August 31, 2020

That sunrise at 6:20 and 6:24.



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Milwaukie guy said...

OMG. Am I going to be near the top?

Before I go off on my own tangent, I want to say again how much I love these photos. I want to make the suggestion, if no one has before, that Althouse compile a year's record into some slide show based on the solstices. It would be really choice if the dates were tucked into the corner but just having a full year in one place would be awesome.

Now, on to me.

I was thinking about the term "dindu nuffins." As a Chicagoan I know that dindu nuffins started replacing "cockroaches" as the preferred nickname for criminal shitheads. In my neighb, since we were up against a Latin Kings affiliate, we pronounced it "cockaroach" which I now understand was deeply racist because.

"Dindu nuffin" is street for "[I] didn't do anything, [Officer]." I bring this up because I read Second City Cop and I was thinking this morning that I should start popularizing this nomenclature here in the Peoples Republic of Portland. So, let's see what the Urban Dictionary says:

"Dindu Nuffin is a pejorative term that originated on /pol/ to mock and criticize black people during the numerous riots throughout 2014 and 2015. The phrase “dindu nuffin” is derived from a bastardization of the phrase “didn’t do nothing”, a plea for innocence often used in reference to unarmed black men killed by police. One of the most famous instances of the usage of this phrase can be found in a comic. Detractors often use “dindu nuffins” to refer to sympathizers of the black community. Largely in part because they themselves lack proper mastery of the English language."

Wow. This is going to be harder than I thought. And just as the new Soros-funded Multnomah County DA announced his new catch and release policy on Dindu Nuffins. I didn't realize they were so endangered. Well, got to keep the one-party ecosystem stocked.

But, being born White, an irredeemable racist, I'm going to go ahead anyway. What the hell, right? I'm just so thankful that my kids are mixed race, at least until being half-white makes you an irredeemable racist, too.

Maybe Obama can act as sort of a vaccine. My Black housemate at the time said I didn't like Obama because he was Black. I be like, I love his Blackness, it's his White commie side that I don't like besides being a crook from Chicago. BTW, my Black housemate was half-white just like Obama, however, he was into White chicks.

Ah crap, I have to go here. My man was a drummer. When I first knew him, he already had a first baby momma who he had left. Renting one of my houses, he made a new baby momma and moved back with me for a while after they broke up. I know both of those boys and they are really great. My man does keep touch with his sons and often tries to get one-afternoon stands from his baby mommas

He got a new girlfriend and lived in another of my houses and we became estranged about 5 years ago. I do wonder where my man is on the cycle with the new gal.

So, I have to say he took after his father more. I denounce myself. But I think I got all the capitalizations correct.

YoungHegelian said...

A Conversation at a Major TV Network, Circa 1966

“Fred, the stuff the kids listen to nowadays! But, you know, Fred, it’s not the kids paying the bills. We need to keep the parents in the room for the sponsors. How we gonna do that?”

“Well, Bill, I think I can at least figure out a way of at least keeping the dads in the room…”

(I think it being 1966, this was Hullabaloo. It may have been Shindig, I don't know. I mean, cut me some slack -- I was nine!)

Drago said...

Interesting observation:

If the democraticals/LLR-lefties really thought Trump was responsible for the riots, why didn't they mention that at least once during their 4 day Zoom Call "convention"?


Because the democraticals didn't change their narrative until after the convention after their polls collapsed.

Yancey Ward said...

"Like Lincoln at Gettysburg, like Churchill in Parliament after Dunkirk, and MacArthur in Australia after Bataan, today Joe Biden strode out like a Titan to Pittsburgh."

This is essentially the mainstream media's take on Biden's ludicrous campaign stop today.

Yancey Ward said...

Also, my COVID spreadsheets for those interested.

Individual States COVID Data

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

Watch As Democrats Spend Four Years Fantasizing About Riots, Assassination And Violent Chaos

Video mash-up

h said...

Yancey Ward: Thanks for the covid data. And I also appreciate your interpretive insights about the data.

