December 3, 2021

Sunrise — 7:20.


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Narr said...

Not-so-smart Alec Baldwin is now backing the bus up so he can run over the poor woman again.

What a dreg.

farmgirl said...

I was reading an article about that 15yr old in Michigan… how the parents are being sought to be charged. Via Instapundit. Yet, the teachers at the school seemed to have a very good idea as to the unstable character of this- 15yr old, a boy- being tried as an adult. Why charge the parents if the kid stole the gun- &if the school could have (potentially) stopped this slaughter?

Just a question…

h said...

What a beautiful photo. I've been watching the sky on my morning dog walks. Is it this time of year that makes the skies so strikingly beautiful? (i don't live close to Wisconsin.)

Lem said...

I see what you did there Narr.

Big Mike said...

@Narr, when I read a transcript of his interview with Stephanopoulos this line jumped out at me:

"If your protocol is you checking the gun every time, well, good for you."

On the one hand, Alec Baldwin runs around advocating for gun confiscation under the rubric of "gun safety." On the other hand, he is utterly dismissive of the simplest, most basic steps to provide a margin of gun safety.

The man needs to spend some serious time in jail contemplating the error of his ways, but he is a wealthy, hard core, Democrat so he won't.

Lem said...

If Smollet walks, maga country’s gonna riot. ☺️

farmgirl said...

And this- please look at the premie picture- how very small and precious she is.

Howard said...

I read an article about the Michigan shooter Trumper parents who bought the gun for their child because they thought he was a hero like Kyle Rittenhouse and he was askeerd of school kids he was being bullied by. Self defense according to reliable conservative Christian bloggers. The msm is covering up the abuse he suffered from the libtards at school afraid of his manly personality.

Drago said...

Did anyone else catch the hilarious claim by our very own gadfly when he/she/xe went Full Howard and claimed he/she/xe had NEVER heard of.....Jussie Smollett!

This is neither hyperbole nor exaggeration.

Gadfly literally claimed just that. This very day.

Mutaman said...

Crumbleys trying to make it to Mar-a-lago.

Mutaman said...

"If Smollet walks, maga country’s gonna riot."

if you get arrested, Linn Wood and Sidney Powell are tanned and rested.

walter said...

Where's your link?

Mr. Forward said...

Clinton admitted having sex with an intern in the Oval Office but we are supposed to believe he behaved himself on the Lolita Express on his way to Orgy Island.

StephenFearby said...

WSJ Dec. 3, 2021

How they found out Tampa Bay Buccaneer Antonio Brown's COVID Vaccination Card was Fake

"..The questions about the legitimacy of Brown’s vaccination card first arose in a Nov. 18 Tampa Bay Times story in which Brown’s former chef accused him of using a fraudulent one. Without that accusation, the NFL would have never found out, the person familiar with the investigation said."

"...There was nothing to indicate to the team or the NFL that Brown’s card was fake. The league even took an extra step and cross-checked the lot number on his card—his card said he had received the one-dose Johnson & Johnson shot—to ensure it reflected a genuine vaccine lot, with an appropriate expiration date. They found that it was a legitimate dose that should have been administered around when he claimed to receive it.

"...the league would never have definitively determined that it was false without a series of interviews, including with the players themselves, the person acknowledged.

The interviews yielded a critical discrepancy: Brown’s card said he was vaccinated in Citrus County, Fla., approximately 90 minutes from the Buccaneers’ facility. That seemed odd, but plausible, to investigators, the person said, with Brown saying he did not want to be recognized. He also told investigators he went to be vaccinated without other teammates joining him.

It turned out when the league searched all the team’s cards that two other teammates had vaccination cards from the same unlikely place on that same day—a revelation that led to the scheme unraveling, and those players being implicated as well.

The league said that the players had accepted the punishment and waived their rights to appeal it. A lawyer for Brown, who has been out with an injury, said the same thing. It wasn’t immediately clear if law enforcement would take an interest in the case."

WHY NOT? Forgery is a crime:

September 23rd, 2021
What's the penalty for using fake vaccine cards? 3 things to know

"Using or falsifying vaccine records is a federal offense, with each offense carrying the potential for prison time, according to NBC affiliate WUSA 9.

Using or selling a fake COVID-19 vaccine card is illegal. The FBI said in March that falsifying a federal seal is a federal crime. Vaccine cards have two federal seals: one from the CDC and one from HHS. Forging either of these is a violation that could carry a fine and up to five years in prison.

Using a fake vaccine card is less likely to lead to jail time and more likely to lead to probation, according to the report. Those who sell thousands of fake vaccine cards are more likely to get the maximum sentence, the report said.

Depending on the state, using a fake vaccine card can break state laws too. New York made falsifying vaccine records a class E felony. In Washington D.C., making fake vaccine cards violates its forgery law. In both states, the offenses could lead to time in prison."

Brown got suspended by the NFL for the next three games (which he won't get paid for).

Terry Ott said...

Ann — could I buy a framable copy of that photo?

tim in vermont said...

"I read an article about the Michigan shooter Trumper parents who bought the gun for their child..." Written by Rachael Maddow, I suppose, the one who inspired one of her fans to go down to a softball practice and shoot Republicans?

Howard joyfully repeats the bullshit he has been fed. The guy left the gun in a drawer unlocked, he didn't buy the gun for his kid and Rittenhouse had nothing to do with it. The father was negligent, and charges against him are certainly justified, as long as they don't include premeditated murder, I don't think the father ever 'meditated' on anything, by the looks of it.

