October 22, 2021

Sublime sunrise.

October 22, 2021 sunrise

That happened at 7:19 this morning.


madAsHell said...

They put Joe Biden in front of the camera with aviator style sunglasses.

I thought "He looks like Banana Republic dictator."

I then realized the sunglasses hide the cognitive impairment. That 1,000 yard stare that shows nobody is home.

Owen said...

Wow. That’s the modern way to say “sublime.”

wildswan said...

I like the orange with blue combination which just at one point shades into an orange with red color. Yet they are all harmonious, shading into each other.

ALP said...

The combination of gray and orange reminds me of sci-fi art - as if this was an image of the sky on another planet. Stunning.

Mikey NTH said...

Clear, haze-free horizon. Start of a lovely day.

rehajm said...

For all you Larry Tribe fans out there….

Should Trump or his acolytes try to subvert the 2024 election, the last Democrat with any power to stop the steal—or at least try to—would be Harris. “She’s certainly going to have quite a job on her hands on January 6, 2025,” Laurence Tribe, a Harvard law professor and liberal constitutional scholar, told me. Nine months ago, Tribe and other Democrats praised Pence for interpreting his authority narrowly, but the next time around, they might ask Harris to wield the same gavel more forcefully.

Lem said...

Is it possible that talk of mandatory vaxxing and vax passports has hardened some people who were hesitant, but not all together resistant to the possibility of getting the shot?

The more they push it, the less open i become.

“Away from me, Satan! - Matthew 4:10