August 1, 2021

"This son of a bitch is sitting up there acting like, 'Well, I don't know if it was before. I don't know if it was after. Oh, lordy, Jesus, I don't remember. I got to look at my notes.' You know, bitch, what time you called the president, and you know what you said. You're a grown-ass man! Stop acting like you're 10 years old and you got caught masturbating by your mama. Stop it!"

Said Former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele addressing Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, quoted in "Former RNC chairman to Jim Jordan on Jan. 6: 'You know, b****, what time you called the president'" (Washington Examiner). 

Steele wasn't speaking to Jordan's face, just doing a performance of his own thoughts for the benefit of a Lincoln Project audience. The subject was Jordan's vagueness about his conversations with Trump about the January 6th incident. 

Here's how soberly the Lincoln Project presents Steele's comic routine:


Ann Althouse said...

Today was absolutely the first time I ever thought of Abraham Lincoln as a boy caught masturbating by his mother. Thank you, Lincoln Project, for making that thought possible.

Meade said...

Steele didn’t make me laugh at all but you sure did.

Ann Althouse said...

ken writes:

"Thanks for sharing the Steele video. I missed it and any reports of it. It helps to hear or read the shifty answers Jordan has given over multiple interviews to fully appreciate the humor in Steele's riff and how he uses it to skewer Jordan."

I'll say:

I thought Steele looked bad because I am not exposing myself to Jordan. I figure every politician talking about Jan. 6 is doing abhorrent political theater and I protect myself. But I read the Steele thing... and only because someone who admired it was putting it out there to be seen.

Ann Althouse said...

Amadeus 48 writes:

"I used to wonder what Michael Steele was good for. I see he has provided an answer: not much.

"Why the Lincoln Project still exists after its founders’ disgrace is beyond me. I guess it is a rolling show for the entertainment of Democrats. Michael Steele humiliates himself and the dollars roll in from the Donks. Well, a man has to make a living, but you would think that Steele would have more pride."

Ann Althouse said...

Two things that shocked me, I guess I am still a bit naive on politics, and not cynical enough.

Ray - SoCal writes:

1. How can the Lincoln Project still survive, after a co-founder, John Weaver, was accused of sexually harassing more than 20 young men, and resigned. And this fact was known among top eGOP types and was ignored.

I guess this is similar to how nothing happened with the Hunter Biden Laptop. I guess it helps with our system of justice, if you have the right enemies.

But the why is Steele having anything to do with them? What does this say about him.

2. It appears that Steele hate Trump, and any supporters of him. What does that say about the establishment Republican Party that he was in charge of? This supports my hypothesis that the eGOP hates the MAGA Movement and Trump, and is in thrall to the Chamber of Commerce / Big Business Lobby. And will do anything to destroy them.

Meade said...

Speaking of Steele… has anyone seen the Durham report?