September 20, 2021

A walk around Lockerbie Square.

I'm back home now, but I was in Indianapolis for a few days. Some photos from the Lockerbie Square Historic District. The last picture is the home of the "Hoosier Poet" James Whitcomb Riley (which got me to recite "Little Orphant Annie," something I've known by heart for more than 60 years):







David Begley said...

I wonder if children are still required to memorize poetry.

In second grade, my kids memorized Luke’s Christmas story.

My dad could recite all sorts of poems; some doggerel.

Looks like poetry paid back in the day.

Joe Smith said...

Watch out for falling 747s...

Too soon?

Gospace said...

Look at all the people that aren’t touristing about on what looks like a really good weather day for it. I wonder what the reason for that is….

glam1931 said...

I worked on Eric Grayson's 2017 restoration of the 1918 silent film LITTLE ORPHANT ANNIE, the first film starring Colleen Moore. The restoration was supported by the Library of Congress. I contributed new recreated main titles for the actual film (the originals are lost) and designed all the artwork and packaging ffor the DVD/Blu Ray set. Riley actually appears in the film, reciting the poem to a group of children in front of that house!
Still available and inexpensive. The film realizes many elements of the poem, especially the goblin's that'll git ya.
Archie Waugh

Big Mike said...

And the Democrats
Will get you
If you

Big Mike said...

I have to admit that for me, when I saw “Lockerbie,” my first thoughts went to a PanAm 747 filled with Christmas travelers falling from the sky because of a pair of Libyans.

Gospace said...

Ann, though you approve the comments first, I must say you allow much more freewheeling discussion without censorship than other sites. I was scrolling through my disqus comments...

I saw online stuff about the National archives putting warning labels on our Constitution, removed: I though that language warning couldn't possibly be true. It is. The warning is right there on at the top: Harmful Language Alert: see NARA’s Statement on Potentially Harmful Language. And that was removed from PJMedia, a supposedly conservative site.

And pending and never published as a comment on the gorillas who have the dreaded covid: And remember- those gorillas are receiving some kind of medical treatment. They aren't being left alone until they need to go to the ER and be admitted to the ICU. Gorilla Americans are getting better medical care than homo sapiens Americans. Discrimination! Did the algorithms pick up "homo" as a slur and not note it was attached to "sapiens"? Or is it wrong to point out gorillas are actually getting treatment for covid? I wonder if they get ivermectin...

And removed from Townhall- who don't abide by any vaccine or Fauci criticism, they're both completely above reproach: Must be the 5% unvaccinated spreading all that covid to the vaccinated at Cornell.

Seems similar type news from Israel- the vaccinated are getting and spreading it. And it's pretty clear the variants are coming from the already vaccinated.
This is the headline at the link: "Despite 95% vaccination rate, Cornell today has five times more COVID cases than it did this time last year" If the vaccine were actually working... well, you know.

I've had more than a dozen comments removed about covid, every one of which was factual. Even in a discussion on "vaccine hesitancy". I said I'm not hesitant, I'm not getting it, period, and explained why. Boom! Removed. You would thing if they're opining about the "vaccine hesitant" and what they think we think, they would want to know what we think we think.... But it's verboten territory.

And I'm certain if my comments are being censored and removed or put into forever pending status- it's happening to some of your other commenters. John Henry for sure.

Wilbur said...

Indiana has a great literary tradition.

My favorite is a largely-forgotten humorist and satirist from the the first half of the 20th century, Will Cuppy. If you like P.J. O'Rourke or Dave Barry, you enjoy Cuppy.

His Wikipedia bio:
His Wikipedia Quotes page:

rehajm said...

Joe Biden level reporting: Reporter asks if Gillian Anderson has talked to Margaret Thatcher about her role in The Crown.

Ann Althouse said...

"I've had more than a dozen comments removed about covid, every one of which was factual. Even in a discussion on "vaccine hesitancy". I said I'm not hesitant, I'm not getting it, period, and explained why. Boom! Removed"

First, you have to consider what method they are using. Either it's automated, at some level of crudeness or a person is looking at things, but can't take a lot of time reading every word and thinking about it.

Second, consider that they themselves are afraid of being censored unfairly (either crudely by a machine or by a human monitor with limited time and brainpower).

Don't assume the place has a policy that's already worked out and applies to everything and that it has a way to put that policy into enforcement.

tim in vermont said...

Such an entertaining poem could never get published today, which is why poetry is dead, mouldering in its grave there beside that of beautiful sculpture. The problem today is that art cannot be entrusted to those whose politics are not fully vetted and who have not shown lapdog enthusiasm for those themes and motifs which the Party uses to maintain its power.

The past was free Greece, the present is totalitarian Rome.

rhhardin said...

What was the "famous Ann Althouse meltdown of 2007" mentioned on a recent bloggingheads (as an extreme comparison)?

Gilbert Pinfold said...

Anyone up for Booth Tarkington? "Penrod and Sam" or "The Magnificent Ambersons"? I think he is characteristic of Hoosier authors, who also include George Ade and Jean Sheperd.

BUMBLE BEE said...

Great architecture inspires imagination. Reminds me of The Chautauqua Institute. Especially beautiful at color change in western New York.

wildswan said...

Back in the day of Little Orphan Annie and James Whitcomb Riley, the Karens (aka goblins or Gobble-uns) didn't fool around when someone challenged a mandate or made wrongthought comments.

Little Orphan Annie Remembered.

"Oncet they was a little girl
As'd always laugh and grin
And make fun of everyone
And all her kith and kin ...
She mocked 'em and shocked 'em
And said she wouldn't mask and didn't care;
And thist as she kicked up her heels,
And turnt to run and hide,
They was two great masked things astandin' by her side
And they snatched her through the ceiling
For she know'd what theys about!
And the Gobbel-uns will get you
Ef you don't watch out!"

Narr said...

No mention of Vonnegut, from Indianapolis?

rcocean said...

Great pictures. Makes me want to see Indiapppolis. maybe Terra Haute too.

Oh, the moonlight's fair tonight along the Wabash,
From the fields there comes the breath of newmown hay.
Through the sycamores the candle lights are gleaming,
On the banks of the Wabash, far away.

Scot said...

The Old Northside also has interesting architecture. In the late 1800s, it was outside the city. Rich people built houses there, so they tend to be bigger & more spread out than in Lockerbie.

gpm said...

>>Will Cuppy

I'm sure I have a copy of Decline and Fall around somewhere, probably in New Hampshire. If I were there, I could probably lay my hands on it within a couple of minutes.

I'm familiar with the authors cited by G.P. but haven't read any of their works. There is, of course, the Welles film version of Amberson; I don't know who that fits with the book.


gpm said...

Meant to add that I probably read Decline and Fall for the first time over fifty years ago. I'm guessing that I first read it in high school (couldn't have been much later) and I'm currently sitting on an Amtrak train in Albany on my way home from my 50th reunion.


rhhardin said...

The Great Bustard is worthwhile (Will Cuppy)

Ann Althouse said...

@ glam1931


Scot said...


The Athenaeum is on the block next to Lockerbie Square. Kurt Vonnegut's grandfather designed the building. Look up an image, it is impressive. Kurt was an habitue.

Narr said...

Thanks, Scot, I will.

glam1931 said...

If you get it I'll be interested to hear your thoughts. And the project could use a public plug if you are so inclined.
Archiw Waugh