July 9, 2020

A mellow sunrise this morning.


Watching too was my animal friend...


There was a waning gibbous moon...


But 22 minutes after the "actual" sunrise time, the orange orb had not shown up:


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Iman said...

Bubble Boy Biden
where teh fuck you been hidin’
you’re their only hope

tim in vermont said...

Deleted my Twitter account a few days ago. Best thing I ever did for myself. (OK, I exaggerate a little) But I do miss a couple of people, it was just such a time sink. Canceled my subscription to the NYT, that. also was overdue. Been reading books on dead tree, the way God intended.

Inga said...

Glorious storms are rumbling through, love it.

Just an old country lawyer said...

Sorry, my counting was off by a day. Today Judge Sullivan asked the Court of Appeals for an en banc rehearing of the mandamus motion in the Flynn case. Best case would be if they deny it without comment. What is the informed opinion (guess work) re: the likelihood of the Circuit letting itself become a circus in this clown show of Judge Sullivan?

Mark said...

I'm very pessimistic.

Four years ago we averted national suicide.

But I fear it was only a delay.

This could very well be the end. I don't trust the American people to do the right thing. And I fully expect a large proportion of those who should be fighting against it will simply do nothing. Even when everything does go to sh*t, they won't see their own complicity. And so there won't be any undoing it.

Meanwhile, I also see that 2000-year-old bulwark and rock against hell will be nowhere to be seen -- or more specifically, the leaders will be nowhere to be seen -- just as they have been invisible during this coronavirus epidemic that has imprisoned humanity.

Narr said...

Just as I predicted-- Barr can't force the DS (Permanent Bureaucracy for you pearl-clutchers) to cough up anything about the frame up before the elections.

What do they have on him?

narciso said...

More anonymous sourcing


Drago said...

Reported earlier today:
"A flag pole at a memorial honoring four firefighters who lost their lives in the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center was found cut down by vandals in Washingtonville, New York."

Howard and Inga will be along shortly to explain why Howard's Heroes were completely justified in attacking the 9-11 Firefighter "Confederacy"-racist memorial and then will immediately follow that up with the accusation Steve Bannon made the rioters do it.

narciso said...



Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

Some Hillary/Epstein/pedo tidbits. Will Hill make her 9/9 appointment?

Carl Djerassi (inventor of the birth control pill). son: Dale*
Dale was a big Hillary donor. Son: Alex

Alex Djerassi’s mother is Isabel Maxwell. As in, Ghislaine Maxwell’s sister**.


Hillary put the inexperienced son of one of her donors in charge and associated with two of the biggest foreign policy debacles of the Obama administration: Libya and Syria.
Djerassi was chief of staff and special assistant in the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs,

NBC: Hillary Clinton covered up pedophile ring
The big fish was Ambassador Howard Gutman.
He was believed to have solicited "sexual favors from both prostitutes and kids"
Howard Gutman's boss was Patrick Kennedy, the Under Secretary Of State Management, with a history of scandal
Gutman goes under scrutiny for pedo action, goes to DC and meets with Patrick Kennedy + the State Department's Chief of Staff.
State Department's Chief of Staff was...Huma!
~OIG finds that someone killed the investigation into it.
But a State Dept whistleblower accused high ranking officials of cover-up
Then the Whistleblower's Emails get hacked, 4 years deleted!

imagine-- cover-ups, pedophilia, deleted emails, and...Hillary??

* of "St. Batman Crucifixion" fame
** oh those Maxwell sisters! (govt software)

Char Char Binks, Esq. said...

The moon is waning so gibbously.

n.n said...

Infection rates are linear. Deaths (excess deaths are inconclusive) are linear with a progressive trend. We reached peak growth around April. New cases and deaths will persist in the foreseeable future as we unwind the spreading function imposed by social distancing (e.g. masks) and other choices. With the exposure of bad actors, granny should no longer be an unwitting victim of Planned Parent.

n.n said...

Deleted my Twitter account a few days ago. Best thing I ever did for myself.

The air is a little fresher. The birds are singing. The dawn of a new day.

stephen cooper said...

When I think of how many young politicians are going to be in their prime in the next few years,

and when I reflect on how many of them admire Trump, and how few admire Biden,

I don't worry too much about the future.

The young politicians who admire Biden are all freaks.

Every single one of them.