Your point about Biden's speech: Can anyone doubt that soon, elementary school students will be asked to recite one of the following stirring speeches? (a) the Gettysburg address (b) a short part of MLK's I have a dream speech, or (c) Biden: "we have to stand against violence in every form it takes. Violence we’ve seen again and again and again."

Narr said...

Yancey, thanks!

I get lost in those stats

mockturtle said...

It's soon going to be just like the Crips and the Bloods. Wear the wrong color in the wrong hood and you're dead. And it's not racial, it's purely political. The Antifa crowd has tasted blood and they'll just get worse. And there will at some point be retaliation. Gang wars.

John henry said...

 Yancey Ward said...

Also, my COVID spreadsheets for those interested.

You've done some nice work here with the stats so don't take this the wrong way please. I don't mean to belittle it in any way.

Last week we found that the stats you use are utter garbage. No amount of arranging and granularity will change that.

94 percent of all reported kung flu deaths were from other causes per CDC. Only 6%of the 160,000 us deaths were from kung flu. Less than 10,000 people.

Then we find, per the NYT that 90% of all positive test results were false. If you run enough pcr cycles leftover sludge from that bad cold you had 3 years ago gets flagged as wuflu positive.

It's over, Yancey. Kung flu is on the roof and we cant get it down.

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

pic of Joe Basement's staged filming (h/t posobiec)

Rory said...

"this was Hullabaloo. It may have been Shindig"

Stylish 60s dancers backing Pet Clark:

Achilles said...

Something is coming.

The post office hoax collapsed. Memory holed.

Now the democrats are trying to blame Trump for their violence in the riots.

That will fail.

They will not allow the election to happen as things stand. They are on track to lose the state of New York. This election is going to be a historic drubbing.

And all they have to turn the boat around is Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

My money is on China starting a shooting war to bail out their democrat allies.

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

...and now she has to FUND the police!

The Associated Press
A teen who organized a Black Lives Matter rally in her northern New Jersey town said she has been sent a $2,500 bill from the mayor “for the police overtime caused by your protest.”


traditionalguy said...

Orange sky greets Orange Man coming tomorrow.

Lawrence Person said...

Enjoy this week's BidenWatch.

CWJ said...

6% of covid deaths (less than 10k) due exclusively to covid alone. Remaining 94% had an average of 2.6 additional factors. Ken B hardest hit.

Cue extensive tap dancing ala "Chicago."

Tom T. said...

In today's news, even Hamas is now jumping onto the peace train with Israel. Trump and Kushner have put together an increasingly comprehensive solution in the Middle East, and the media is pretending it's not happening.

It's actually kind of amusing: There are plenty of self-important journalists who would love to be writing big, pompous think pieces about the momentous transformation going on, just to show off how smart they are. But they can't, because to do so would mean giving credit to the current administration.

Mike Sylwester said...

Another photograph of Biden's speech in Pittsburgh

Joe Smith said...

During the debates grandpa Joe proudly proclaimed that he would end all fracking and eliminate fossil fuels. Today he says he is OK with fracking.

Was it malarkey then or is it malarkey now?

I just assume he doesn't remember what he said an hour ago let alone a couple of months.

Big Mike said...

I see that NPR is claiming that Donald Trump “without evidence” is claiming that Rittenhouse May have acted in self-defense.

So who should we believe, the honorable men and women of NPR, or what we have seen with our lying, cheating eyes on the video?

I recall that Brutus was an “honorable” man.

My question is this. If NPR is going to be the propaganda arm for the Democrats, shouldn’t they be funded out of Democrat Party coffers?

William said...

I just finished Lord David Cecil's bio of Melbourne. The blurb on the cover said that it was JFK's favorite book. I can see the appeal. Lord Melbourne, like Kennedy, was a younger son. He expected to lead a life of pleasant detachment but his older brother's untimely death forced him to become a public figure. Melbourne kept that air of detachment all his life. That detachment accompanied with striking good looks and urbane wit made him a success in politics....He was an undistinguished Prime Minister, but everyone liked him. So far as I can tell, he was wrong about most of the great issues that crossed his desk. He was pro-slavery, anti Catholic emancipation, anti reform of the Corn Laws, anti secret ballots and, indeed,anti just about any effort to change the world. In his defense, it should be noted that although he was wrong about everything, he was wrong in the right way. He was willing to compromise and go along to get along. He was never self righteous or sanctimonious about the positions he took. Sometimes it's better to be wrong in the right way than right in the wrong way.

