June 10, 2021

"In her most recent post, she argued that 'vaccinated people’s urine/feces' (sic) needed to be separated from general sewage supplies/waterways until its impact on unvaccinated people via drinking water was established."

From "Naomi Wolf banned from Twitter for spreading vaccine myths/Many social media users applaud termination of author’s account, but some have said move is a blow to freedom of speech" (The Guardian).


Ann Althouse said...

Cubanbob writes:

"While at times it is a bit tough to abide by, people do have the right to free speech and with it the responsibility to accept the consequences of their stupidity. "

I agree. Leave it up where its stupidity can be seen an ridiculed (as I have done with this blog post). Censor it, and you create suspicion that you're suppressing the truth.

Ann Althouse said...

Joe writes:

"There is a loose historical precedent. My understanding is that Sabin's oral polio vaccine strains passed through the gut and could be spread through improper handling of babies' feces. That was certainly never anyone's intention, but it did provide indirect exposure to the attenuated polio strains and presumably some very low level immunities in otherwise non-vaccinated people. This is not possible with the COVID19 vaccines because they are not oral."