September 10, 2020

At the Curbside Pickup Café...


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Rory said...

Someone could trip on them wheels.

Quayle said...

An evensong to end the day on a spiritual note.

Jersey Fled said...

Some football with your SJW pandering?

Kai Akker said...

Sorry to rain here but cannot be helped. Charts sure look bad. History says markets this overvalued are a bad risk. Think about how much you want to keep in there.

traditionalguy said...

Mr Amazing did a full FDR performance in Saginaw tonight. And his people actually love him the way the 1932-1945 percent people loved their Franklin Roosevelt. Truly historical stuff. The 8 year term limit is all that is stopping Trump from a redo.

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

Fire-- Crazy World of Arthur Brown

Series of wildfires on the West Coast may be “coordinated and planned” attack

WSP: Man arrested for setting fire in median of SR 167 in Puyallup

oh, and interesting series of Q's re: west coast fires from ...Q !

And as the flames climbed high into the night
To light the sacrificial rite
I saw Satan laughing with delight
The day the music died

Cuz fire is the devil's only friend ...well, next to Leftists.

I'm Not Sure said...

To go/curbside pickup? No thanks. I'll order something when I can sit down, have my meal brought to me and then have the table cleaned up when I'm done. If I have to go get it and then wash dishes afterwards, I might as well save 70-80% on the cost of the meal by fixing it myself. It's a little more work, but the food is served hot and I know it'll be cooked the way I want.

Ken B said...

Thinking in puns

Titus said...

Have you had dinner at nook? It's supposed to white hot.

Drago said...

Hans Mahncke@HansMahncke

"The most amazing part about the mass phone wiping story is that a bunch of anti-Trump lawyers knew to wipe their phones but the FBI's chief of counterespionage did not."

So many Mueller henchmen "accidentally" wiped their govt phones by identical 10x password reset errors and other steps with warnings popping up, each wiping would take over an hour to fully complete.

Darn it!

What "bad luck".

And to think this was the democratical/marxist/LLR-lefty legal beagle "dream team".

Oh yeah, the hack Mueller team was aware that all those phones were to be turned iver to the internal investigators when ALL the wipings happened.

But thats the thing with our lefties and LLR-lefties. They know the entire farce was corrupt. In fact, that's what they like best about it.

iowan2 said...

Getting force fed lies from the BLM criminals, for the 1st NFL game. Oh well, losing me as a viewer won't be noticed, I didn't watch that much anyway. It's really galling, being lectured to by idiots.

Bunkypotatohead said...

I wouldn't buy food from a place that had a sign like that.

narciso said...

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

how bad and widespread would the riots be if charges were dropped
against Derek Chauvin?

is Pluggs taking Namenda? Is he incontinent?
and is THAT another reason why he rushes off stage rather than trying to avoid questions?

talk about 'leaking' to the press!

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

Fredo Cuomo is a true dumbbell

...but he lifts fake dumbbells

MikeD said...

Can't wait to see what douche capital WI gives us tomorrow for 9/11!

gadfly said...

@Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

oh, and interesting series of Q's re: west coast fires from ...Q !

And as the flames climbed high into the night
To light the sacrificial rite
I saw Satan laughing with delight
The day the music died

So Ingachuck is giving up the name of Qanon's leader - Don McLean (Code Name: American Pie)!

Sprezzatura said...

“Some football with your SJW pandering?”

What if some folks always have a huge American flag on a pole (and it’s lit up so it can fly 24/7), and they have two large (maybe 6’ wide x 4.5’ tall) windows that are each filled by light-up American flags (these flags are strings of red/white/blue so-called Xmas lights that are arranged in a grid such that when yur looking at the whole thing ya see the stars and stripes). And these folks also have red white and blue bunting all around the railing of their covered front porch (maybe 40’ x 8’).

Add to that picture that these same folks also have a BLM yard sign. And yesterday these atypical thinkers/displayers put up strings of scaled-to-life-size, but printed on paper, footballs to surround the same porch re the R/W/B bunting.

Imagine that folks can love America and football-in-2020 and bla..... I F-ed up. Big time. Restart: ‘Imagine that folks can love America and football-in-2020 and Black lives.’

If those MFers start handing out apple pie I think we should put them on Rushmore. IMHO.

BTW, I used some artistic license re my story telling here. There is one house that I know of that has had all of these things. But not every single one of these things overlaps w/ the all of the other things. Still, most do overlap each other. E.g., the lit flag on a pole is fer eva.

Ken B said...

How many 9/11 memorials will be attacked today?

Ken B said...

Will 9/11 even be commemorated next year?

Sprezzatura said...

This gal seems to be not smarmy:

She tunes out the noise. Other gals wallow in it.

narciso said...


n.n said...

AstraZeneca Must Explain Spinal Ailment to Resume Vaccine Trial

African Polio Outbreak Linked to Vaccine

Risk management. What is intuitive may put people at risk.

walter said...

Gotta love signage in deference to the maskerade: "Ummmmphhhh!"

StephenFearby said...

WSJ Sept 10
What Islamists and ‘Wokeists’ Have in Common

Adherents of both pursue ideological purity, refuse to engage in debate and demand submission.

