June 10, 2021

"Open your eyes/Look up at the skies/And see..."

That's the first line I heard when I got back to my car — radio set to the "Classic Vinyl" channel — after my sunrise run this morning.

It was far from the most beautiful sunrise I've seen in my morning ritual...


... but there was a partial solar eclipse... 


There were about 8 other humans gathered to witness the phenomenon they'd heard about, and this is the point where one young guy exclaimed, ironically, "The solar eclipse is legit!" 


ADDED: If you think you need those special glasses to look at a sunrise solar eclipse: 1. You need to ask yourself how you can look at ANY sunrise, and 2. Just interpose your iPhone between your eyes and the sun and watch the event on your iPhone screen (and take your photos, too).

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Ann Althouse said...

Rob writes:

There is something magical about eclipses. Or primal, maybe. We are dead center in Dallas for the 2024 full solar eclipse with over 3 minutes of totality. And with the right equipment, the images are spectacular.

But I really enjoy partials from a photography standpoint. The carve out the moon makes and hopefully a sunspot or two makes for an enjoyable visual. I’ll set up multiple telescopes, one of which tracks so I can run a live feed on iPad/Laptop (and can capture still while doing so), and usually have a pretty good neighborhood gathering.

Nice shots and don’t discount featureless sunrises. We had an orb only sunset the other night and it was very soothing to watch. Not distractions, just the dark orange sun settling below the horizon until it was no more.