July 21, 2021

The photo makes all the argument anyone should need.


Ann Althouse said...

ken writes:

"I consider myself well-informed on sports, but before this week I had never heard of beach handball. Maybe the uniform rules were designed to promote a hitherto obscure sport. There has been controversy over the skimpy female uniforms for the much better known and established sport of beach volleyball. Women wear a bikini uniform because it's what they prefer, but more modest uniforms are also allowed, and especially used for religious and cultural reasons by certain teams."

I'll just say: Do you have a citation for the proposition "Women wear a bikini uniform because it's what they prefer"?

Ann Althouse said...

Lucien writes:

"After looking over a couple of confusing articles about this subject, it seems that "handball" and "volleyball" are interchangeable in Norweigian.

"Having grown up in LA, I think traditional beach volleyball uniforms are: shirtless for men (paint on the team numbers?), bathing suits for women.

"Oddly, the bikini requirements at the Olympics don't seem to apply for indoor volleyball."

I'll add:

The non-leering defense of the bikini that I'm seeing is that it's better from keeping sand out of your clothing. That would make sense of the indoor/outdoor difference.

Ann Althouse said...

Fred writes:

"Only one data point, but my friend who plays Beach volleyball hates the bikini "uniform" requirement. It's apparently common even in amateur leagues."