May 15, 2022

A sunrise, presented at midday, to keep your spirits up.



Humperdink said...

As a regular traveler on the far west portion of the New York state thruway, I have noticed that none of the giant windmills placed at the toll booth plazas have ever operated. As in not one rotation.

Boon, meet doggle, climate change edition. New York state spent millions installing these eyesores to save $300k/year. The thought was with the strong winds off Lake Erie, these windmills would spin like tops. But alas, they did not include calculations for wind shear, as requested by their consultant. The windmills are worthless. The state of NY sued the consultant and lost. Thank you Fredo senior.

Narr said...

There should be a new paint color--Althouse Sunrise Orange.

After TikTok and sentence diagramming, my spirits NEED keeping up.

It has been unseasonably warm here. We may get some late spring weather, though, before summer sets in for real. We can hope; it's likely to be a long expensive summer.

Friendo said...

Damn! Your photographs just keep getting better!

BudBrown said...


Howard said...

Spirits already sky high today after swimming a mile in Walden Pond. 69F is warm enough to bareback and not too cool to make you shiver.

farmgirl said...

This is Peterson giving a commencement speech.
It may register as long in minutes- but, the content begs to differ.
It is very helpful.

cf said...

Althouse, your daily accounting proves that we live in a most incredible reality.
thank you.

. . . Does that mean we can have a "Cafe"?

I don't know where to say this, & I don't know what I'm talking about but is there a way, dear knowledgeable Althouse & tribe, for the disempowered half-nation that has been wronged for years make something like a ReVote happen?

The nation needs a Presidential ReVote in November. Literally revote, the same lineup as 2020, kamala and joe vs pence and trump -- supervised by citizens, outside the current state mechanics, perhaps the weekend before the Tuesday election day, clear and clean, in person, hand counted -- is there any way that could happen?

(I should ask instapundit and legal insurrection or elon musk, huh? i'm shy. ooh, russell brand, haha, i'll ask him)

We needed to start resolving this farce all year, but/and early november is 6 months away. Surely in america a fresh, just revote could be made to happen.

Saint Croix said...

I probably shouldn't laugh at this, but it cracks me up.

Our Daughter Lied To Us and Went to a Pro-Life Rally

Yesterday, my 17-year-old daughter, a junior in high school, told us she was going to her boyfriend’s house. It turns out she lied.

I only found out because today, I casually mentioned Roe v. Wade may be overturned, and she replied, “I can’t wait. So many innocent lives will be spared.” We got into an argument in which she ended up confessing her actual whereabouts—she went to a “pro-life” rally with her boyfriend.

We’ve grounded her and taken away her phone for going behind our backs, but she’s showing no remorse. I just can’t believe it. This is the girl who dressed up as Ruth Bader Ginsburg for Halloween when she was 10. She’s heading to law school in a couple years. I seriously thought she was pro-choice and a feminist. I’ve been taking her to rallies and protests since she was a baby. We’ve been educating her about safe sex and consent. We donate to Planned Parenthood every year for Christmas. I’m fine with her disagreeing with us on other topics, but I had an abortion years ago. We live in a conservative state. I don’t want her right to choose to be taken away.

And I’m furious at her for going behind our backs. I’m suspicious of her boyfriend—I know he’s a conservative-leaning Christian and I don’t want to have raised a daughter who votes for whomever her boyfriend does. How do I convince her being pro-life isn’t helping her in the long run?

— Just Trying to Raise a Feminist

Saint Croix said...

Here's a DIY Ruth Bader Ginsburg Halloween costume on Pinterest. Cute!

You know what would be really freaky is if a kid came up to your house on Halloween dressed like that and she said, "Ruth Sent Me."

I'd be like, holy shit, no candy for you!

That might be a pretty good horror movie. Pregnant sorority girls running through the woods, chased by psycho with a big hammer. Ruth Sent Me!

Saint Croix said...

Justice Thomas gives a talk about the leak.

Jekrub said...

Dear Ann, I look forward to your pics. You’re like me, always taking photos of favorite local scenes.

Onward! Jerry Burke

BTW my photos are on Flickr under the name ‘jekrub’

farmgirl said...

It looks volcanic!

BUMBLE BEE said...

Humperdink... Remember: Morton Thiokol advised against location of Fukushima's Reactor due to fault lines. Just how "expert" are the bureaucrats is a question we are living in these days.
Biden/Harris was a judgement call.

BUMBLE BEE said...

I second Narr's color naming vote! These oranges put those 70s Cali sunset posters to shame!

Ann Althouse said...

"Does that mean we can have a "Cafe"?"

Yes, it's always a café when the post is just a photo (unless I declare otherwise). I just sometimes don't like to say "café."

BG said...

I keep wanting to hit the "love" button, but it's not there!

n.n said...

I only found out because today, I casually mentioned Roe v. Wade may be overturned, and she replied, “I can’t wait. So many innocent lives will be spared.”

Turn away from the Twilight fringe. Good. For. Her.

Imagine there is no wicked solution
It's easy if you try
No abortion chambers
In front of us only time
Imagine all the babies
Living for today