Look at Andrew Cuomo - a freak. A stupid freak whose incompetence and idiocy led to thousands of deaths, alone in state-abandoned nursing homes, of old ladies who "reminded him of his mother."

Look at Tulsi Gabbard - a huge advantage in ideas and too stupid and un-self-aware to do anything consequential about it. Stick to your surfboards, you poor loser.

Look at the freak Andrew Yang.

Look at the crazed eyes of the feral prosecutor who used to be Willie Brown's girlfriend.

Elizabeth Warren is not young, but it is hard to imagine a self-respecting human being lying her way into Harvard circles in her 40s. What was she thinking? What desperate need was there in her freakish soul to lie about being descended from Cherokee slaveowners?

And on and on.

Now think of the young politicians who admire Trump.
Well Pence is the first one you think of, and he is old, but there are quite a few young ones.

This country is in good hands, and will be for quite a while, illegitimi non carborundum.

God has blessed those of us who love America with a slate of political opponents who are freakish losers.

Bill, Republic of Texas said...

I agree with Mark. I think 2016 was a fluke and maybe 2020 too. But I think the long term outlook for the US is bleak. I think best case scenario is an oppressive liberal state until my death. Worse is civil war and/or economic collapse.

I'm constantly amazed by the number of people who talk about the importance of diversification in one's portfolio but completely ignore the importance of diversification of one's passports.

Anyone under 50-60, with substantial savings, should have at least one additional passport. It's almost impossible for an American to open a bank account anywhere in the world. Anyone worried about America's future should get an EU, Asian, Central or South American, Caribbean or Eastern Europe passport.

That allows them to open bank accounts in most counteies and gives them somewhere to go if things go south here.

It not really difficult but it usually takes a few years of planning ahead.

narciso said...



Big Mike said...

The more I learn about the situation that led to the murder of Secoriea Turner in Atlanta, the more clear it is that Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms Is just in over her head and needs to be recalled even more than Madison’s mayor. Keisha Lance Bottoms, Lori Lightfoot, SatyA Rhodes Conway, and Bill DeBlasio — is there any such thing as a competent Democrat mayor anywhere?

Gospace said...

Ingredients- unbleached enriched wheat flour, graham flour, sugar canola oil, honey, salt, soy lecithin, artificial flavor. Simple. Yet, right now, anywhere in NY- and I presume in the USA since not available on Amazon- you cannot buy graham crackers. They're not there. And no one knows when they're coming back.
Why? Well, specifically, Dictator Cuomo, Dictator Whitmer, Dictator Newsom. and the other mostly DEMOCRAT governors who've created a "command economy". AKA- a SOCIALIST economy, where the all powerful state decides what businesses can operate, what must be shut down, what's essential, what isn't.
ALL socialist economies eventually have food shortages. Venezuela did it in record time. They always start with unavailability of luxury foods- and graham crackers for all their yummy plainness, are a luxury food, completely "non-essential". And eventually end up with- distended stomachs and a generation of stunted growth. Or even death from starvation.
Have you looked for canned vegetables lately? There's no Green Giant- the preeminent US brand name. And hasn't been for months. And everything else, including generics, is getting sparse. I can still find beets, but or at least I could 2 weeks ago, but canned corn is difficult. Why? because the economy is shut down.
2 weeks, we were supposed to curtail activities for 2 weeks to "flatten the curve". It's now July. The curve has long been flattened. Turns out the dreaded covid isn't near as contagious not deadly as first advertised. Yet, the state Dictators continue to tighten down restrictions on the public with the notable exception of freedom loving Kristi Noem of South Dakota.
It's not longer about health. Hasn't been about health for a while. It's about control. If you actually understand numbers, and look at them, you realize all the precautions, the social distancing, the mask wearing by everyone, all of it, is nonsense. Covid kills sick people. https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid_weekly/index.htm
check Table 4.Less than 1000 deaths under age 35. And if you take a closer look- every single one of them had underlying conditions, from cancer to diabetes to just plain old obesity- which is death factor for covid. 37488 deaths from 85 and over, 33% of the covid deaths from 2% of the population-the sick and elderly, which tend to coincide to a great degree. According to the census, about 35% of the population is under 25. That's 174 covid deaths from table 4 That's 0.15% of covid deaths from 35% of the population. All with underlying conditions. Now in the case of 85+, covid may have shortened their lives, may not have. Because of the ability of modern medicine to keep people alive, it likely did cut short the lives of most of those 174. Hate to say it in such cold blooded terms- but when it comes to deaths in the under 25 age group- 174 is a rounding error. It's insignificant. As an exercise- compare that 174 to other causes of deaths for that age group. It really is insignificant. You don't need to shut down the USA to protect the elderly sick from covid- you need to do what's been done for decades at least- keep other sick people away from them.

