May 17, 2021

"Let me show you how liberal media functions to see why it's failing. Yesterday, we published at my Substack platform..."

"... an article by a veteran freelance reporter that questioned whether 'reformist' prosecutors have caused a big increase in violent crime. The article was one of the few we put behind a paywall, for subscribers only. Nonetheless — based solely on the headline — liberal journalists rose up to condemn an article they hadn't read. Why? Because they think journalism should propagnadize [sic] for liberalism and hide dissent."

Writes Glenn Greenwald (at Twitter).

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Ann Althouse said...

“Ozymandias" writes:

"The NYT published a front page article largely sympathetic to DA Krasner this morning. omitting any references to Greenwald’s Substack and the numerous instances Greenwald described in which violent felons Krasner set loose committed additional murders and rapes. From Greenwald’s Substack post:

[W]hen the domestic abuse case went to the D.A.’s office for prosecution, the D.A. dropped all five charges against Brennan. . . . Two 'months later, Brennan brutally beat one of his girlfriend’s twin boys, Travon Register, to death.

'The medical examiner testified that the six-year-old boy who stood 3-foot-7 and weighed 40 pounds suffered from “multiple blunt injuries” more typical of an auto accident. Those injuries included hemorrhages on both sides of the boy’s brain, eight broken ribs and a fractured sternum, more than 50 cuts and bruises, and a lacerated liver, spleen and kidney.

'Then there was the case of Tyreek Lemon, who admitted he smothered his 2 1/2 month old son, Orion, to death when the infant wouldn’t stop crying. The D.A.’s office under Krasner gave the confessed baby killer a generous plea bargain that included house arrest. While Lemon was looking at 20 to 40 years in jail, under the D.A.’s plea bargain, he received a prison sentence of just 3 ½ to 7 years.'

But, what are a few dead Black children when you’re focused on fighting mass incarceration.