July 24, 2021

"Though most sports regulate the clothing of competitors — they’re called 'uniforms' because they’re the same for everyone — we are accustomed to seeing male athletes customize their kit."

"Male swimmers can choose cuts ranging from brief to nearly knee-length. Basketball players wear supportive garments under their uniforms that may be hidden or may go to their wrists and ankles. Baseball players maintain a lively diversity in the length of their pants, from the high-stockinged look of José Altuve to the grass-skimming cut preferred by Shohei Ohtani. No great imagination is needed to see where the handball honchos are coming from. Their rather obscure sport is a close cousin to beach volleyball, which made its official Olympic debut in 1996 in Atlanta and immediately caught the male gaze with its bikini-clad female athletes.... But the handball authorities are learning the wrong lesson. To grow the popularity of beach volleyball, the ruling federation of that sport has empowered women with more uniform choices, not fewer. Women are free to continue wearing two-piece uniforms with minimal briefs... [or] long-sleeved uniforms preferred by some Muslim athletes and an assortment of styles in between...."

From "Opinion: Bikinis, shorts, long sleeves — let female athletes wear what they want" by David Von Drehle (WaPo).

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Temujin writes:

"I agree. Let women wear what they want. And for a stroll down memory lane, one strong woman's view on what her men should wear.


"Who didn't have a bottle of this stuff?"