August 2, 2021

Let's not twist again, like we did last Summer Games.

From "Simone Biles to compete in balance beam final, USA Gymnastics says" (The Guardian): 

Biles said that while previous mental blocks have primarily affected her on vault and floor routines, this time it was affecting her on all events and particularly on her twisting skills.On the balance beam, Biles normally attempts fewer twists than all other events and so she may feel most comfortable in that event. Her sole twisting skill is her high-difficulty full twisting double back dismount, which she could downgrade to a less difficult dismount if the skill remains a problem for her.

Cultural reference:


Ann Althouse said...

Temujin writes:

"Sometimes it's best to just leave when you say you're done. She's a champion. She's been a great face of the US Olympic Team. But she left the team at the altar, so to speak. Others stepped up to take her place and *medaled!* It's time now for her to stay out, let the next wave of gymnasts, those who had the courage to step in and do the job, finish the job. Her coming back squeezed someone else out, for another number of years.

"Part of being great is knowing when to leave on a high note."

Ann Althouse said...

cubanbob writes:

"I really feel bad for her. She is in a very difficult position; to outdo herself and do what no one else has ever done. If she tries and fails her career ends on a sour note. She should bowed out from this Olympic and have her prior glory."

I'll say:

Yeah. I also feel sorry for the judges. Hard to be objective either way.

Ann Althouse said...

The best twist song is "Simple Twist of Fate."

Ann Althouse said...

Wilbur writes:

"That video is terrific, reminding me of my childhood watching my older teenage sisters dance and sing to the magic coming out of the AM radio.

"It's a terrific record, at least the first minute of it. But I was a bit stunned to read in Wikipedia that "The song received the 1962 Grammy Award for Best Rock & Roll Recording." It ain't all that.

"But it was infinitely better than at least one other nominee: "Goodbye Cruel World", by James Darren."