November 23, 2021

Sunrise — 6:53, 7:01.



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farmgirl said...

The 1st pic is beautiful- I feel sometimes that we live under an ocean- I can see whales in that sky, through a thin fog- I love imagination…

BUMBLE BEE said...

Lets Go Blue -

madAsHell said...

There's a $70 tax to pay for the coroner when you die in King County, Washington.

Genius!! They found a way to tax death!!

rehajm said...

It’s in the low 40s in the lowcountry but it feels colder.

madAsHell said...

Why do Democrats always want to save the day with the strategic oil reserve???

That's gotta be a lotta kickbacks!!!

Fritz said...

Blogger madAsHell said...
There's a $70 tax to pay for the coroner when you die in King County, Washington.

Genius!! They found a way to tax death!!

What happens if you can’t pay? They keep you on life support until the family ponies up?

Narr said...


So much for the theory that if you tax something you get less of it.

Mike of Snoqualmie said...

here's a $70 tax to pay for the coroner when you die in King County, Washington.

How and when?

The state legislature in all its wisdom upped the recording fees for the first page from about $100 to about $200 as a means to raise general revenue. That's illegal, the recording fees have to be to pay for the recording, nothing else.

Don't you just love the donkey party?

Narr said...

Out: Looting

In: Alternative Acquisition

Wa St Blogger said...


Bail was set at $5M. I thought bail was based on subject's record of court appearances. Did he miss a court appearance between vehicular assaults?

madAsHell said...

How and when?
It's collected by the funeral home, and it's also $25 bucks for each death certificate.

Which is a tax on the CD's, and other financial instruments that require a death certificate to release the funds to beneficiaries.

What happens if you can’t pay?
Well that's the first thing I thought!! Disparate impact. This is a tax on middle class white women with supportive families.

StephenFearby said...

Interesting detective story. Hero a Netflix producer:

Daily Mail, UPDATED: 04:28 EST, 24 November

Man, 61, convicted of raping The Lovely Bones author Alice Sebold in 1981 after she ID'd him in court is exonerated after producer of Netflix movie based on her memoir...hired a PI because he doubted the story

Anthony Broadwater, 61, spent 16 years in prison for the supposed 1981 assault, but was cleared on Monday by a New York judge of raping the 58-year-old author

Author Alice Sebold, now 58, detailed the assault in her 1999 memoir, Lucky - her first of three books - which was in the process of being adapted for Netflix

Broadwater broke down in tears as the judge in Syracuse vacated his conviction on Monday

'I never, ever, ever thought I would see the day that I would be exonerated,' said Broadwater, who was convicted of the crime in 1982 at age 20

The interesting part is that although Sebold was ultra sure that this was the guy who had raped her (described in her 1999 best seller book):

'He was smiling as he approached. He recognized me. It was a stroll in the park to him; he had met an acquaintance on the street,' wrote Sebold, who is white. [Broadwater is black.] ''Hey, girl,' he said. `Don't I know you from somewhere?''

She said she didn't respond: 'I looked directly at him. Knew his face had been the face over me in the tunnel.'

After Broadwater was arrested, though, Sebold failed to identify him in a police lineup, picking a different man as her attacker because 'the expression in his eyes told me that if we were alone, if there were no wall between us, he would call me by name and then kill me.'

Broadwater was nonetheless tried and convicted in 1982 based largely on two pieces of evidence. On the witness stand, Sebold identified him as her rapist. And an expert said microscopic hair analysis had tied Broadwater to the crime. That type of analysis has since been deemed junk science by the U.S. Department of Justice.,Department%20of%20Justice.

Takeaway: The trick to keep Sebold from misidentifying you as a rapist is to avert your eyes.

tim maguire said...

Fritz said...

“Genius!! They found a way to tax death!!”

What happens if you can’t pay?

The tax code is often used to coerce behavior by giving deductions for desirable activities like having children or tax hikes for undesirable behaviors like smoking. And we all know the left thinks it can legislate scientific breakthroughs.

Put the two together and I’m left wondering if this isn’t King County’s way of achieving immortality.

Lucien said...

King county has found a way to drive business to nursing homes in Snohomish county.