Gospace said...

There's this article from June that I saw for the first time today. Says pretty much everything I've said about the covidiocy lockdown- but with nice graphs, and it names all the studies.

Covid panic is really warping some people's thinking. Had someone on Facebook today proclaim we all had to wear masks to keep her 100 year old father-in-law from dying of covid. 100 years old. With or without covid being around, the odds of him making it to 101 are less than 1 in 2. And pretty much the same for each year after that. I hope the family has made funeral plans, cause they're going to need them. I didn't make any remarks about her 100 year old father-in-law. I did tell her in no uncertain terms that her breathing problems aren't my problem, and I'm not responsible for keeping her healthy. If she want to avoid covid- she can isolate, she can wear masks, she can avoid going out to dinner and church. No need for me to do the same. I'd just as soon not associate with frightened ninnies.

Then there's simple math again. From the Diamond Princess and other cruise ships, and the USS Theodore Roosevelt debacle, ideal laboratories for spreading a respiratory disease, we know that 2/3 of people exposed never get covid at all. Not asymptomatic, they just don't get. So if everyone is wearing masks, those 2/3 don't need to. They can't get it, don't have it, and can't spread it. Those who've had it can't get it again- and can't spread it. And those of who haven't had it and don't have it- can't spread it. Well less than 5 of 100 people actually have covid and can spread it. Ah, let's be more realistic- less than 1 person of 100 has an active case and can spread it. So 99 other people have to wear masks? Common sense- if you have symptoms- don't go out! Easy enough. That what my two sons with symptoms- in my house- where I was isolated with them and didn't get - did. If you're a worry wart, OCD, or actually have health issue- feel free to wear a mask. As far as viruses go, masks are more effective at keeping them out than keeping them in.

At my local Walmart today the covid greeter said "I'm required to inform you of the government's mandatory mask order but that I'm not authorized to enforce it." I replied to him "I know." He was relieved- I think I was more polite than most. As I left it was 95+ and sunny I said to him "Every time you breathe out, the sun is killing any viruses you breathe out. " He said "They say it's lingering around longer." I said "They're lying about a lot of things about covid." He said "I know...."

The dictators like Cuomo and Whitmer are trying to pin the whole covidiocy thing on Trump. People, except for the Karens of the world, aren't buying it. They know where it's coming from, and who to blame. Anyone who gets at least some of their news from the internet- which is rapidly approaching everyone- knows that the MSM, television and newspapers, is lying to them.

J. Farmer said...


I'm very pessimistic.

Don't fear the pessimism, Mark. It is merely a sign that the fog is clearing from your field of vision and the reality of what lies ahead is coming into focus. Right now, I'd say a Trump defeat is more likely than not. If he does win, he will remain stymied by the courts and the legislature. Trump was a Hail Mary pass, and he fumbled the ball. Now he's a dead man walking. Unfortunately, the Ever Trumpers have become completely enmeshed with him. The Never Trumpers are, as always, as useless as tits on a bull. Losers like Steve Schmidt, Max Boot, and David Frum have nothing to offer the right. They're exactly the kind of influence the GOP should've been flushing down the toilet years ago. The GOP is a militaristic, pro-business party. That is all. With the exception of abortion at the state level, the GOP has completely waived the white flag on the culture war. This GOP, even with Trump as president, will not deliver any serious reductions in legal immigration, and a renegotiation of trade terms favorable to the middle class will not be forthcoming.

I anticipate the typically snide and sneering responses from the usual suspects. Perhaps someday they, like Trump, will realize that pounding out insults online doesn't actually get you anywhere. As Jules Winnfield observed: "You wanna play blind man? Go walk with the shepherd. But me, my eyes are wide fucking open."

Karga said...

