October 14, 2020

At the Wednesday Night Café...

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unknown said...

Nothing today about Hunter Biden and the NY Post?

JZ said...

Let’s just look at the fall colors.

FullMoon said...

Hunter BidenBOMBSHELL!!! being suppressed by Twitter, Facebook and even Reddit.
C'mom, man, what's the deal?
Honestly, if H.B. has cleaned up his act, kind of feel bad for him about those old crackhead photos. How many here would cringe at party time pics from years ago? Not me, of course, but def some of you deplorables.

Taking the money due to Joe's position and influence obviously quid pro quo and shady as hell.

Wonder if the sleeping HB with crack pipe is legit? Does crack make you sleepy? Some say it is a meth pipe. No way does he hit meth and then fall asleep.

Achilles said...

Lets talk about how the Corporate Oligarchs are closing ranks in Nazi like fashion around The Party and trying to protect the corrupt leadership through censorship.

We can also talk about the Nazi like subsidization of those same Corporate Oligarchs of the brown shirts and SS of the Democrat party who have been burning down businesses and looting the last 4 months. Krystalnacht has nothing on what Antifa and BLM have been up to the last 4 months.

People and Corporations that gave money and support to Antifa and BLM and receive support from China need to be investigated and prosecuted.

The parallels between the Left today and the Nazi Party of the 1930's is uncanny.

JZ said...

Let’s just look at the fall colors.

Mark said...

#WornOutJoe called another lid on the day this morning.

Political Junkie said...

Bottom picture has nice coloring and the path looks pink/purple.

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

would the censorship really be necessary if Pluggs was so far ahead?

Why are 'journolists' ok with the current shutdown of press freedom?

isnt Humper a huge national security risk?

Is Pluggs clueless/lying/complicit in Humper's malarky? [D] all the above

POTUS hammers Humper/Pluggs tonite!!

Mike of Snoqualmie said...

Ann, can you comment on how the government suspending evictions for non-payment of rent does or does not violate the impairment of contracts clause in Article I, Section 10 of the Constitution? Isn't this an impairment of the rental agreement between the tenant and the landlord?

Matt Sablan said...

So. As a free speech absolutist, can I just say, screw Facebook and Twitter?

madAsHell said...

I'm sure suggestions are annoying, and I'm sure my suggestions are especially annoying, but.........why not sponsor a fight club?

You suspend moderation on the Cafe post for some window of time, and advertise a start time. Think dodgeball.

In other news...make sure you check out the Amazon portal immediately below the Prof's profile picture.

rehajm said...

Jack sits on a throne of lies.

GingerBeer said...

Facebook and Twitter: Streisand effect deniers.

paminwi said...

So....you think the field hospital at State Fair Park will end up with any patients this time?
Or will it be like the last time - all set up and no patients to be found?

rehajm said...

Streisand effect in full force tonight...

Birkel said...

The twitter account for Kayleigh McEnany is suspended.
She shared the story that must not be told.

I know Althouse is a free speech believer, in theory.

And now the rubber hits the road.

traditionalguy said...

Trump just won the election. He got Dan Gable’s endorsement in Iowa tonight. There is none higher.

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

is Leaky Joe Basement soiling his Pelican Briefs tonite?


Amadeus 48 said...

Facebook and Twitter block the NY Post story on the Biden Ukraine Corrupto-Choo-Choo...and the Streisand Effect kicks in.

Says Wikipedia: "The Streisand effect is a social phenomenon that occurs when an attempt to hide, remove, or censor information has the unintended consequence of further publicizing that information, often via the Internet."

I had no idea that nice Joe Biden was such a crook. I should have known when he bragged about getting the Ukraine prosecutor fired. He really is a sleezebag, isn't he? And that son of his! What a crook! Like father, like son, I guess. It appears that the apple did not fall far from the tree.

I sure am glad that the ruckus on Twitter brought this story to my attention. I never would have known about it otherwise.

Why don't CNN or NPR or the Washington Post or the New York Times cover stories like this? I guess I better read the NY Post if I want to know what is going on. It was founded by Alexander Hamilton in 1801, you know. That nice Lin-Manuel Ortega must be very proud.

Big Mike said...

#WornOutJoe called another lid on the day this morning.

Repeating from the Biden thread. To heck with the fabled 3:00 AM phone call. What would Joe Biden do if there was a phone call that demanded the President’s urgent attention at 10:00 AM?

MayBee said...

Is anybody bothered that Twitter apparently monitors the content of DMs?

Yancey Ward said...

The tech people at Twitter, Facebook, and Google are playing with extremely deadly fire here with this ham-handed attempt to protect Joe Biden. If they don't relent and let the story out on their platforms, they face two possible outcomes- Trump wins and the DOJ dismantles all of them under anti-trust law, or Biden wins and each and every manager at these firms gets a big fat target on their back for political assassination. You don't enter the political realm like this and then violate extremely important and all-American norms like freedom of speech and press- to do so forfeits your right to live.

hawkeyedjb said...