But wasn't whipping up one mass murder with false and inflammatory propaganda about the Rittenhouse case enough? Are you hoping for more violence? Why else would you repeat inflammatory lies? You know that the Waukesha mass killer had posted the same kinds of angry, but false propaganda about Rittenhouse on social media before he deliberately plowed through a crowd of people at a Christmas Parade.

When will it be enough? Are you that bored? At a minimum, when you get the urge to write things that you know could inflame violence, why don't you check the original sources? Maybe in texts on geology, there is no need to check original sources because nobody really has any motivation to lie, but those habits don't apply to politics.

Mike of Snoqualmie said...

An email from Daily Kos about postal banking:

Sign and send the petition to Congress: Fund postal banking and save the USPS.

The Postal Service belongs to the American people. It is one of the oldest, most unifying and inclusive institutions in our country. But we continue to grapple with MAJOR, INTENTIONAL delays and continued threat of dissolution under Trump appointed Postmaster General Louis DeJoy. Congress must immediately focus on ways to support this public institution and ensure it endures.

One service that could not only strengthen the USPS but also serve individuals underserved by private institutions is postal banking. Postal banking could help over 7 million American households that lack access to a checking account or basic financial services, save low income people millions of dollars in predatory fees, and generate an additional revenue source to help save the USPS.

Sign and send the petition: Demand Congress fund Postal Banking.

Postal banking is far from a new concept. The U.S. had a Postal Savings System from 1911-1967 which in 1947 had $3.4 billion in assets (more than $35 billion in today’s dollars). Postal banking would strengthen the USPS bottom line by offering low-fee ATMs, check cashing, bill payment, and remittances overseas that would generate more than $1 billion in revenue each year.

We must demand Congress fund postal banking and support not only the USPS, but underserved communities across the country.

Join us to demand Congress fund Postal Banking now!

Thanks for all you do,
Erin Tulley, Daily Kos

Hell no. Postal banking from the same folks who lose $10B a year. What a concept!

Drago said...

Mutaman links up with Howard. The circle of idiocy is now complete.

Original Mike said...

"But wasn't whipping up one mass murder with false and inflammatory propaganda about the Rittenhouse case enough?"


Big Mike said...

Today I had to go into my gun safe to get a piece of jewelry for the wife (we keep her jewelry and important papers in there besides firearms). I have a replica Colt model 1873 single action revolver in there, which is one of my old competition revolvers from Single Action Shooting Society days, so I ran an experiment (after putting it on half cock and spinning the cylinder to make sure it is unloaded, even though I “knew” that it was empty). Can the hammer of a Colt 1873 slip forward with enough force to discharge a cartridge?

For the benefit of those of you who haven’t shot a single action revolver, the hammer has three stable positions: hammer down, meaning that the firing pin makes contact with the primer of any cartridge in the cylinder; half cock, which leaves the cylinder free to rotate; and full cock, where the cylinder is rotated 1/6 of a turn and locked into alignment with the barrel, and moving the trigger rearward releases it so that the pin strikes the primer with enough force to fire the cartridge. So the question is, can you draw back the hammer to a position where, if you release it, it will fly forward. Answer: maybe. If you move the hammer past half cock but not all the way to full cock, and release it, it stops at the half cock position and the cylinder is not aligned with the barrel. And if the cylinder is not locked into alignment, the bullet does not go down the barrel. Most likely the gun shatters and so do a few bones in your hand.

If the hammer is released before reaching half cock it will move back to the hammer down position. If there’s a cartridge in the chamber then the firing pin will hit it. But will it strike with enough force to discharge the cartridge? My judgement is that it wouldn’t unless the primer is excruciatingly sensitive. In the thousands of rounds I have sent downrange I have had the opposite problem from time to time — the hammer is cocked, the trigger is pulled, but the cartridge does not discharge. Later inspection shows the primer is dimpled but the bullet is still in place. Most ranges have a special bin where you can safely dispose of the round. I can do the experiment, loading a live round and slipping the hammer before it reaches half cock, but my closest range is closed until spring.

There are two other possibilities. One is that the gun is defective and will not hold full cock. Releasing the hammer will cause it to fly forward and strike the cartridge. That’s on the armorer, not disassembling the gun to check it and leaving it disassembled so it cannot be used if there is any question about its condition. But it’s still on Baldwin that he did not put the gun on half cock and spin the cylinder to verify that it was empty. At any rate the sheriff is presumably having the gun tested by qualified gunsmiths.

The other possibility is that the gun has s very light trigger pull. My gun, purchased for competition as it was, has a trigger pull just under two pounds. That might seem like a lot, but I did have an accidental discharge in a match. I didn’t even feel my finger contact the trigger, much less pull it, but the gun went “bang” and the bullet impacted about 30” in front of my right toe. So that earned me a match disqualification and a lot of (deserved) ribbing for a while thereafter from my friends and fellow competitors. Lesson learned, I practiced keeping my finger out of the trigger guard when drawing the gun from its holster until it’s pointed down range. So if a light trigger pull is the source of this fatal accident then it is partly on the armorer for allowing a gun on the set that is too sophisticated for a novice shooter like Baldwin, but mostly on him for (1) not checking that the cylinder is empty and (2) putting his finger inside the trigger guard while the gun is pointed at people.

Also, why did the producer — Baldwin again! — hire such an inexperienced armorer? Because as a young woman he figured, correctly it appears, that he could bully her with his star power into skipping time-consuming safety steps?