May 13, 2022

"A ban on 'buy one get one free' deals on unhealthy snacks and a 9pm watershed for junk food advertising have both been ditched..."

"...  as Boris Johnson aims to cut the cost of living and boost growth. The prime minister has delayed the policies for at least a year and may axe them completely as he aims to focus on creating jobs and scrapping 'un-Conservative' ideas. The U-turn was immediately condemned by health campaigners as failing children.... Johnson came to power deriding 'nanny state' measures but underwent a Damascene conversion after his brush with death from Covid, blaming his own weight problem for the virus hitting him so hard."

The London Times reports.

The politics of fat. We got very little of it here in America, despite the Covid connection, because we're ultra-sensitive. About some things. Surely, not all things.

We also rarely say "Damascene conversion," so it struck me. Not enough to change my religion/politics, but enough to make me want to end this post with a graphic depiction of Paul's conversion. There are so many. I'll just pick my favorite:


rhhardin said...

Unhealthful, not unhealthy.

Sebastian said...

"The politics of fat. We got very little of it here in America, despite the Covid connection, because we're ultra-sensitive."

Huh? The politics of fat pervaded the Covid response. The sensitivity drove policy.

Fat, old, sick people were at major risk; everyone else, not much. The ultra-sensitivity clouded any rational analysis.

"About some things. Surely, not all things."

Not "we." Only some people. Surely, not all people.

Howard said...

People always can choose not to eat neuroscientifically advertised highly addictive super delicious industrial sludge that's responsible for obesity diabetes heart disease cancer Alzheimer's joint replacement. Because Freedom and the agricultural medical complex.

Jupiter said...

"Oh, yeah, he's having his visions, and he's seeing the light, and it's all going to be different, from now on. And then he's going to climb right back in the saddle, and kick me in the ribs, and everything will be exactly the way it was."

Whiskeybum said...

If Joe Blow says "Yo, you paint like Caravaggio"
You'll respond "No, that's an insult, Joe
I live in a vacuum, I ain't coppin' no one"
Listen up, son
Everyone creating is a member of the family
Passing down genes and ideas in harmony
The players and the cynics might be thinking it's odd
But if you rewind the tape, we're all copying God
Copying God, copying God
Copying God, copying God
Add your own piece, but the puzzle is God's

-Jack White

robother said...

Caravaggio! Continuing with the (hallucinatory) theme of the day. At least its a good trip (other than, you know, getting struck by lightening and almost stepped on by your horse.)

Rollo said...

They say BoJo's new wife is responsible for his conversion. I don't think that was a factor with Saul/Paul.

Being a fat goofball with bad hair did a lot to humanize Bory Bunter. Voters won't like a svelte new Boris.

gpm said...

>>We also rarely say "Damascene conversion,"

The more typical approach, I think, would be to work in some reference to the "road to Damascus."

There are some who think the "Damascus" here has nothing to do with, you know, that city in Syria but is instead some obscure reference to the Essenes.


farmgirl said...

I haven’t seen other paintings of the conversion of Paul.
I never thought to look!!! But, pretty sure: this would be my favorite, too. I love the white splash across the horse’s hindquarters.

I never picture St Paul as young!!! I’m going to have to leave a note to myself… Self: use your imagination more often!

The Cracker Emcee Refulgent said...

That painting is frickin’ stunning. One of those things I can’t believe I wasn’t aware of earlier. Another one is Steve Winwood’s “Can’t Find My Way Home” which I heard for the first time last year. I’m a music freak so how did I make it to late middle-age without hearing that crystalline gem?