Is it really a revelation that Facebook and Twitter, along with Google, are arms of the Democratic party?

Or is that the Party is just another subsidiary of the techies?

Unknown said...

Sen. Mazie Hirono scolded ACB for using the term "sexual preference" when answering a question about Obergefell this morning, saying that the term is "offensive and outdated." I can't keep up.

rehajm said...

The censorship speaks to Ann's suggestion we let the left win to avoid future escalation. By letting them get away with it to this point we've empowered them to intensify their efforts.

People respond to incentives...

Amadeus 48 said...

So, is Merriam Webster going to redo its entry on "butthead" to include Senator Kennedy's reference to Prof. Ibram X. Kendi (born Henry Rogers), "some butthead professor from Boston University"?

Iman said...

It will be very interesting to see where this leads... reportedly tens of thousands of emails.

And the FBI had no interest...

Owen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Amadeus 48 said...

Oops. Should be Miranda, not Ortega. Sorry.

Owen said...

Mike of Snoqualmie @6:51: Seems like a great question. If I am a landlord and my tenant stops paying me, why should I be denied the right to boot him and find a paying tenant? If the government prevents me from collecting money owed to me --or releasing my property that is held in breach of contract-- why does that NOT constitute government-sanctioned theft of my property rights?

Why should I eat a s*** sandwich because the Gummint has a Jones for tenants or a grudge against landlords?

Serious Constitutional issues here but we have heard nothing about them.

Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...


I submit a theory to answer your question. When Hillary lost to Trump in 2016 - it sent a shock wave thru the hack press. It activated full tilt democrat hack journalism. faux-journalism.
The press all knew they would never say a negative word about a democrat, ever again. No matter how big the crime or scandal.
The hacks regret that they were forced to partake in letting the public know Hillary secret operation with her private server/ private illegal e-mail while sec of state.
Why oh why did were they so fair and honest. The press cannot be honest about their party.

MadisonMan said...

I used the Althouse portal. Maybe for the first time? Yesterday! I look forward to receiving my order.

Ann Althouse said...

I put up a new post for the Twitter/Hunter Biden discussion.

Michael K said...

Pater Schweizer's book, "Profiles in Corruption," is about 1/3 about the Biden family.

Sprezzatura said...

When dealers care about the environment they drive electirc-ish:


Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

too bad ACB doesnt smoke. ~~Cigarettes, that is.

After being asked a dopey question, she should pause, light up,
take a long, slow drag, hold it with a look of feigned pondering,
tilt her head back and exhale in disgust.

...then give them a "you gotta be fu@king kidding me" look.

best if done in B + W

Mark said...

Well, eviction is a judicial process, not a matter of contract which might impaired by moratoriums. And incorporation into any contract that would allow for unilateral self-help eviction, whereby the landlord storms in and puts the tenant's property on the curb is likely void as violative of public policy because of the potential for abuse and violence.

An impairment of contracts claim is likely to fail.

Besides, there is a compelling government interest, an overriding public health interest, in large numbers of people suddenly being made homeless, which would support any eviction moratorium. This is especially true given that the reason that people may not being paying rent is because they do not have the money because they are not working because the government has shut down their jobs. Don't blame the hapless tenant, blame the government, which is the responsible party.

There is a much better argument for a regulatory governmental takings claim, for which the government owes due compensation.

Mark said...

Meanwhile, there is a new (different) dimension to the Horono attack on ACB.

This is how the left gets members of the Court to "grow" and move to their side. And ACB fell for the trap.

Being a good soul, and not wanting to offend anyone, ACB actually apologized for causing the non-existent offense. The seed of self-censorship, of tip-toeing around things, of taking positions that avoid what is perfectly and objectively proper, is thus planted.

ACB will need to learn the game here. Instead of apologizing, she needs to respond with, "Senator, with all due respect, but you are FOS."

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

like after Trick-or-Treating your parents take half your candy--


(...and "Day One" he wants half of yours!!)

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

like after Trick-or-Treating your parents take half your candy--


(...and "Day One" he wants half of yours!!)

NorthOfTheOneOhOne said...

FYI, Charges against Kyle Rittenhouse have been dropped! Kenosha police have identified and charged a BLM supporter who fired a shot into the air from a handgun that kicked off the mob scene that resulted in Rittenhouse firing in self defense.

Big Mike said...

FYI, Charges against Kyle Rittenhouse have been dropped!

Wonderful news, sort of. Great news for young Mr. Rittenhouse, of course, but I had been hoping that the trial would reveal why the Kenosha police were not more aggressive in breaking up the riot. If they lacked resources, what did they need and why did Governor Evers not provide it in a timely fashion?

tim in vermont said...

"would the censorship really be necessary if Pluggs was so far ahead?”

I think maybe my favorite comment from readering was that Biden “had his own hair.” Which I guess is true, some of it is his, and the hair plugs are transplants, so I guess it’s all his, he paid for it.

Big Mike said...

@Althouse, Minnesota is right next to Wisconsin. What is in their water? I note that the Minneapolis City Council Chairperson asserts that there is no correlation what. So ever between cutting the police budget and the recent, ongoing, spike in violent crime.

