October 24, 2020

At the Saturday Night Cafe...

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ADDED: I'd forgotten to upload my sunrise photo so I put up the café without documenting my run to the sunrise, but here it is belatedly:



effinayright said...

For those familiar with the New Testament, the opening lines of "Woke" contain a real knee-slapper:

"Allow me to formally introduce myself. My name is Titania Gethsemane McGrath."


tim in vermont said...

So it looks like the worst fears about what is on those videos might be true. It doesn’t even count as “kiddie porn” It’s worse than that, victim provided by the Chinese Communist Party for Hunter’s delectation. I am not sure that Thomas Friedman’s love sonnets to the CCP are aging all that well. The same day that the New York Times comes out with an article smearing The Epoch Times, a newspaper that is heavily critical of the ChiComs. New York Times is doing the bidding of the ChiComs.

I hope it’s not true. It’s sickening to think even that it might be.

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

which has more underage sleaze--

a) Humper's Laptop?

b) Netflix' "Cuties"??

PubliusFlavius said...

While the CCP's enemies release Humper's porn productions.

This is what is being conjured in Sino Joe's defense.


Kathryn51 said...

For once, I'm an early bird.

Repeat Comment: Althouse. Ann. Professor. Meadehouse.

If you go subscription, I will be there. I really, really miss the back-and-forth with semi-sane folks (and I include Chuck, Roesch, even. . .dare I say it. . . Inga. And several others that I never agree with but are non-trolls.

Perhaps "semi-sane" isn't the correct moniker. Semi-literate.

Mary whatshername not included.

I will be there.

Louie the Looper said...

So the Intelligence community suggests that Hunter Biden’s laptop is Russian disinformation intended to interfere in the 2020 election. PossibleRussianinterference is serious, and should be investigated. But how? Don’t we have a model from 2017 on how to proceed?

The Administration should appoint a Special Counsel to thoroughly investigate this Russian interference. The Special Counsel should evaluate all of the documents, messages, and images on the laptop to determine whether any of the files have been falsified or changed by foreign agents. The SC also should “connect the dots” between the validated documents on the laptop with documents and other evidence from other sources, such as bank transfer and documents in possession of persons referenced in the laptop. In this way, we can reach informed conclusions on the validity of the allegations and the credibility of the allegations of Russian involvement.

I recommend that the Administration select as SC the biggest asshole they can find.

tim in vermont said...

The official reason that. was given for Hunter Biden to be on Air Force Two on that trip to China was that he was there to "chaperone his daughter."

NorthOfTheOneOhOne said...

OMFG!!!!11!!! We've got to help them save their phoney-baloney jobs!

madAsHell said...

This morning, we started our drive home from Walla Walla. We followed the Lewis and Clark Trail though the Tri-Cities, and Yakima. At Ellensburg, we headed west on I-90.

There were many, many Trump/Pence signs visible from the interstate, and along-side the aforementioned were signs for the Republican Governor nominee Loren Culp. There were 2 yard signs for Biden/Harris.

I saw a high school stadium, and a barn that had recently been repainted with the words "God Bless America".

There were NO yard signs along the hi-way supporting Idiot Inslee including inside the Seattle/Bellevue bubble.

I should be reading tea leaves for that Silver moron at 538.

bagoh20 said...

Summer, my love, I will miss you. Please hurry back. This year we didn't get a chance to explore our passions, as we always do. I'll miss you more than ever. Please don't invite that Karen chick next time - worst 3rd wheel ever.

Big Mike said...

Chelsea Handler, who once dated rapper 50 cent, claims that she "had to remind him that he was a Black person, so he can’t vote for Donald Trump".

Because, of course, a blonde comedienne knows more about authentic black experience than a person who was born black.

Virgil Hilts said...

Stephen Kevin Bannon - this guy won the presidency for Trump, seemed to have disappeared into disgrace and irrelevancy, but in fact is the behind the scenes mastermind and manipulator of the October surprise and turn-about. I have long been fascinated by this man.

