July 18, 2021

The mayor of {city name} is tweeting.


That's been up for 17 hours, and it's been mocked on Reddit (at the Madison subreddit) for the last 8 hours. A screenshot is preserved at Reddit, and I'll just put it below the jump for safe-keeping, on the theory that the tweet will be deleted and replaced.

Somebody at Reddit — in a post rated minus 2 — defends the Mayor:

I’m pretty sure it’s intentional, the point being every city is benefiting from the credit so you can insert any city’s name. But I do think it’s funny how the people who misunderstand the posting are playing this “gotcha” game like they’re just sooo much smarter than the Mayor! LOL

By the way, I loathe the overuse of "smart" in political discussions. It's not about IQ or education. It's about paying attention.

ADDED: Speaking of Madison, who is and isn't smart, here's something the Mayor retweeted recently:

That made me laugh — "Did you know..." No. I'm a complete idiot.


Ann Althouse said...

Surfed writes:

"The mayor of Madison seems to watch her fair share of local news programming where the script is dumbed down to upper elementary school level. I serially travel the United States over back roads and find this dumbing down a constant from station to station and region to region. What I would give for a tv news reader or politician to up their script game to a community college freshman level."

Ann Althouse said...

Temujin writes:

"If you ever wondered what happened to the mediocre people you used to know in school or at the university, a great many of them ended up in politics. I know they'd call it service, or serving the people, but let's face it, they're better at living off the people and finding ways to spend the people's money than they are at producing anything. Any. Thing.

"So it is unsurprising that this tweet went out and was left up. It's not just the (fill in the blank), it's the entire message and the glory she wants to bathe in for giving away more money to buy votes."

I add:

The tweet has now been taken down.

Ann Althouse said...

For the record, I don't think our mayor is a mediocre person. To the extent that there are problems, I do not think that's it.

Ann Althouse said...

Scot writes:

"Cf. the supposed "joke" headline in The Boston Globe in 1980: Mush from the Wimp. The writer said he thought the headline would be replaced, but it wasn't."