Of course not. That’s just a Republican myth.

Lewis said...

One needs to keep a sliver of sun, behind black cloud, even if one is, truly, actually in darkness and it's only the moon. Or, to use other metaphors, one picks flowers in the desert because one knows they are so rare and their lives so brief! (And Oh the nights and those 'flowers' above that are permanent, eternal!)

Lewis said...

I think I am in what you might call, to be indiscreet, a heightened sense of 'eroticism', being permanently excluded from anyone and everything, which makes me slightly desperate, certainly very anxious but,also, exuberant, poetic ( a 'poet'! ), foolish, dangerous, beautiful, old and young, Jim (Morrison), Justin, everyone and no one. You think I'm mad? You should see the guy next to me!

Lewis said...

I bought the box set '24' along with, to not make myself look a complete wanker, 'The man to Earth','Choose Me' (Alan Rudolph), 'The spy in from the cold', 'Whose afraid of verginia woolf?' (Answer: No one and everyone) - I bought the box set to avoid tv but how boring it is. I know what I should do but can I?

Lewis said...


“Down that road I went.” He said, pointing somewhere.

I thought you were near, a companion of mine,
The sun hot, softening a brittle floor,
And I here dawdling, walking as if drunk:

White not exactly white, blue which stretched beyond blue.

This Place No Good.

Restlessly wandering for a place
Of silence and poise: is this life?
Hot brush on a canvas of desert dust:
In the beginning white paper, ashes swirl, mindless.

Here a cafe, time is nine, place Holborn: tea.
An occasional diner shuffles an entrance.
To quote: “This place no good.”


Forgotten towers
Broken in my presence.
Or I’m a tramp
Exhausted in travelling,
Beaten by brooms.

Just as I was saying
“Yes, I realise...”
She kicked me from the stair,
Emptied me like a bucket
On the street,
Spilling to the cat flaps,
Simultaneous purr on each door,
Preaching like Jesus
“I’ll heal no one!"


Below the cry of a bat
Foots shadow on frozen faces:

Wan luxuries,
Chilled notes of dawn.

The Street I.

Corners catching
A broken moon:
That and the tumble
Of drunken feet,
Splash of voices.

Thirst among the lamps pools,
Cry from the slashed mouth,
Flutter of lids and the street
Like the stamped pieces
Of a fractured vision.

Lewis said...

Awaiting An Answer.


Tempered, awkward key
Of that pianos sound
Disturbs sunlit dust,
This corpse's epidermis.
And on afternoons,
It seemed long and desperate,
Searches for that glimpse of woman
Heard in sounds of Joan
Or other musty romances.

Perhaps merely the hair
Reminded of the dust
Of those old school days
Or a pure line expressed
In the profile, catching
A last evaporate fantasy;
Maybe some dim sympathy,
Merely the union of interest
In one trajected plain,
Slim yet a basis for partnership.


If I’d found a place
It was, as always, momentary,
Caught in a second’s glance of sun:
Blue, common bell chimed its noiseless scent
More irritant to plans, more conducive
To the forgotten, forgetful days of school.

But those other ones: rather a feeling
Than tissue of incident where one hung
At the most appropriate place
As for a meal. Separate, I’d tempt
A natural force to come swing my way.

Lewis said...

I think, Anne, I'm your resident fool (and poet!)!

Lewis said...


I remember your bedroom window
Staring at the snow and I wondering,
With pen in hand, at this new distance,
A foreign land and you too perversely so.
When you appeared it was always only
That tumbling extension of a clumsiness
I had rediscovered, the broken door,
A two foot jump, you collapsed upon me.
Pregnant with a new thing I was merely
‘Opovrženíhodný’, motiveless
And subterranean, like, you might have said,
Some crushed crab barely crawling for escape.
I was just brooding, I saw no reason
To move, perhaps, I was slightly shocked.

Lewis said...

‘In unsern Jugengarten führt strasse mehr.’
                                                 H. Hesse

What amused in the gardens we treasured
But never had was the pretence that somehow
We could abandon with our clothes our fear,
On certain rare, indeed impossible nights,
Those saturnalias, vague, as imprecise
As antediluvian grass, caress
The warm, illusory dream of our being
Ourselves alone. Among asphalt,
Embedded stone, between the slabs of urban business
Our toy soldiers fought, finally lost,
Slain on the battlefield of the interstice.

We still live in those cracks the best of council
Maintenance cannot fill, disillusioned
As to security, the uniqueness
Of its fauna, even that ossified
And precious ego we watered and wept over,
Kept secret, was proud of, itself
But one common blade of grass: picked, plucked, gathered
In our cities, pressed to that green and bitter dew
Of being human  somewhere in the subsoil
We pretend to maintain a true home:
Place of temporary, shabby rooms,
Of ‘secret gardens of ‘childish fantasy’.

tcrosse said...

The Queen has made her first public appearance since March. She was graciously pleased to go without a mask.