's long shot had a chance to go all the way in front, although he couldn't.

So Jose took over the lead, then his horse weaved around some, then he drove the horse at least five paths back across the track in mid-stretch to make sure he was making it as hard as possible for Epicenter to pass him. Which Epicenter could not do anyway, in all likelihood.

So some of this was race-riding. But what if two brother jockeys had colluded with each other before the race? What is fascinating about this case is that you can see it happening on the replay videos, I think. The whole first sixteenth of a mile looks orchestrated by them, to me; in fact, it looks obvious, to my thinking.

The Ortizes have been suspected of helping each other at other times. Would such possible colluding to help one another in the Preakness rise to the level of race-fixing, if it were proved or admitted?

farmgirl said...

Cheating is cheating.
In my book, anyway.

Lurker21 said...

Yes, some people are legitimately intersex.

And conversations online about gender and sex are the exact opposite. Instead of being liberating they represent the worst and most toxic attitudes of the 1950s. Where a person like me would be told they cannot be a man, that they must be queer or trans or something else and this is repeated over and over.

That's similar to what I've (probably too) often said, when the topic comes up. There's also an essay somewhere online from a woman who is lesbian and on the autism spectrum, who says that people like her are told again and again that they are probably trans, when they aren't.


Baseball, boxing, and horseracing were the biggest sports in the country before television. Today, not so much.

Ann Althouse said...


The pelican video was blogged 5 posts down.

Rt41Rebel said...


No, Wimmin! (obscure Benny Hill reference)


I'm not on the market, and very skeptical, although I often continue the conversation on longer than I should.

Christopher B said...

Rt41Rebel, the corollary to the rule that every technological advance on the Internet was originally devised to support pr0n is that every Internet app will eventually be used by scammers to find marks among the incredulous.

wendybar said...

Was traveling, and haven't checked if they ever covered this story yet...somehow I highly doubt it.

wendybar said...

The online version headlines (of the NYT's)don't mention that HILLARY authorizing a dirty tricks campaign (as Ari Fleischer called it) at ALL. NOTHING. It's like it never happened, and if they don't report it, nobody will ever hear about it. GET IT YET??