January 26, 2021

45 Senators just voted that the impeachment trial is unconstitutional, so it seems that acquittal is inevitable.

Rand Paul’s motion was defeated 55 to 45, but a 2/3 vote is needed to convict, so it seems the outcome is preordained and the substantive merits of the case don’t matter. The 45 who believe it’s unconstitutional shouldn’t change their mind based on anything to be presented at trial.

ADDED: A TV commentator said that only 34 votes were expected on Paul’s motion. 45 is a much stronger showing. McConnell voted with Paul. Only 5 Republicans voted with the Democrats: Romney, Collins, Murkowski, Toomey, and Sasse. It will be difficult to generate any momentum for this dismal trial.


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Gospace said...

mockturtle said...
Ken B., yes, we've read your lame opinion on the Babbitt shooting enough already. Go back under your bridge now.

If blogspot had upvoting, this would be upvoted.

Big Mike said...

@Goepace, Toomey has announced his retirement. Campaigning from Maine, Collins probably feels that her vote improves, rather than diminishes re-election chances — and she has 5 years and 10 months to mend any fences she needs to mend. Ben Sasse probably also figures that 5 years and 10 months from now people will have forgotten his backstabbing. He’s probably right. Romney has always been a dick, but as long as he can hold the Mormon vote —in Utah! — he probably feels safe. And I believe that stabbing Trump in the back won’t cost him the Mormon vote in the 2024 Utah primary.

That just leaves Lisa Murkowski. Two years from now will you think to send money to her primary opponent?

Unknown said...

So 55 traitors to the constitution.

Mutaman said...

"Let the members of Congress get on with proving that they deserved the trust we the people put in them."

And if they don't prove it, storm the Capitol and try to murder those members of congress

wendybar said...

Those 5 Republicans should just bite the bullet and change their affiliation, since they vote with the Democrats most of the time...especially when Republicans really need their vote.

Rusty said...

"That just leaves Lisa Murkowski. Two years from now will you think to send money to her primary opponent?"
Hell yes. I've got good money for the republicans that run against Durban and Duckworth as well.

Big Mike said...

@Rusty, you aren’t the target of my remark. It’s the “let’s you and her fight” sort of person who wants Murkowski outta there, but won’t lift a finger or crack open the wallet to help.

Mike (MJB Wolf) said...

The Bulwark LLR who haunts this blog was crowing about “real Republicans” taking over and purging Trump from “his” party after the #fakeriot was used to militarize Nancy’s nest. I informed the banned commenter that he represented a diminishing rump segment of republicanism and that a firm 95% of us who back Trump would not join his insane purge. Sure enough Lynn Cheney led 5% of the House Republicans in pyrrhic defeat on the sham second impeachment. “B b but cocaine Mitch has come correct” he mumbled, to paraphrase. Well boo hoo boo-boo the detroiter is wrong again. Mitch votes with the majority yesterday, not the flailing five! Whose chuckling now, Clown? Nevertrumpers are the dead-ender loser establishment “Washington generals are my team” kinda people so used to losing they will never ever “get it.”

I’m so pleased another of my easy predictions came true and the banned-from-althouse a-hole is proved wrong again. And again. And again. I hope it stops by to read this on his way to the whitmer rally in lansing.

I Callahan said...

Sad she died but it was a justifiable shooting

No, she wasn't. If you weren't a dishonest hack, you'd look at the actual video of it happening and you'd notice that she was only standing in a doorway (unarmed) and had not made any moves toward anyone and anything.

PJHJD said...

For Biden? Why Mitt/Susan/Lisa/Ben/Pat, it profit a man nothing to give his soul for the whole world ... but for Biden!

Hercules, not that one though said...

What a coup it would be to have the Donald convicted. What would it mean?

To Donald J... a badge of honor respected far and wide by Americans sick of the swamp, and 'we're fighting for you, scheming politicians.

To history, it would show an emotionally unstable, scorned and petulant, 1st female Speaker of the House, addled by botulism poison injected into her face for years.

What does America get out of it? An energized Trump who creates a 2nd Party that attracts 70% of Democrats and 80% of Republicans.

Reject the Binary. Democrat/Republican. They are the same thing. Liars, cheats and thieves.

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