May 6, 2021

MIT News presents a robot to brush your hair.


We're told: "With rapidly growing demands on health care systems, nurses typically spend 18 to 40 percent of their time performing direct patient care tasks, oftentimes for many patients and with little time to spare. Personal care robots that brush hair could provide substantial help and relief." 

So you've got someone who can't brush her own hair. You're going to need to position her next to the robot. I can't believe that's not harder than just brushing her hair directly. But maybe there's a robot to move the patient around into range of the hair-brushing robot.

By the way, I have hair, and I brush it, and I can tell you for sure that hair-brushing robot isn't accomplishing hair-brushing at all in that video:

The robot is equipped with a camera that helps it “see” and assess curliness, so it can plan a delicate and time-efficient brush-out. 

Yes, that's the problem. It's too wary and timid about getting into the hair!

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