October 26, 2020

"The best taste on the planet."


It's a podcast... of the odd last few posts on a blog called Althouse.

Topics: Kanye and Black History Month, abortion, and the best taste in the world, Chinese millennials don’t want democracy, the abstruse sexual inaction of politics, Cher sings for Joe like Sinatra sang for JFK, Kazakhstan adopts the Borat catchphrase, and the idea that voting for Biden will push back the left.


Achilles said...

I know quite a few Chinese Millennials.

They want freedom.

That whole article was complete bullshit written by an evil person being paid by globalists.

Jupiter said...

Want to read this, so I don't have to?


Nichevo said...

"The best taste on the planet."

Will be in your mouth after you vote for Joe Biden, Annie. Or fail to vote for our most excellent and fabulous President.

Egg salad ain't in it.