April 8, 2021

"Because Trump is now effectively living at a private club perpetually littered with wealthy supporters desperate to show off their close, personal friendships with the former president..."

"... we can actually construct a pretty decent picture of his daily routine. It’s a life full of powerful visitors, grim sycophants, and ecstatic worshippers at every turn. In short, it’s Donald Trump’s wildest dreams come true. "

Trashberg shows the story. 

FROM THE EMAIL: A reader named Warren writes:

Do we believe this is any different than the way the Obamas are living on Martha’s Vineyard? Except it’s probably more wealth and more ecstatic worshipping by liberals on MV. I’ve always chuckled at the almost all-white Martha’s Vineyard, each home littered with Range Rovers, sporting massive “Black Lives Matter” signs.

One thing that's different is the photos and video of Obama's daily life are not making it onto social media. I'd love to see Obama get the Trashberg treatment and would definitely link to it. What Trump seems to be doing is both elite and not elite. If it were truly elite, it wouldn't get all leaked out the way we're seeing.