By Ayaan Hirsi Ali

'...I am not about to equate Wokeism and Islamism. Islamism is a militant strain of an ancient faith. Its adherents have a coherent sense of what God wants them to achieve on earth to earn rewards in the afterlife. Wokeism is in many ways a Marxist creed; it offers no hereafter. Wokeism divides society into myriad identities, whereas Islamists’ segmentation is simpler: believers and unbelievers, men and women.

There are many other differences. But consider the resemblances. The adherents of each constantly pursue ideological purity, certain of their own rectitude. Neither Islamists nor the Woke will engage in debate; both prefer indoctrination of the submissive and damnation of those who resist.

The two ideologies have distinctive rituals: Islamists shout “Allahu Akbar” and “Death to America”; the Woke chant “Black lives matter” and “I can’t breathe.” Islamists pray to Mecca; the Woke take the knee. Both like burning the American flag.

Both believe that those who refuse conversion may be harassed, or worse. Both take offense at every opportunity and seek not just apologies but concessions. Islamism inveighs against “blasphemy”; Wokeism wants to outlaw “hate speech.” Islamists use the word “Islamophobia” to silence critics; the Woke do the same with “racism.”

Islamists despise Jews; the Woke say they just hate Israel, but the anti-Semitism is pervasive. The two share a fondness for iconoclasm: statues, beware.

Both ideologies aim to tear down the existing system and replace it with utopias that always turn out to be hellish anarchies: Islamic State in Raqqa, the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone in Seattle. Both are collectivist: Group identity trumps the individual. Both tolerate—and often glorify—violence carried out by zealots.

This Sept. 11, then, let’s dismiss the fairy stories about the enemies of a free society. Their grievances aren’t merely economic and they won’t be satisfied with jobs or entitlements. Their motivations are ideological and they will be satisfied only with power.

I cling to the hope that most Americans are still willing as a nation to fight and, if necessary, to die to preserve our freedoms, our rights, our customs, our history. That was the spirit of Flight 93. It was the spirit that ultimately defeated al Qaeda and Islamic State. But it is not the spirit of today’s “woke” protesters. And it is time that we all woke up to that reality.'

tim maguire said...

I’ve never “wiped” my phone by any means—accidental or not. To my knowledge, nobody I know has ever accidentally wiped their phone. I can't wait to hear the official explanation as to how this happened. But I won’t be holding my breath because I doubt we’ll ever get that official explanation.

For all the manufactured outrage about Barr doing Trump’s bidding (funny how decades of dedicated professional service suddenly don’t matter when one is hired by a Republican, but it’s all good when hired by a Democrat), I have no faith that any real charges will be brought against any major player in any of this.

stevew said...

Reports coming in, from Microsoft, that foreign powers are attempting to influence the 2020 election. Iran, China, and Russia are identified. Most of the attacks are designed to cultivate unsupported narratives concerning officials in the presidential election.

From a CBS News report: The U.S. intelligence community issued an assessment in August that warned of ongoing activity by China, Russia and Iran. Russia, according to the assessment, is actively trying to "denigrate" Biden, while China prefers Mr. Trump loses reelection. Iran, meanwhile, may attempt to "undermine" U.S. democratic institutions and the president through online content.

It is further reported that many/most of these attacks were identified and stopped.

Seems to me that another way to thwart these attacks is to stop othering and demonizing people you disagree with politically. This is really a "We're all in this together" sort of threat. I don't have much hope this advice will be followed.

Marcus Bressler said...

At the very least, if not indicted, those who are proven to or admit to "wiping" their phones need to be fired.


rehajm said...

Now I get why unmasking and fisa were dragged out so long- they can dump all the news of criminal activity into the raging election time Trump is bad river and nobody will notice there's no indictments.

Curious George said...

Can't be in Madison, right? I mean the glass isn't boarded up.

tim in vermont said...

Sweden opened their schools a month ago with no appreciable increase in cases or deaths. Now they had a lot of restrictions, and what passes for high school there has been closed down the whole time and still is, but as of now it does look like you can re-open schools and not spread the virus to the people who live at home with the kids, which has always been the real risk. Talking exclusively about the low risk of death to the children has always been a red herring and either dishonest political ax grinding or just plain stupid.

Sweden’s schools never carried on as normal though.

tim in vermont said...

"Gotta love signage in deference to the maskerade: "Ummmmphhhh!””

So why don’t you lay out the evidence based case that masks are a waste of time for us here? I have provided many links to studies and experiments that show that they work on coronaviruses, and obviously you know about stuff I don’t know about, so why don’t you share something other than your opinions. Surely your opinion is based on careful consideration of the facts?

You could then refute my current theory that people have connected the masks with the virus and think at some subconscious level by some form of sympathetic magic that if the masks go away, the disease will disappear too. Primitive peoples have always believed in sympathetic magic. It’s cargo cult science. When nobody is sick, nobody wears masks so if we don’t wear masks, nobody will be sick!

I am sure that is not *your* thinking. I am certain that you have a lot of well reasoned arguments along with supporting evidence to show that I just haven’t thought about enough issues.

tim in vermont said...