Mr. Forward said...

Best Pic of the day. Trump welcoming Rittenhouse to the Billionaire's Club.

Gypsy Jenni said...

The New York Times has voting for best book of 125 years; and included is David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest.

gadfly said...

So the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) will sell the crude oil equivalent of a billion gallons of gasoline plus 550 million gallons of diesel fuel (presumably) to US refineries based upon the fastest taking of delivery in the last 15 days of December and the following four months. How soon the added fossil fuel reaches retail pumps and the supposed price-lowering effect on world oil prices will depend on excess capacities available among the refineries participating. If the Oil Cartel wishes, this price-lowering effort can be blown up before it begins by reducing their oil extraction.

If Biden really wanted lower fossil fuel prices for US consumers, he could have simply chosen to immediately reduce federal gasoline tax rates instead.

tim in vermont said...

Snow on the rooftops, but no ice fishing this Thanksgiving, it looks like.

Did you know that global warming stopped Lake Champlain's "broad lake" from freezing over the same year that they introduced ice-breaking ferries, which keep the ice open so that wave action can break it up, but that has nothing to do with it? The "northeast arm" freezes every year by some strange mishap of nature; there is no ferry service there.

tim in vermont said...

I was wondering who that man was whispering in Rittenhouse's ear when he made the "White Supremacy" symbol, whose face was blanked out, for some reason. Rittenhouse was set up by his own lawyer. Seriously, try to find a picture where the people with him don't have their face blanked out, then come up with a good reason why these "white supremacists" should have their identity protected by the media.

Same technique they used against Roger Cohen, whose lawyer was Lanny Davis, of all people, and who pronounced him guilty in public while the case was ongoing.

Same technique that they appear to have used with the QAnon shaman, whose lawyer pronounced him despicable after negotiating a five year "Let's set an example" sentence for him in stir, for walking around the Senate chamber.

"A lot of these defendants — and I’m going to use this colloquial term, perhaps disrespectfully — but they’re all fucking short-bus people,” Watkins told TPM. “These are people with brain damage, they’re fucking retarded, they’re on the goddamn spectrum.”

“But they’re our brothers, our sisters, our neighbors, our coworkers — they’re part of our country. These aren’t bad people, they don’t have prior criminal history. Fuck, they were subjected to four-plus years of goddamn propaganda the likes of which the world has not seen since fucking Hitler.”
Shaman's lawyer.

Well, his lawyer was right about the "goddamn propaganda."

Democrats have launched an all out effort to deny Trump and his followers legal representation, then they step in to fill the gap.

Owen said...

Lovely pics, up to your usual high standard. Has Madison ever been so photographed? Or, rather, photographed so consistently and well?

Question: what is/was the temperature? It looks bloody cold. My guess is 10-15 F.

tim in vermont said...

"If Biden really wanted lower fossil fuel prices for US consumers, he could have simply chosen to immediately reduce federal gasoline tax rates instead."

Or he could have not killed Keystone XL, because that would have a long term effect of increasing supply and lowering prices, which is why he killed it, BTW.

Biden Taps Strategic Oil Reserve 11 Months After Suspension Of Oil And Gas Leases

He also started auctioning leases again, which means that the political types who care about his approval have won out over the true believers, who saw him as a man who didn't care about his political future, and could therefore take the heat on their unpopular policies.

What they weren't banking on was that Kamala would be such a terrible politician, so their planned next step has been foreclosed, which is worrying Democrats

Nancy Pelosi just bought a $25 million dollar beachfront estate, not very far by boat from Mar a Lago, BTW, even if it is on the other side of the Palm Beach County line in Martin County. So she is planning the retirement that she didn't outright deny she was considering, when asked.

Notice that there is no "Red Wave" emoji though.

Jersey Fled said...

"So the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) will sell the crude oil equivalent of a billion gallons of gasoline plus 550 million gallons of diesel fuel..."

Maybe sorta true if you assume it all goes to those two end uses.

Per the Dept of Energy:

"While almost 40% of a barrel of oil is used to produce gasoline, the rest is used to produce a host of products including jet fuel and plastics and many industrial chemicals."