Goetz von Berlichingen said...

I wonder who in the press received invites? No questions were taken. I believe the local gawkers never saw him.


This whole event was like the intro to some Archer foreign spy adventure. Drugged, incompetent world politician being held in a steel cage in rural PA. Even that glitch on 'militia' - repeating over and over, was of the genre. Is that some signal triggering the killer zombies to action, I thought, briefly... OK, a couple minutes, tops. Turns out that wasn't the case, I guess. Maybe kinda was, though.

Also flashed that Joe had decided to rap during that episode. I liked the beat, gotta be honest.

Or was this covering a splice? Did he fumble something? Demand oatmeal? Expose himself? Perhaps we'll never know. Never know.

Anywho... Althouse, like sentiment has been expressed upstream, but it is true, You seem to be experiencing what so many of us have felt for decades.

exiledonmainstreet, green-eyed devil said...

Drago said:
"If the democraticals/LLR-lefties really thought Trump was responsible for the riots, why didn't they mention that at least once during their 4 day Zoom Call "convention"?"

Also, why weren't there anybody "protesting" in Milwaukee or Wilmington during the convention? It's funny how these right-wing boogaloos never seem to show up at any DNC events (of course, I realize there aren't DNC "events" per se, just zoom calls and Joe in the basement, but really, you'd think they'd show up anyway. They seemed to have no problem at all getting to Kenosha, Wisconsin 5 minutes after Blake was shot.)

William said...

I think nowadays he's remembered chiefly for his marriage to Lady Caroline Lamb. Caroline's affair with Lord Byron only lasted for five months, but she got a lot of mileage out of it--two novels and some poetry imitative of Childe Harold.....Caroline was an arresting mixture of craziness, pretension, beauty, and wit. Despite the fact that she cheated on him openly and not just with Byron, Melbourne for many years treated her lapses with kindness and forgiveness and, indeed, some of her more outrageous behavior we would today characterize as mental illness rather than romanticism. The biographer says that in her novel he is always presented in a favorable light, so there's that. When you read of how other aristocratic husbands of that era treated their wives, his behavior is a model of chivalry. They really loved each other, but who can fathom the dynamics of their attraction....Melbourne was Queen Victoria's first Prime Minister. Victoria had a schoolgirl crush on him. Her diary is filled with effusive praise of his wisdom and tact. Melbourne for his part was completely smitten by Victoria. He spent four of five hours nearly every day in her company. It was the very definition of a courtly romance. He was a chaste, pure knight utterly devoted to her service.... Victoria was no Jenna Coleman, but, as a girl of eighteen, she was attractive and appealing and, besides that, the Queen of England. Heady stuff. He was utterly dedicated to her and consistently subordinated his interests and that of his party to her.....He was an undistinguished Prime Minister, but as a subject of his Queen, he cannot be faulted. He gave her good advice and never sought to use his favored position for personal advantage.

Gospace said...

Just some info and figures and thoughts on IQ and differences. And rights. Start with rights. The US Constitution guarantees equal rights. And those rights belong to individuals, not groups. Nowhere in it is a guarantee of equal outcomes. I can trace back using my mother's surname to my 6G grandfather. Living descendants today include both blacks and white, and a few mixed race white-Asian mixtures, from a variety of Asian nations. Mostly from missionaries. Mostly. Among the living black descendants are doctors, lawyers, military officers and enlisted men, a variety of other occupations, and inmates. Among the living white descendants are- the same. They've mixed in with other families along the way, but from the same starting point- wildly different outcomes. Just studying that one family genealogy convinces me it's not what you start with- it's what you do with what you have. Now IQ does place some limitation on what some of them can be successful at. There are doctors, successful ones. And there are others who are successful in whatever they're doing- but could never be doctors- a profession which requires not only hard work- but high IQ. There's a lot of things you can be successful at with hard work and lower than average IQ- but doctor or rocket scientist aren't among them.