Jon Ericson said...

So far.

Marshall Rose said...

We have the biggest voter fraud organization in the history of this country!

But hey, lets just sit back and let them do it...

Cruel neutrality, or complacent endorsement?

Rory said...

There's a little over-the-air subchannel called GetTV that has old Johnny Cash Show episodes. Guests for a 1970 episode shown tonight: Loretta Lynn, Kris Kristofferson, Rick Nelson, Chet Atkins, Doug Kershaw.

Kathryn51 said...

Did Meadehouse go to the Waukesha rally? The Café post went up at 8:30 (Central) and nothing "approved" since then. Goig to a Trump rally? (something that never, ever happens here in Blue WA State) would be so. . .whatever. It simply would be.

Lem said...

A couple of Joe Biden videos making Twitter rounds tonight.



Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

A weird obsession with flesh and blood


Every dad wants to shower their daughter with attention, right?

Big Mike said...

Confirming what so many of us believe: Joe Biden was holding a rare campaign event – via video – when he boastfully proclaimed that his campaign operates “the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

Unknown said...

There was a time not that long ago in which I had a fairly high level of trust in the fundamental integrity of the media, the professions, the professoriat, big businesses, the courts, beltway republicans, the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, the CDC, and the vast majority of my neighbors. This year has been one long truth session with reality (standing in for my parents) telling me that there is no Santa Claus.

This is called being disillusioned, but in a healthy,necessary way. Still, where can you and I go from here?

Gospace said...

So read this thread about Hunter's sex video released and shown by a Taiwanese media outlet. What the hell? Did every intelligence service in the world have this video EXCEPT ours? Or did the CIA/DIA/NSC and all the others have it- and decided the American people didn't need to know that a major politician's son was subject to blackmail by every other country that had the video? What else is out there?

If you vote for Biden- you're voting for corruption writ large. Trump as been investigated 3 ways from Sunday trying to find something, anything, like this. And nothing. Meanwhile, this is dropping out of the woodwork despite efforts to downplay it.

Lawrence Person said...

Enjoy this Joe Biden video roundup.

buwaya said...

"What else is out there?"

As for sex videos, who knows.
As for corruption - it is endless. Where do you start? Where will the resources come from?
To begin with you could probably repurpose the CIA and the FBI into organizations dedicated entirely to investigating each other.

buwaya said...

Q finally delivered his "boom".
Not as cataclysmic as promised, yet.
But it certainly contains ALL the themes that were advertised.

Given the years of telegraphing from Q, I suspect all this material, and who knows what else, was in hand all this time, as Q said. The difficulty was finding a pretext in the sense of a plausible second-source for releasing what may be material collected through foreign-intelligence sources, that is, material found through spying on foreign governments.

tim in vermont said...

All of these peace deals in the Middle East were always there for the taking, the US didn’t want them. People like John Kerry didn’t want “peace” they wanted a strategic victory over Israel so they needed to keep all of the parties in a permanent unified state of hostility. This is really the collapse of a US strategy to interfere in other countries’ affairs.

Same with our project to remove Assad, I thought we settled the issue after Iraq that these dictators were none of our business. US policy in Syria and Libya created so many refugees that it destabilized Europe. And Europe wants Trump gone and their precious Democrats back. It’s battered wife syndrome. We don’t have the wisdom to run the world, or really the power. I am with Trump, let’s stick to our own knitting.

Rory said...

"This is called being disillusioned, but in a healthy,necessary way. Still, where can you and I go from here?"

Seriously, let pieces of the coasts spin off to be their own countries. We have to fix the Constitution to reinforce individual rights and federalism. We can't get that done unless we cut off the rot from California, New York, and DC.

Big Mike said...

@Gospace, it’s no enough to vote against Crooked Joe Biden. Democrats must be thoroughly defeated all down the ballot. They will not change until they know — all the way down to the bone — that they’ve been whipped.

tim in vermont said...

