October 29, 2020

"Incoherent stories of extreme experience."

It's a podcast....

Topics: "Woke movies, the dreary 33.1% GDP spurt, Kanye’s way, kind of like Verlaine and Rimbaud, enough is enough in France, Democrats and Republicans sleeping together, Trump’s womanliness."

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Leland said...

Podcast now appearing on Google for subscription.

rhhardin said...

Revelations is a poetic description of the world changing when the other becomes part of it. Everything is messages.

See Derrida's analysis of Kant's "On a Newly Arisen Superior Tone in Philosophy" in

Derrida, "On a Newly Arisen Apocalyptic Tone in Philosophy," in _Raising the Tone of Philosophy_ Peter Fenves, ed., p.117-171

rhhardin said...

Classical great thinkers are really good, they're just not thinking about what they think they're thinking about.

Birkel said...

I will take a listen if somebody can confirm you talk about the active FBI investigation into Hunter Biden (and ASSOCIATES) for tax evasion, child endangerment, and various financial crimes.

Can that be confirmed?

Jon Ericson said...

I don't yet know of any confirmation, but who better to ask than Bill Barr?
And is he allowed to confirm or deny?