I am not even slightly curious about the NFL season. I used to look forward to it, like Roth said in the novel Goodbye Columbus, there is something about the punt of a football that really puts fall in the air. This year? Just don’t care. Let them insult the people who care about football by calling them all racist and offering absolution through these rituals in the hopes of gaining an audience among the people who think that football is just ritual violence and should be abolished anyways. I am interested to see how it works out for them.

Bruce Hayden said...

“ Series of wildfires on the West Coast may be “coordinated and planned” attack”

This is scary. Article I found yesterday had an AntiFA Commie Scum being caught for having set some fires. We have violent Commie Scum setting fires, and we have fires killing people. It’s easy to tie them together. Yesterday, CalFire told a couple hundred people behind the fire lines that they were on their own. National Guard choppers, using night vision (presumably infra red) equipment to fly around the flames rescued them, with the CalFires air controller screaming at the pilots all the way through. The pilots were heroic, and everyone was ferried to safety.

Have the AntiFA Commie Scum been setting a lot of these fires, or was the one guy an anomaly? We know that an awful lot of anarchists are involved, and there was a lot of arson going on in the area being done often by white BLM protesters, who could tomorrow be AntiFA.

This has apparently been a bad fire year on the pacific coast. Maybe worst in CA, where idiotic policies have allowed a century of fuel to pile up, while areas along the power transmission lines has gone uncleared. Fallen power lines can cause forest fires, and forest fires can disrupt the power grid. Smoke from the fires obstructs solar energy, and chunks of both the LA and SF areas have been experiencing rolling blackouts that knock out air conditioning, typically it is most needed. (In NW MT, we have a hydro dam a mile from the house, so don’t expect any of these problems).

Helter Skelter 2020. We have our race wars, the attacks on the police that are neutering them. This is what those radicals of the 1960s wanted, but couldn’t get going. The Dem politicians allowing it to go on (and initially encouraging it) could probably shut it down overnight, if they had the will to do so. One thing would be to declare the AntiFA and BLM Commie Scum in a state of insurgency. Another would be to list a series of their favorite toys, such as industrial lasers and fireworks, to be deadly weapons, and to consider attacks on the police using them to be aggravated assault, or even murder, and since they can cause death or great bodily injury, issue shoot on sight orders. And of course these Dem governors could request help from the Feds, and activate their National Guards (the ones who aren’t fighting fires, etc.)

It appears to be politically idiotic on the part of the Dems. But the riots were planned at least since at last (2019) summer. We are in the period, the part of the election cycle, where the Dem attacks, esp against Trump, are going to be launched frequently, very possibly on a weekly basis. Last week’s attack was the claim that Trump disrespected the military. No doubt, they have something as bad queued up for this coming week, and the week after, etc.

My question is why do the Dems think that all of this disruption is going to win the election? Cities have been in flames all summer. The countryside has joined the cities with their own fires. Everyone, across the country is being panicked. How does that help Biden and Harris? This is the time that voters look for the law and order candidate. The Dems are running Catch and Release with their violent rioters and anarchists. Biden may remember to claim that he is the L&O candidate, but it isn’t credible. He can’t focus well enough to make speeches without a teleprompter. Why would anyone think that he could focus enough to stop the violence? Moreover, his staff have been bailing out rioters, and his VP, who might have pushed her L&O credentials, instead joined the BLM cheering section. It might have worked, if they could have gotten their violent riots going nationwide. They tried. But Red America hasn’t burned. Only the places tightly controlled by Dems. I expect that the longer the Dems delay shutting down their crazies, their Helter Skelter 2020, the more independents are going to be pushed towards voting for Trump.

Quayle said...
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stevew said...

Re: pro football, I'm with tim. The NFL and NBA seem to have forgotten that they are in the entertainment business. So long as they provide a distraction from the troubles and conflicts of the day, I'm interested. If they are determined to lecture me about this or that, then I've got other and better things to do.

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

@Bruce Hayden
in general not so much to help "Biden", but more like Cloward/Piven
Re fires-- consider the Q's in Q drop #4639

MadisonMan said...

Can't be in Madison, right? I mean the glass isn't boarded up.
That's Monroe St though, not State St or the Square.

tim in vermont said...

When, during the IRS investigation, they had the sudden realization that even though the messages they sent each other were not stored on a central server, they were in fact stored on the phones and laptops used to send and receive the messages, an amazing number of phones got accidentally destroyed, and strangely irrecoverable hard drive failures occurred in a pattern that was highly coincidentally favorable to the people at the center of the conspiracy.

rcocean said...

Who's the pickup artist, Meade or Althouse?

Jupiter said...

"My question is why do the Dems think that all of this disruption is going to win the election?"

They don't. They would stop it if they could. They can't. So, the question is, why don't they denounce the rioting, arrest the people responsible and lock them up? My guess is, they think that would be even less helpful. They believe that much of their base is in favor of rioting. That is why they deny its seriousness, rather than trying to stop it.

Curious George said...

"MadisonMan said...
Can't be in Madison, right? I mean the glass isn't boarded up.
That's Monroe St though, not State St or the Square."

Ah, that's Colectivo.