June 9, 2021

"Consider soaping yourself with only your hands," advises the Washington Post in an article about how to take a shower.

The article is "Save your skin: How you shower matters more than when, dermatologists say," and the reason for using only your hands is to avoid "over-exfoliating."

A commenter over there repeats the line "Consider soaping yourself with only your hands" and says:

The phrase above really made me laugh and took me back more than 50 years to 1968 when I went away to college and went into the bathroom in my shared suite to take a shower with only a towel. My roommate asked me where my washcloth was and I told her I didn't use one, I just used my hands. And I remember her response to this day: "Oh my God, you mean you touch yourself!!" (Yes, it was a Catholic women-only college.) Haha, just another indication of how poorly I fit into that student body.

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Ann Althouse said...

efrank writes:

"Early in our relationship, and long before we got hitched, my wife was shocked to discover 1) that my showers lasted about 4-6 minutes max and 2) I soaped and rinsed with my hands. She takes for-ever and scrubs with a rag. (I also like it hotter than she can tolerate, but marriage is about compromise . . . and not that our schedules, even now, coincide very often.) I don't know if her Catholic girls-school education figured into the matter, but it does offer a perspective I had not even considered. She's not as uniquely weird as I thought."