And in the US, this is the black/white IQ distribution. The average is the average, but there are blacks that have higher IQs than the average white, and whites that have lower IQs than the average black. But that's not the way to bet.... And it accounts for unequal outcomes. Not the full story on IQ- here's the graph for male female IQ. There are more average IQ women then men, and more low and high IQ men then women. It's why men dominate high IQ professions- a longer tail, and a larger proportion of men have higher IQs then women.

IQ distribution chart. About 68% ±15 points of average. Now let's go to IQ by country. I'll start by- don't believe the Asian countries actually score that high. They DO NOT TEST those who will score low. You can believe or not believe that as you want. But even so, most of Asia, Europe, the US, Canada, Australia/NZ, have no trouble building and maintaining infrastructure and a technological society. All with average IQ hovering near 100. Now let's take Nigeria- 86 IQ. Their smart people are where our average people are. And= that's a national average. That is the about the average IQ of the average black American. But looking at the chart- there are over 20 African countries with an average IQ of ≤70. Over half the population is retarded by US definition. How do you bring them into the modern world? You cannot build and maintain an infrastructure with retarded people.

Adult IQ is determined by genes/environment/nutrition. Adult success is determined by culture- what the success is in is PARTIALLY determined by IQ. There are high IQ failures in life, and low IQ successes. There are successful high IQ janitors- I've known a few. Unfortunately, there are no low IQ rocket scientists or physicists- it doesn't work that way.

At a McDonalds I frequented occasionally before the covidiocy here was a Down's syndrome worker who had been there 14 years. She was successful. She had a job that needed doing, and management and other workers appreciated her doing it- without complaint. They never tried to make her a cashier or fry cook- she was their cleaner, the one job most people hate. Nothing wrong with fitting people to the job they can do.

BUMBLE BEE said...

Wasn't drug addict Floyd supposed to be passing counterfeit $20s? What became of that? Do we just wander off into he Dindu Nuffin land?

George Putnam said...

Something Instapundit has been saying recently has resonated with me - the contrast between the Democratic National Convention (negative) and the Republican National Convention (positive); how "Trump saves America from race war." See and Ann, you get at the same theme in your previous post, about Biden's talk in Pittsburgh. What a sad talk, and sad news coverage of it. Professor, that was a good post, very thorough.

The Republicans have a positive message for America. One way to make that message more inclusive, and to find common ground even in the midst of race riots, is to use the story of "Hamilton":

Rory said...

"a steel cage in rural PA."

This was inside the City of Pittsburgh.

stevew said...

Just as the Democrats have now switched to being anti-violence, including against looting and destruction, because their prior position was known to hurt them in the polls, I predict they will soon be demanding an end to the Covid shutdowns, mask wearing, and demand business to reopen. That is if the polls show the continued lockdowns hurting their boy Biden. The release of the CDC data on the actual percentage of Covid deaths exclusively from Covid (6%, IIRC) is a first step. The detailed coverage in the NYT of this story and the high false positive tests info strikes me as battlespace prep.

I don't know nuthin', but it sure is starting to look that way. And the Democrats are desperate, made more so by that sham of a "campaign appearance" Biden put on yesterday.

rehajm said...

There are plenty of self-important journalists who would love to be writing big, pompous think pieces about the momentous transformation going on, just to show off how smart they are.

Freidman hardest hit...

rehajm said...

Redstate and Zerohedge picked up the poll suppression story. Incidentally Sharyl Attkisson saw it coming before it happened. She's now suggesting one of the candidates has been receiving a 'series' of medical treatments and not disclosing. Which one could that be?

rehajm said...

Another thing you may not have noticed- corporate earnings are surprising on the upside. It is partly a demographic story but it also turns out lockdowns improve productivity.

rehajm said...