You do have to wonder if the existence of the tapes released, many of which were held by the ChiComs and useful to blackmail Biden, had anything to do with China arresting and imprisoning or executing 24 people in our intelligence network there. It would have been nice to have a better idea what was going on in China as the pandemic broke out.

If this laptop hadn’t been found by the whistleblower, the ChiComs would have had this leverage over the President of the United States. It turns my stomach the way the rot that is the Clinton machine has metastasized and undermined our democracy.

wendybar said...


Hammond X. Gritzkofe said...

If Joe Biden wants to salvage his public image for history, to avoid being held forth for future generations as an exemplar of public graft, corruption, and venality - then he must on or before election day concede this election to Donald Trump.

Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...

"The media went thru Kavanaugh's year book, but can't be bothered with Hunter's laptop."

Marcus Bressler said...

I've seen the first of the Hunter Biden video sex tapes and also a multi-image of some of the porn and drugs. The former was easily accessible of YouTube and the latter on Twitter. It's interesting to see what's next.


Ten more days until Four More Years

George Putnam said...

Last night I watched "What Killed Michael Brown?" on Amazon Prime Video. (They initially refused to carry it, then relented.) Recommended. Shelby Steele has an interesting perspective and life story to bring to bear on race matters, and he finds and includes many other perspectives that one does not see in the MSM. Dr. Steele spends about the first half of this documentary film making the case that it was NOT racism the killed Michael Brown. In the remainder of the film, he makes the case that it was liberalism. The last 12 minutes or so bring it all together. Quote from 1:38:15: "The liberalism that came out of the 60s has proven to be a more insidious oppression than either slavery or Jim Crow segregation. Those oppressions confined your person. Liberalism wants your very soul. It wants you to be a grateful and mindless captive, but a captive nonetheless."

Professor Althouse: you have a tag for Shelby Steele, but it's been a while since you used it. You wrote a post about the shooting of Michael Brown on August 9, the sixth anniversary. "What Killed Michael Brown?" brings much more light to this subject.

BUMBLE BEE said...

A most reasonable explanation of WalkAway... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=InvO6hMcf8c&t=107s

Kai Akker said...

A thought on a Sunday morning..... Real things are going to take precedence over paper things. The change on a large scale is so due -- overdue. Commodities will be more important than shares of stock. Working on plumbing, oil drilling, soldiering and inside the horse barn will be more important and much more rewarding than shuffling reports from a VP's desk.

That's how I sees it. And at the same time, though it may seem counterintuitive at first, I think materialism will yield some part of its overwhelming appeal to American psyches, and spirituality and Christianity specifically will regain some of their lost bloom. Despite what dopey liberal theologians have done to the faiths. (Or because of.)

tim in vermont said...

The one thing missing in these Hunter pedo tapes is Borat bursting into the room shouting “She is too old for you! She’s 14!”

The BIdens are everything Cohen claims to be spoofing. To bad for him that the Bidens are Democrats and he has subverted his own art by blinding himself with partisan politics.

Rusty said...

The money quote.
“We have put together, and you guys did it for President Obama’s administration before this, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics,” Biden said during a virtual Get Out the Vote event."
Do any one of the usual suspects want to address this? Because from where I'm sitting this is much more serious than little Hunter parading his self destruction on the internet. I think the rest here would also appreciate and explanation.

mockturtle said...

Marcus @5:50 AM, do you really believe that anything Hunter Biden, or even Joe Biden, did would make a particle of difference to the TDS crowd? Let us just hope that the same states that supported Trump in 2016 do so this year. I'm concerned about AZ, not because of the Hispanic vote, which may go to Trump, but because of the influx of non-Hispanic liberals into our cities. If our contested Senate seat goes blue, we're toast.

Bruce Hayden said...

“ So the Intelligence community suggests that Hunter Biden’s laptop is Russian disinformation intended to interfere in the 2020 election. PossibleRussianinterference is serious, and should be investigated. But how? Don’t we have a model from 2017 on how to proceed?”

