November 28, 2021

"Audience members were treated to author Haruki Murakami serving as a disc jockey while playing the works of jazz great Stan Getz and talking about his music."

"Murakami played records from his own extensive collection during a session held Nov. 13 at the Waseda International House of Literature in Tokyo.... In the shadows of his spectacular and extensive musical career, Getz continued to suffer from alcoholism and drug addiction his entire life. 'Music is there like an independent form of life unto itself,' Murakami said. 'It keeps evolving even if it lives in a host who is so messed up.'"

From "Murakami spins best of Stan Getz while he talks about jazz great" (The Asahi Shimbun).

A reader sent me that link, and I greatly enjoyed reading it here at my computer with access to Spotify to listen to, notably, “Corcovado” from “Getz/Gilberto."

I made a bookmark for The Asahi Shimbum, where I was pleased to see that the biggest front-page item was "Pigeons figure the odds to perch where safety is assured"...
The unusual sight of 30 or so pigeons perched on the rooftop of a parked car on a road in central Tokyo, rather than an adjacent small park, seemed like an unlikely place to congregate. But in fact it made perfect sense.... It turns out that pigeons take two factors into account when they pick where to perch, according to Shigeru Watanabe, professor emeritus of animal behavior at Keio University who won... the Ig Nobel award, which honors “achievements that first make people laugh and then make them think,” for showing that pigeons can distinguish between paintings by Picasso and Monet by showing 10 pictures of each to them.
I who was lost and lonely/Believing life was only/A bitter tragic joke, have found with you, the meaning of existence, oh my love....


who-knew said...

Love Bossa Nova and Brazilian music and like most Americans was introduced to it by Getz/Gilberto and the Girl From Ipanema. That whole album s top-notch. Another great US-Brazil synthesis album is Francis Albert Sinatra & Antonio Carlos Jobim for those who don't want to jump right into pure Brazilian productions (but come on in, the water is fantastic).

Joe Smith said...

Incredible album...I wore mine out at one time.

Sat in on a class at Waseda once...nice folks.

robother said...

Sorry, this is our default summer dinners on the back porch music. Can't listen in late November: "to everything, there is a season...."
But, yeah, Getz and Bossa Nova are absolutely one of life's great consolations.

Carol said...

I had this album and played it all summer - was it '63 or '64? Then got into it again periodically later in life. So grownup, calm, mysterious. It was a nice contrast to the teeny bopper pop dominating the radio back then.

Sometimes I wish the Beatles et al had never happened. The resurgence of rock definitely stunted my growth.

mikee said...

The Ig Nobels are wonderful awards. I aim lower, only wishing to be published in The Journal of Irreproducible Results. My sole submission was rejected by the editor, who noted that my submission was neither scientific enough, nor at all funny, and so could not be published in JIR. Harsh but fair, I had to admit.

I had a roomie for ayear in college who had over 3000 vinyl disks, mostly jazz. It was wonderful to have great background music all the time.

mezzrow said...

Getz was a wonderful artist, but personally was sort of a dumpster fire. Like Chet Baker, he didn't just play good, he looked good. Also like Baker, he really liked drugs, really liked women, but wasn't one so much for relationships. He was a much much player than Baker could dream of being, though. I have always modeled my tenor sound on his, but I never sounded that good.

Coltrane summed it up when he said something like - "if you could sound like Stan Getz, you would sound like Getz. Who wouldn't?" That sound was one of a kind - a thing of beauty. He got me listening to Jobim when I was 12 and I haven't stopped.

Little known fact - Getz worked a lot with a guy named Alan Greenspan when they were both young players in the 40's.

effinayright said...

If you like Bossa Nova I recommend going to YouTube and searching for Nova.

The tan, young-and-lovely female singer isn't Brazilian, but she's regularly complemented for having only a slight-and-very-charming accent.