July 31, 2021

#WokeOlympics: "Why do we allow the people who just want to bitch to always win?"

After the excellent line I used in the post title, the audience fails to react. A little while later, at 2:30, after another failure of the audience to enjoy his joke about how nobody seems to get jokes anymore, he bitches, "Where did we get this crowd?"


Ann Althouse said...

Original Mike writes:

"Maher: "Of all the violations of the woke penal code, cultural appropriation just might be the dumbest of all. … Most of human history is a horror story, but the good parts are about different groups coming together and sharing."

"I couldn't agree more. "Cultural appropriation" is a tactic of the left to pit group against group. It's been dismaying to see people buy into it."

Ann Althouse said...

J writes:

"His audience is filled with hivemind progressives. They are utterly confused. Everything is “bash the right! Bath the right!”
If a fellow progressive doesn’t do that, with an emphasis on obsessing about Trump – these hiveminders do not know how to react."

Ann Althouse said...

Mark writes:

"I cannot figure out who attends a live taping of Maher's show. Since his 'house n*word' snafu 5 years ago I don't see any lefty friends post or mention anything from him ... perhaps the only ones who can be persuaded to show up are tourists and thus the tepid audience response?

"Bill Maher is much like David Brooks, who claims one political identity but clearly hates much of what that claimed identity stands for and has been thoroughly rejected by most members of that group. The only folks who post Brooks are liberals and the ones who post Maher all Trumpers.

"Bill should be happy he has been forgotten by the left. If some of his past attempts to get in the spotlight were looked at with a 2021 lens he would likely no longer have a show."