May 10, 2021

Kale at Meadhouse.




Ann Althouse said...

Ignorance is Bliss emails: "I would like to thank this headline for helping me set a record for the quickest "gross, pass" I've ever uttered in my life."

Ann Althouse said...

K writes: "I like seeing what Meade is doing with those seeds whose pictures yu posted. Where's the "prairie?""

Ann Althouse said...

Jean writes: "I think I spy a few oak leaves in the picture, which reminds me of an amusing experience. While I was in vet school, my husband received an award at work and we attended the awards dinner. It was held at the Sheraton hotel, and for a young couple seemed quite a fancy affair. At the time, I was studying toxicology and had just learned about oak leaf toxicity in livestock. Imagine my surprise when I picked up the menu to see that the opening course was "Red Oak Leaf Salad"! I told my husband it must just be a fancy name- surely they wouldn't really feed us toxic plants! When the salads arrived, several others at the table were puzzled by the odd addition to the salad-"What's that? Is it really an oak leaf?", and my husband announced "She says they're poisonous to cows so I'm not taking any chances." We all pushed the pretty oak leaves to the side and ate the rest of the salad. Happily the rest of the meal was delicious and non-toxic!
Enjoy the kale, but skip the oak leaves."