July 10, 2021

"This makes it postable!"

I got email this morning from Bob Boyd, aiming at commenting on last night's post about MSNBC angsting about J.D. Vance: 

Media attacks of this kind will only help Vance with voters and increase his name recognition. 

Here is a twitter thread by a guy who has a very good grasp on the evolution of the thinking of Trump's voters over the course of the last few years and he explains it concisely. For anyone interested in understanding their point of view, this is very much worth reading. 

I didn't click on that link because other emailers had already called it to my attention. I just said:

yes, i saw that it's so annoying to read in the form of a twitter thread though 

Actually, Boyd sent me a link to a "Twitter reader" version of the thread, so it actually wasn't as annoying as what I'd seen, which was a long series of tweets on Twitter. Instead of pointing that out, Boyd responded...

No matter how annoying something is, it can always be worse. 

... and sent me this:

I responded:
thanks... this makes it postable!

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Ann Althouse said...

Dave Begley writes:

"His real name is Daryl and he nails it; especially about the media.

"The biggest cheers at the Trump rallies was when he called out the Fake News and it has only gotten much worse since 2015.

"I listened to one of Daryl’s podcasts this AM. Exceptional. A Star is Born."