At 09:13 GMT the total death toll to date this year 2020 is 30850649. In the same time the coronavirus deaths amount to 557907 a mere 0.018. Aren't we stupid to believe the politicians (excluding Presidents Trump and Bolsanaro) to run this world to the disastrous situation it is today. When are we going to awake? Why the CNN, NBC and the kinds are not telling us anything about these figures.

rhhardin said...

Richard Epstein today on teaching good character and useful skills to blacks

apparently falling into line with me and with Scott Adams.

stevew said...

"Deleted my Twitter account a few days ago. Best thing I ever did for myself."

I did that and killed my FB account three years ago. With the pandemic arrival in 2020, and all the other shite going on, was one of the best decisions ever.

2020 has so far provided a real world validation of my argument that political leaders are not competent to be crisis managers. They aren't trained in crisis management, and the incentive of having to secure votes from the populace to keep their job clouds and biases their thinking and actions. Every crisis is unique, requiring new and specific actions that are unknown. Especially health crises because, at least initially, they are poorly understood. Even the experts don't know the correct actions to take.

Trump, Baker, Noem, DeSantis, Fauci have all done as well as could be expected. Cuomo, even with his disastrous decision on nursing homes, did ok; he didn't intend to kill all those seniors.

There is no solution to this misalignment of politicians and crisis management; today's crisis is not tomorrow's. We are well advised to elect people with characteristics and experience like those that have performed reasonably well this time around, and skip the ones that are craven political actors.

tim in vermont said...

I get a real kick out of you guys whining like little children about being asked to do a small thing for your fellow man, wearing a mask when in close proximity to people outside of your immediate circle, and at the same time whining like little children about the lockdowns. Obviously it’s not just Trumptards doing this. Progtards claiming that justice demanded hundreds of thousands of people attend mass demonstrations are just as to blame. But by being so vocal about it, every time I see someone in a store with that smug expression refusing to wear a mask, I think, “fucking Trumptard.” I’m voting for Kanye. If he stays in or not, I am writing in his name. You guys have convinced me that I am not a Republican. I think Browndog’s threat of violence if he ever met me because he disagreed with my views on COVID is what really opened my eyes to that. Talk about “Karen.”

What this pandemic has shown is what, in retrospect every major pandemic has shown, that people in general are a huge disappointment, little removed from when we swung from trees.

tim in vermont said...

Insty has another story today that leads with the credential and suggests that the case fatality rate for COVID is .04 %. Kind of weird how over 1% of the population of NYC has died of it then. Not to mention that the writer compares the CFR for COVID for people over 70 to the CFR for flu for the general population. You are not supposed to notice this stuff because the writer is waving the credential to distract you like a witch doctor’s mask on a stick.

Oh that’s right, all of those numbers are fake, it was a random cosmic wave from the center of the galaxy or something that caused the excess mortality in NYC, Italy, etc! I keep forgetting how in tune to the hidden mysteries of the Universe you guys are!

It remains true that viruses tend to evolve in most cases to a less virulent form, because killing the host is kind of counterproductive evolutionarily, and because the less virulent infections tend to spread faster since the victims aren’t as sick and get out more.

The real problem is that, like Scott Adams said, the numbers are deliberately distorted by all sides in order to keep us bewildered and to prevent us from judging for ourselves. This makes it easier for our political manipulators to feed us whatever narrative serves their purpose best. In this case the “Hoover Institute"

Howard said...

It's Pepe! Proving Ann is the Princess of the Alt Right. She kissed the frog and he transmogrified into David Duke driving the General Lee. Sorry Meade, you've been replaced.

Kai Akker said...

Althouse, that is a beautiful series of pictures. Together they give off such a sweet mid-summery kind of feeling. When I looked back at them again, I noticed that little detail of the wet footprints on the dock. That says so much, and what it says is so good!

Nichevo said...

Anyone worried about America's future should get an EU, Asian, Central or South American, Caribbean or Eastern Europe passport.

How do you figure those places will be stable or livable in the absence of a stable, livable USA, or that we would be welcome there?

I anticipate the typically snide and sneering responses from the usual suspects. Perhaps someday they, like Trump, will realize that pounding out insults online doesn't actually get you anywhere.

It's funny how you just don't see yourself.

stevew said...

