October 23, 2021

Sunrise — 7:23, 7:25.




Narr said...

I'm hopping ahead, since the S&G comments are old news.

In regard to my theory of Paul Simon's music's coverability, G00gle Kasumi Watanabe Koto Bridge Over Troubled Water. Wow. She has to have some backing but it's very subtle.

Hooray for globalization.

Gospace said...

Ah, the daily open thread. I post links here, but try not to post multiple ones at a time. Sarah Hoyt’s blog today has a guest host post with a lot of links and commentary about a very discussed subject here- supplements and the dreaded covid.

So if you have some time wander over and take a peek.

Lem said...

Remember those people protesting their employer Netflix for airing Chappell The Closer comedy special? It's very possible they know the who's-who who watched it. It's also possible that information contributed to their decision to 'respond' as it were. Let the big shots know how they feel about it.

gilbar said...

For the first time in 30 years, Montana voters will send two members to the House after explosive population growth in the state’s western half.

But the fact that the five members of the state’s bipartisan redistricting commission have to draw just one line dividing the state into two congressional districts has made the debate over where that line sits no less contentious than arguments in other states with many more residents, showcasing just how bitter and partisan the national battle over the decennial mapmaking process has become.

This Never happens in Wyoming!!!

Dave Begley said...

Rowed my 21k meters under 2 hours. Female county court judge beat me by 3 miles.

StephenFearby said...

Strong Push Back on Woke in the UK:

Daily Mail
UPDATED: 19:46 EDT, 23 October 2021

Woke is the roar of smug, entitled mediocrities everywhere: The insanity of a world where Thomas The Tank Engine, craft beers and even country walks are branded racist drives JULIE BURCHILL to despair

"You'd think that with all the lunacy that’s happened in the past year, writing a book about Woke Britain would be the easiest thing in the world. I thought so too, until I tried it.

So why has it been so difficult? It’s because by the spring, not even each day, but each hour brought some new snippet of Woke insanity. Every morning I would find that half a dozen acts of idiocy had taken place while I’d slept.

I’d go to bed reeling from the claim that country walks were racist and wake up to the glad tidings that cyclists wanted to be included in the ever-lengthening queue of those who may be eligible for hate crime status..."

"...Master bedrooms were racist (master has slavery connotations). Chess was racist (because white always goes first). Brunch was racist, according to the actor Alan Cumming, because it reeks of ‘white privilege’.

Sherlock Holmes was racist, the countryside was racist, fried chicken was racist, the anti-racist film In The Heat Of The Night was racist.

Hawaiian shirts, camping, gardening, biking, hiking, jogging, mathematics, trees, botany, libraries, roads, lawns, soap, craft beers, peanut butter, dieting, wine, spelling, Thomas The Tank Engine, robots, interior design, surfing, hockey, the Smurfs – ALL RACIST!..."

"...Abridged extract from Welcome To The Woke Trials, by Julie Burchill, published by Academica Press on November 1 at £24.95."


'..In 1995, Burchill wrote a column for The Times, titled "I'm a bitch, and I'm proud", in which she argued that women should reclaim the word 'bitch,' used as a slur.' (Wikipedia)

rehajm said...

Not okay to have the all-star game in a voter ID state but okay to have the world series in two voter ID states? Where’s the outrage?

Fuck you baseball…

hawkeyedjb said...

That picture looks like the battleship USS Powerplant closing in on a couple of bulk freighters...

Lucien said...

Dave Begley: 21k on the water, or the Erg? 2:45 splits?

Mike of Snoqualmie said...

Starting Monday, King County Executive/Gestapo Chief will require all people, but not animals, to present a "vaccine passport" to enter restaurants, gyms, movie theaters, sports venues, etc. I picked up my "vaccine passport" from the pile of sawmill dunnage last Friday. It's a nice looking 1x2 about 3-ft long. It will have "vaccine passport" written on it. It's a very pretty piece of cedar, so I expect everyone will admire it.

Oh, did I mention that it's newly sawn, so it's still green lumber and nice and heavy and supple, so it won't break.

Narr said...

I had a similar thought, hawkeyedjb@759.

Mike of Snoq: be careful not to brandish.