July 26, 2021

"The usual racist racial drivel WAPO thrives on" — that's the top-rated comment at WaPo...

... for the article "Many Black women felt relieved to work from home, free from microaggressions. Now they’re told to come back." The article is written by Natachi Onwuamaegbu, a "reporting intern" who has a BA from Stanford in Political Science, English and African and African American Studies.

A comment on the comment says, "WaPo Pulitzer Prize winning level reporting you term 'racist racial drivel'. How many Pulitzer Prizes has Breitbart garnered?" 

I'm mainly quoting that because I keep track of the word "garnered." This is an interesting case of the use of "garnered." Most often it's used as a fancy substitute for "got." But here it's used to avoid "won." If WaPo gets a Pulitzer Prize, the prize is won. But if Breitbart ever got one, it would only be garnered.


Ann Althouse said...

Lucien writes:

"I thought that working from home was disproportionately burdensome for BIPOCs because they didn’t have office space, a/c wi-fi, quiet, etc., etc. But I guess that structural racism was in a temporary structure."

Ann Althouse said...

Temujin writes:

"It seems segregation by color of skin is more desired than diversity. I know a lot of people say a lot of things, but when I watch the actual actions and listen to the actual requests from those on the Left, it seems to boil down to wanting to keep Black people with Black people, Brown people with Brown people, and White people away from any of them. All, of course, in the name of diversity.

"Dorms, clubs, graduation ceremonies, and...work environments. And, let's not forget, liking and using food, music, clothing styles from another culture is no longer paying homage or respect to that culture, it's now appropriation. Diversity doesn't seem to mean the same to me as it does to those selling it.

"Truly I must be missing something in the language used to sell diversity."

Ann Althouse said...

Bob Evans writes:

"Some of us remember WaPo having to return a Pulitzer the paper won for a story that black journalist Janet Cooke made up out of whole cloth. Was that a win, a garner, or a disgarner?"