Tim, or tim, if you prefer, the data show that NY and those areas of Italy are outliers. The reasonable conclusion, at this point, is that the virus was more virulent there for reasons other than the virus. There were actions and behaviors in those places that made the situation worse. Placing people sick with the virus in nursing homes full of old and infirm people, for example.

And we don't have clear and unchallenged numbers, will likely be years until we do. Making society wide decisions at this point is throwing darts or rolling dice, metaphorically.

Nichevo said...


suggests that the case fatality rate for COVID is .04 %. Kind of weird how over 1% of the population of NYC has died of it then.

Gen pop of NYC=8m

NYC deaths=23k


Check your premises. And NYC is hardest hit. Minus NY, NJ and MA, our CFR is way down like the better countries in Europe.

And if you can be induced by people being insufficiently...nice? obedient? respectful? to you, to support the onset of the long dark night of left fascism, you'll find out on your own back the difference between one lash and the other.

Again: If I'm not sick, symptomatic, my wearing a mask won't help you. And I'm not sick. I wear a mask when appropriate, I don't have a problem with doing that, but my concern is entirely with receiving (NOT FOR MYSELF BUT FOR MY ELDERS), not giving (BECAUSE I'M NOT SICK), and it's not much help for self-defense apparently.

United States
New York
Location Confirmed Deaths
New York City
Nassau County
Suffolk County
Westchester County
Rockland County
Location Confirmed Deaths
New York City
Nassau County
Suffolk County
Westchester County
Rockland County
"+" shows new cases reported yesterday · Updated less than 13 hours ago·Sources: Wikipedia and The New York Times.·About this data

This is being played up for the reasons you know. It's not zero but it's not what we're being told. Even what we're being told is dwindling.

Nichevo said...

Again, Bill ROT,

Anyone under 50-60, with substantial savings, should have at least one additional passport.

1. I wouldn't even know how to do that. Don't you have to be a citizen to get a passport?

2. Unless maybe you intend to pass as a native, might not help. Ever read Ray Bradbury?


And The Rock Cried Out
by Ray Bradbury

A couple find themselves in Uruguay when the US is wiped out in a nuclear exchange. With American economic and military might eradicated, husband and wife become the unfortunate focus for years of subjugation and resentment.

Michael K said...

Then there's simple math again. From the Diamond Princess and other cruise ships, and the USS Theodore Roosevelt debacle, ideal laboratories for spreading a respiratory disease, we know that 2/3 of people exposed never get covid at all. Not asymptomatic, they just don't get.

I think it was 80% don;t get it. There are interesting reasons why. Some unknown and some suggested. Using live polio vaccine has been suggested to stimulate these nonspecific defenses.

The virus has mutated as all RNA viruses do and the new strain is 97% of the cases. The Navy had hysterics over the one death in all the Navy cases.

tim in Vermont has a rant about mask wearing. Mask are useful to identify the sheep. Those at high risk, like my wife, are staying inside or in the car. The shutting down the economy is political, purely.

richlb said...

There's a comet in the very early morning sky for viewing by the naked eye. If you get up just a bit earlier (like 4am) you might catch it on the horizon ahead of the rising sun.

Bruce Hayden said...

“tim in Vermont has a rant about mask wearing. Mask are useful to identify the sheep. Those at high risk, like my wife, are staying inside or in the car. The shutting down the economy is political, purely”

Never forget though that the violent AntiFA thugs were wearing masks long before COVID-19 crossed our shorelines. They did/do it for the in terrorem effect, as well as to foil facial recognition. Should anyone be surprised that the cities and states with the biggest AntiFA and BLM violence problems are the ones with the strictest masking policies? In order to protect the violent rioters and arsonists, these government leaders are demanding that everyone be masked all the time, so that the masks on the violent AntiFA And BLM thugs can’t be used to identify them.

Drago said...

Tim in vermont: "You guys have convinced me that I am not a Republican."

How many days in a row has tim left the republican party now?

I've lost track.

I dont think tim has reached Max Boot numbers yet (thats clearly over 1284 by now) but still...

Michael K said...

The covid death and hospital numbers are being inflated. Hospital numbers are inflated as Mexican illegals turn themselves in to Border Patrol requesting hospital care. The state is now going back over death certificates to look for symptoms, not tests, to suggest Covid diagnoses. It is a scam looking for more money.

JohnAnnArbor said...

"Althouse and the Amphibians" would be a good band name.