In LA last night another police killing of a man with a gun...

BLM and protesters show up quickly, but this time the language from the BLM leaders has a different tone- more of de escalation.

I don't get my news exclusively from NPR so I'd say BLM has gotten the message from the Democrats to stifle and tone it down...

h said...

Yancey Ward is compiling and sharing with us the best data available on Covid. But John Henry makes an interesting observation: the "best data available" have huge problems. I know everything now is hopelessly politicized, but will it be possible in say 5 years to do an analysis that concludes, "Country A results were better than Country B results"? Or will we always have a fair analyst concluding: "Country A measured one thing, and COuntry B measured another, and there is no meaningful way to compare the outcomes in those two countries"?

BUMBLE BEE said...

Mike Sylvester... That's one helluva crane in there, (in yellow), a hangar? You'll never see the Jumbotron Screen from the angles pictured.

John henry said...


You make me feel so stupid. OF COURSE that's what's happening. Why did I not see it? Very obvious now that you mention it.

As ive said, kung flu is on the roof with the various revelations last week (90 %false positives, 6%deaths etc)

I didn't realize why. It's because polls show the lockdowns and other bullshit hurting Biden.

John Henry

mockturtle said...

Interesting, William. I'll put that on my read list. While I prefer to read about great men of history, there's also room on my kindle for the 'not so great'. ;-) Indeed, the young Victoria, was infatuated with Melbourne, as was obvious in her writings.

I'm currently engrossed in Richelieu: His Rise to Power by Prof. Carl J. Burckhardt. Every biography leads me down a rabbit hole, of course...

John henry said...


We not only can't compare between countries, I don't think we can even compare between counties.

The sensitivity of the PCR test is a function of how many cycles it runs on a sample.

A blood sample that shows no trace at 30 cycles may show highly contagious at 40.

There is no uniform standard for how many cycles to run.

It's almost as if a desired positivity rate is selected then test cycles run to achieve that.

Since the tests are reported yes/no with no reference to cycles, it is impossible to compare 2 tests now or 5years from now.

John Henry

Jersey Fled said...


Trump should run this picture on every TV station in America.

What a sad and pathetic man Biden is.

His Dukakis moment.

Calypso Facto said...

John Henry said ... "The sensitivity of the PCR test is a function of how many cycles it runs on a sample."

Or, apparently, on how much the medical provider is getting paid for positive results. Today, for the second time in a month, I heard from personal acquaintances (different people in each case) that they received positive COVID test results despite NOT GOING TO THEIR TESTING APPOINTMENT. Obviously a big problem for testing data here in Wisconsin and potentially nationwide, if true.

MadTownGuy said...

Word of the week: "Superspreader."

Yahoo News:Fauci issues warning ahead of Labor Day

USA Today: "Dr. Fauci warns Americans of Superspreader events ahead of Labor Day weekend"

Yancey Ward said...

John Henry,

Your points are, of course, relevant, but it is the data I have. I wish the standards for amplification of signal were completely transparent, but they aren't. I wish I could break out the deaths by comorbidities, but I can't given the opacity of the data from even the CDC. I wish I could add deaths to the actual day the person died, but I can't given the opacity of the data sets I work with (just to give an example, on a day last week someone did a dive into the actual data and found that Texas' new deaths of 139 actually only included only around 25 people who died that day or the day before- the rest died on days going back to June).

Yancey Ward said...

Stevew wrote:

"Just as the Democrats have now switched to being anti-violence, including against looting and destruction, because their prior position was known to hurt them in the polls, I predict they will soon be demanding an end to the Covid shutdowns, mask wearing, and demand business to reopen. That is if the polls show the continued lockdowns hurting their boy Biden. The release of the CDC data on the actual percentage of Covid deaths exclusively from Covid (6%, IIRC) is a first step. The detailed coverage in the NYT of this story and the high false positive tests info strikes me as battlespace prep."

Yes, I had actually come to the same conclusion a day ago- the Democrats are now preparing to blame Trump for the over-reaction to COVID.