April 20, 2021

It's the new comments snippets post.

Thanks to all who have emailed in comments. This post is here to point you to posts in the last few days that have comments. The quotes are snippets chosen for amusement value and to give me something to put a link on:

1. "I'm weirdly interested in the fact that you're planting wheat and barley."

2. "It's funny that the article didn't mention Neal Stephenson's 1992 novel, Snowcrash...."

3. "I'm getting a lot of email saying that's not a bobcat, but a regular house cat, but I can't believe this man would put up the video if it were because he grabs the beast and hurls it hard into the ground."

4. "More than once I was called into chambers in the principal's office and point blank asked if I was a 'racist.' Me!"

5. "These boxes are not Habitats for Humans but a kind of litter."

6. "I presume your assertion near the end of your post was meant to be facetious; it would be profoundly racist to presume...."

7. "Looks like the Times needed another article on the shooting, so they published one before they had figured out a clear story."

8. "Perhaps 'eye raising' now means something so attention-grabbing that it causes someone to look up from their phone."

9. "A well-fitting corset is far superior in support to a bra...."

10. "The powers that be just did not bother to let the rest of us know this until after the 'they killed a cop' narrative was firmly rooted in the public mind."

11. "Somehow she has moved from 'afraid to die' to 'afraid to live.'"

12. "It really doesn't make business sense to keep a program open when students don't want to enroll."