November 15, 2020

"The limbo of desperados."


It's a podcast. 

Topics: "Obama’s book, Kamala Harris as VP, Timothy Leary, art and free speech, Trumpsters vs. anti-Trumpsters, Hispanic voters and socialism." 

This is a thread to talk about the podcast. The next post up is the café (i.e., open thread).


rcocean said...

I was about to clamor, but I won't bother now. I suppose you could speed read through the book, or just go to the index and look up a few items, and blog about those in B.O.'s book. I mean a 700 page Book must have something that could be blogged. Of course, you'd have to read the buy the book for $17 on kindle, and do a word search for things that interest you. Maybe, he writes about Bob Dylan.

But yeah. Reading a B.O. Book page by page, would be sheer torture.

rcocean said...

Amazon has B.O.'s book as "The #1 Bestseller". I'd love to know how many copies he's sold.

narciso said...

They never go away:

Ann Althouse said...


Yes, of course, the only thing is skip around looking for some good word search ideas and then see what interesting material came up.

I have an old post based on the word "ghost" in "Dreams from My Father."