November 23, 2020

"The brain is not for thinking."


It's a podcast. 

Topics: "Biden is boring, Biden and the media, Washingtonians want to party again, Trump’s failing fight, the brain isn’t for thinking, Tom Cotton for President, and the 'Floor Frame' sculpture in the Rose Garden."

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Birkel said...

Leftist Colleftivists
You suffer the problem of all too many Americans. You believe that because you have lived in a civil society your whole life that such is a natural condition. You seem unable to see beyond your own experiences in this regard. The high trust society in which you lived your adult life is gone. And you made sure to do your part to destroy that trust.

Now, you'll still see those vestiges in your close personal interactions. But as a country it is gone. The out of state license plates tell me that people are fleeing the parts of the country that are failed and infesting the parts that can still work. The distrust will grow. You should read the stories of people who grew up in places like that.

Remember that your preferences for culture won. This is your project. Now that you have eaten the seed corn and torn down the institutions that made America the best country in which to live, you own what follows.

Some people will call this boring.

Narr said...

Birkel's comment (is Colle-f-tivists intentional or just a lucky strike?) is good enough for government work.

These podcasts tend nt to attract a lot of comment, and since the open one is long and acrimonious, I'll just make a few observations here.

It's puzzling to me that the Prof brings not only NYT/WP etc coverage to us, but also the high-rated comments from those joints--unless the point is to prove that we're a better group of commenters than can be found there. I really don't see much insight or intelligence in the selections-- which stem not from the wisdom but the illusions and delusions of crowds. On most topics I feel like I can predict the preferred spin before looking.

OTOH this is still the best all-night windmill going.

I'm off to bed

Butkus51 said...

I can think of 331,785,521 Americans that can do a better job than the Manchurian Candidate.

Make that 331,785,524 people..a couple newborns added. In 2 years they will be twice as smart as Pedo Joe.

veni vidi vici said...

While the "It's a podcast." opening line on every one of these is probably supposed to be cute, it has a very high burn rate and has quickly become both loathsomely cloying and oddly infantile.

You! A law professor!!!1! You can do better. :-)

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