Probably not. To assess the validity of the claim, we would need to know precisely who in te intelligence community was saying (as usual) that it was Russian misinformation. Was it DNI Ratcliffe? I would believe it. Anyone else? CIA Dir Halspel (London Bureau Chief for Steele Dossier, etc)? FBI Dir Wray? Brennan? Clapper? Unnamed sources? No, no, no! The Dems are going with Russian collusion, because they always go with Russian collusion.

To me, it very much looks like much of the dirt hitting right now, is coming from Taiwan. Not the laptop, or its contents, of course, but most of the background stuff coming out right now. Turns out that Beijing bought Joe Biden decades ago. Maybe starting 30 years ago. The key here is that he supports the One China policy, or at least doesn’t support the Two China policy. He has repeatedly said, essentially, that he does not support Taiwan’s right to not be part of Communist China. This suggests that if the ChiComs invaded Taiwan, we wouldn’t intervene under Biden (or during the Obama/Biden Administration). Trump, of course, supports the independence of Taiwan, and has recently been making that clear by selling F-35s to Taiwan, as well as very recently sending warships through the Taiwan Straights - something that Obama rarely, if ever, did. Since their existence as a free country is at stake, the Taiwanese follow this obsessively. They know who all the players are, how the Chinese companies are structured, etc. and the stuff that has been coming out, over the last several days is very depressing. The ChiComs didn’t drop $1.5 Billion on the Bidens, but probably in excess of $5 billion, and it wasn’t just on Biden, but also on Lurch Kerry. His step son (Christopher Heinz) was a business partner with Hunter Biden (Rosemont Seneca Partners), and much of the over $5 billion was “invested” with those two (plus Devon Archer) while he was Sec of State. Think about this - the Dem Presidential candidates (Kerry, Obama/Biden, Clinton, and Biden alone) over the last 5 elections have all been owned by the ChiComs (Kerry’s involvement with the ChiComs probably goes back a half century to his Vietnam protest days). Was that an amazing coincidence? Or indication that the ChiComs were the ones, all along, interfering the most in US elections?

If that isn’t enough to worry about, hundreds of millions of dollars have been, or are being spent to corrupt our elections. Swing state after swing state has had its elections put into question, whether it be boxes and boxes of wayward ballots, or abrogation this week of substantial voter integrity measures, such as matching signatures, etc. In both PA and MI, it is going to be hard for Trump to win by a margin larger than the guaranteed level of fraud. It’s so blatant right now, that Dems are preventing Republican poll judges from seeing the counting of ballots in precincts in PA.

So, what happens, if Biden, the ChiCom puppet, wins the election through massive election fraud, very likely paid for, in part, by those very same ChiComs? Remember back when Trump wouldn’t promise an orderly transition? I think that we know why now.

Kevin said...

So the Intelligence community suggests that Hunter Biden’s laptop is Russian disinformation intended to interfere in the 2020 election.

Except it didn’t.

That’s Democrat disinformation.

mockturtle said...

Buwaya wryly suggests: To begin with you could probably repurpose the CIA and the FBI into organizations dedicated entirely to investigating each other.

Neither can be trusted and both should be disbanded. The fiscal savings would be enormous.

mockturtle said...

Voter fraud is entirely acceptable to the Dems because Orange Man Bad and the end justifies the means.

Fernandinande said...

"The liberalism that came out of the 60s has proven to be a more insidious oppression than either slavery or Jim Crow segregation."

Yet another baseless and nonsensical way to explain that black problems are the fault of white people; a variation on "systemic racism", but more ridiculous: welfare etc are worse than slavery? LOfugginL.

-- why are blacks by far more negatively affected by liberalism than any other group?

-- why do these same black behavior/social problems exist in countries where there are no white people and no liberal social policies?

"What Killed Michael Brown?"

