July 20, 2021

"I miss the momentum of already being out of the house when the workday ends, so I don’t have to overcome the inertia of the couch to head out somewhere else."

"I miss industrial-strength Wi-Fi that always works. I miss the daily reminder that my work takes place in a real world full of people and places, not an imaginary world within my computer. And I’m sick of taking from my own cache of toilet paper when I use the bathroom during the workday. Sure, the stuff in the office restroom isn’t exactly plush. But I’m not there to linger over the pleasures of lavish bathroom supplies. I’m there to work—in a place where my employer subsidizes my trips to the toilet, just as the heroes of the labor movement intended." 

From "Why I Still Love the Office/An unapologetic defense" by Christina Cauterucci (Slate).


Ann Althouse said...

Joe writes:

"My wife does great working from home...non-stop conference calls and presentations, etc. She's in a young, dynamic, and growing start-up and loves it. But she may have to go back to work to an office she's never seen in a month or so...at least part time. She'll do well in that environment too, but will have to endure the stress of the commute (it's a tough one where we live) in addition to doing her job.

"I'm retired now but worked at home in the past. I am easily distracted and am prone to procrastinate. I do much better when I am 'at work.' I know why I am there...I concentrate and my time has a purpose. Unfortunately I also tend to work too much, usually being the last to leave hours after everyone else."

Ann Althouse said...

Ken writes:

"The Chief Legal Officer of NY investment banking/wealth management giant Morgan Stanley has just created a stir by writing its stable of law firms, threatening to pull business from firms that do not insist on their lawyers soon returning to the office 5 days a week. I guess it's okay if they continue WFH the other 2 days. Meanwhile, biglaw Paul Hastings is reportedly backtracking on its just-announced RTO policy after recruiters let it be known they were seeing an influx of Paul Hastings resumes. Where is this going?"