December 4, 2021

Sunrise — 7:04 and 7:19.



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walter said...

Election Wizard
Chris Cuomo got sacked but Jeffrey Toobin still employed at CNN?
Different strokes know the thing!

Lem said...

CNN fires Cuomo

farmgirl said...
John Schneider on Alex Baldwin

farmgirl said...

Pastel peach- yum
Thank you.

Original Mike said...

"CNN fires Cuomo"

Hope he saved his nickels (actually, I hope he didn't).

Some lefty donor will make him whole, however.

Biff said...

From the title, I figured this would be an unfunny SNL hit piece, but it was pretty well done, all things considered: "Republican or Not - SNL"

Bender said...

This sounds like a threat in Washington Post --

Abortion wars have raged for decades. They could soon get worse.
By Dan Balz

rcocean said...

I missed this, but the Judges in the USA are going crazy, & no one seems to care.

For example, Kareem Abdul Jabbar son's "Adam" 29 years old, stabbed a next door neighbor in Orange CA over a dispute over Garbage cans. Adam Jabbar shared a driveway with this man, and he objected to Adam Jabbar not helping his 83 y/o Grandmother (Kareem Adul Jabbar is 74, so its not sure who is the 83 y/o "Grandmother").

Adam Jabbar told the neighbor - 60 years old - to shut his mouth and stabbed him 6 times with a hunting knife. The man was taken to ER where he recovered - barely.

But here's the kicker. The Judge gave Adam Jabbar 6 months of Home Confinement. That's it. Assault with deadly weapon. Intent to kill. Grave injury. Six months. A court ordered plea deal. Judge not named. Sentence brief is "Sealed".

StephenFearby said...

Latest Idiotic Woke Nonsense:

Daily Mail 20:21 EST, 4 December

Breastfeeding guide to axe the word 'womanly' from title in what critics fear is an attempt to appease transgender lobby groups

Womanly Art of Breastfeeding has become a trusted guide for many new mums

Royal College of Midwives apologised after calling mothers ‘post-natal people’

LLL previously used the term ‘chestfeeding’ as an alternative to ‘breastfeeding’

tim in vermont said...

It turns out that after the IngSoc, I mean Merriam-Webster, dictionary updated the definition, I am now, despite getting both COVID vaccine doses, and the booster, an "anti-vaxxer," because I don't believe in mandating a vaccine when the long term effects remain unknown and normal testing is impossible.

Yes, let's decide which words to use based on the dictionary! According to that lot, there is no word to describe somebody who supports keeping kids who have not had the measles vaccine out of schools, because the measles vaccine is only 90% effective, and those 10% are only protected by herd immunity, like I do, that's a vaccine mandate if ever I saw one, but doesn't support mandating a vaccine that doesn't really keep a person from catching and spreading the virus.

The definition does nothing more than attempt to confer some absolute scientific authority on a class of politicians.

rehajm said...

I missed this, but the Judges in the USA are going crazy, & no one seems to care...

I care but I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do about it. Voting is broken and the Gell-Mann pandemic has hit most of the adult population...

tim in vermont said...

I don't know about "the best," but it's short and worth a smile.

tim in vermont said...

It would be funny if the variant that should have been named 'Xi,' but wasn't, turns out to be the variant that puts an end to the pandemic, the way the evidence is beginning to show. Cases skyrocketing, deaths falling, where 'Omicron' is on the loose.

Nature tries trillions of experiments on the virus in the bodies of billions of people, and a natural vaccine appears. I hope it's true, it makes sense, it was never guaranteed, smallpox never evolved in this manner, but it is the normal course of viral evolution. Instead of Xi the Savior, it might be Omicron the Savior. If it turns out to be the case, watch the Chinese start calling it the Xi variant.

walter said...

Jabbars gonna Jab.

Lurker21 said...

I put the glass kettle on the wrong burner, so it cracked, and I have to buy another one.

I hate it when that happens.

Otherwise, nothing's new here.

tim in vermont said...

I personally won't believe that those "Reclaim America" marchers are a Stinkin' Project plant until I see gadfly denounce them.

Lurker21 said...

Dana Milbank saying the other day in WaPo that Biden is getting worse press coverage than Trump. Unbelievable. He doesn't take into account the fact that Biden's job performance is a good sight worse than Trump's. His idea is that Trump unbelievably botched COVID and embraced white supremacists, so he should have been treated even more harshly than he was, but Trump did about as well or as badly handling COVID as his peers in other countries did, and the white supremacy thing was a distraction created by the media.

Everybody likes to opine about presidents and politicians. Abortion, not so much.

Saint Croix said...

That SNL skit is not super-funny but so true. Nice link, thanks.