While in the middle of a minor crime spree he attacked a guy with a gun and was shot in self-defense. It's not rocket science.

Bruce Hayden said...

On a different note. Our new AZ house is considered to be in N Snottsdale, though it is actually in Phoenix (which is nice, because the former costs more money to live there - upwards of 20% or so). We left for MT last spring, shortly after closing on the new AZ house, so this is really our first chance to explore the area. A lot of nice shopping very close. Most of the luxury car dealers are about a mile from here, and I can walk to the Audi dealer (the only Audi dealer in MT is apparently in Bozeman, better than four hours East of us - so, of course, we left our Audi in MT, and brought down the Tahoe, despite there being top line GM repairs w/I easy biking distance in MT).

One of the nice things in our new neighborhood is that there is a decent shooting range about a mile from here. A regular membership is only a little over $200 a year, but they don’t do seasonal holds, so that is a bit over $30 a month. Or, $10 a day. Not a hard decision. I bought a G44 this summer, which is the same size as a G19, but shoots .22 LR instead of 9 mm. I have enough .22 LR to shoot 50 rounds a day, 5 days a week, at least through the end of the year. Going on about the range - since it is in N Snottsdale, they also have a club membership, where they have their own private entrance, six private lanes, etc, for a $4,500 initiation fee, and $200 a month - but they do have a vacation hold policy there. Thanks. But no thanks. Yes, it also gives you a discount on any guns you buy though them, but I am a MT resident, which means that I can’t legally buy handguns through them, and internal company policy doesn’t allow me to purchase long Gus either. Besides, the AZ sales tax is almost as much as their discount (no sales tax in MT, at least unless the Dem wins the governorship this year).

A lot of good dining in the area. Great midrange restaurants near the gun range, with the really expensive ones down Snottsdale Rd two miles east of us. But even closer is an (Amazon subsidiary) Whole Foods. Got a large salad there last night, along with some small meat samplers, fro their deli. You have to drag someone over from the deli proper to get served since with COVID-19, you can no longer serve yourself (which is more realistic, in my mind than the ubiquitous mask mandates in PHX). A lot of really upscale food there, but surprising holes in their selection. For example, they had no iceberg lettuce, and only limited Romaine in their produce section. The only iceberg was over in the deli at the other end of the store. And not a single ripe avocado in the store. Something that my partner could eat last night. She instructed me to get someone to help pick one or two out for her. I picked the the softest ones I could find. I didn’t, because I thought that would have been a waste of time. I got in trouble.

For the most part, I was unimpressed. Quality (except for avocados) was high, but selection was highly curated towards stuff that I wasn’t interested in. My tastes are much more pedestrian, which is why I will likely continue to do most of our food shopping at the Fry’s (Kroger’s) about 5 miles away, and the Walmart a mike beyond that. Still Whole Foods has a sale of really good looking rotisserie chickens every Sat for Prime members (a requirement for living in rural MT). Weirdly, for me, Whole Foods Here is equivalent to the high priced neighborhood bodegas, where those who can travel mostly use it for last minute shopping, contrasted to the last time I lived near one, when I would shop there every month or two for stuff I couldn’t find anywhere else.

mockturtle said...

Bruce, do you have a Sprouts? More reasonably priced than Whole Foods and they usually have excellent produce.

Bruce Hayden said...

“We have put together, and you guys did it for President Obama’s administration before this, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics,” Biden said during a virtual Get Out the Vote event."

“Do any one of the usual suspects want to address this? Because from where I'm sitting this is much more serious than little Hunter parading his self destruction on the internet. I think the rest here would also appreciate and explanation.”

There is a saying, essentially, that the right sees Nineteen Eighty-Four as a dystopian warning, while the left sees it as a how-to manual. From Wikipedia:

The Ministry of Truth (Newspeak: Minitrue) is the ministry of propaganda. As with the other ministries in the novel, the name Ministry of Truth is a misnomer because in reality it serves the opposite: it is responsible for any necessary falsification of historical events. However, like the other ministries, the name is also apt because it decides what "truth" is in Oceania.

As well as administering "truth", the ministry spreads a new language amongst the populace called Newspeak, in which, for example, "truth" is understood to mean statements like 2 + 2 = 5 when the situation warrants. In keeping with the concept of doublethink, the ministry is thus aptly named in that it creates/manufactures "truth" in the Newspeak sense of the word. The book describes the doctoring of historical records to show a government-approved version of events.

So much of what the left says today is Newspeak. What they call “anti racism”, was traditionally called “Racism”, where discriiatiin based on skin color is now required, instead of prohibited. Their “antifascists” are inevitably much more fascist than those they terrorize and assault. Little difference, for many of us, between AntiFA and Hitler’s Brown Shirts, except for the color of their uniforms.

So, yes, I do believe that Biden is telegraphing their intentions - to cheat until they win. When they talk about combatting voter fraud, most of us know that they are talking about the opposite - committing voter fraud in an industrial level. We can see that by looking at where the money is going - for lawyers to get courts to strip the citizenry of voter integrity measures, such as counting ballots promptly, making sure that signatures match etc.

So, I will ask the question I asked earlier, what happens if China’s puppet, Slo Joe Biden wins due to their planned industrial level of cheating, and it is obvious that that is how he won? Cheating is much easier to detect in hindsight than to prevent - for example when more ballots are cast than there are legal voters, when dead people vote, when boxes of late arriving ballots swing elections to the Democrat, etc. Trump won, fair and square, in 2016. He wasn’t the one colluding wit the Russians - his opponent was. I think that, esp thanks to this October Surprise by the Republicans, in particular, the only way that Biden wins, is by massively cheating. But in the eyes of the part of the country that owns most of the guns, that win would be illegitimate.

Frankly, I don’t think that te ChiComs really care if this country goes to war against itsel, as a result of the Dems winning the election through cheating, or they get their puppet, Biden, in the White House. It’s good for them either way. The only way they lose is if Trump is re-elected.

Bruce Hayden said...

“ Bruce, do you have a Sprouts? More reasonably priced than Whole Foods and they usually have excellent produce.”

Saw one I think, a couple days ago, in my inveterate tours of NE Phoenix.

Ah - looked it up. For those who know PHX, it is located at the Desert Ridge Shopping center, about 3 miles west and a mile or two north of here. They too have a lot of midrange restaurants - maybe even more than just east of here. Was up there yesterday checking out the Total Wine and More. Finally found my partner’s “spritzers” (spiked seltzer water). Picked up three boxes, and ordered eight more. Very good selection of booze. Last time I found her exact choice was last year at their store in Goodyear. In any case, there are apparently a lot of Sprouts in NE Phoenix and N Snottsdale. They may indeed be a good choice. We shall see.

Goodyear isn’t anywhere close. Maybe an hour on the freeway, if traffic is moving anywhere close to well. When we are in MT, most everything is either very local, or 80-100 miles away. Phoenix sprawls. The metro area is has about 1/3 the population of LA, and is about as spread out (but without near as many problems- yet). I went through most of a tank of gas in 3-4 days in my Tahoe last week, and never left NE Phoenix or N Snottsdale next door. For the most part though it is very easy to navigate, because it is laid out fairly well, as a grid of sections, each one sq mile, with major roads on the edges, mostly running at 45 mph, and shopping at the corners. There are eight blocks per mile, E-W, with Streets east of Central, and Avenues West of there. Heading to Costco yesterday for gasoline and a hot dog (and drink), I found myself heading down section line Streets until I would hit a light, then would jog East a mile or two, until I could head south again easily. The roads on the section edges have lights that are decently well synchronized, so had to do very little jogging.

walter said...
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walter said...

Seems like Obama is a lot more actively campaigning for Joe since the Russian Disinformation Laptop surfaced...nursing the bruise from a severe facepalm.