June 24, 2020

"Yawn. Nobody cares what law professors think, and this is a good illustration of why.

"80% Of George Washington Law School Faculty Call For Alumnus William Barr To Resign As Attorney General. Advice to people on the right: Get your ticket punched if necessary, but never donate or do anything for your alma mater, because they will show no loyalty to you. See also, Clarence Thomas’s shameful treatment by Yale Law. Of course, in retrospect it should be obvious that a strong black man would be treated badly by a school named after a slave trader."

Writes Glenn Reynolds.


Michael K said...

Is there a law school with professors that are not hard leftists anymore? Jacobson is probably the only one left at Cornell.

Mal said...

They should rename it Bill Barr Law School. Unlike Washington, at least Barr never owned slaves.

Mal said...

They should rename it Bill Barr Law School. Unlike Washington, at least Barr never owned slaves.

Dave Begley said...

One thing about Trump, he has exposed how rabidly Left so many people are. Colleges, big city mayors, celebs and mostly Fake News. TDS is normal for these people.

MartyH said...

Defund the universities.

buwaya said...

Reynolds is quite wrong, unfortunately.

These people are the gatekeepers to your cursus honorum.
They largely determine who is permitted to staff and lead your legal systems, and much of your bureaucracy and corporate leadership as well.

Them and all the other academic gatekeepers as well, of course, all of which do the same filtering to the same effect.

Yes, you will not fix this without destroying this system (and so many others), completely.

tim maguire said...

Political allegiances first. Professional responsibilities...some other time.


sysadmn said...

Given the heckler's veto granted students, perhaps they should rename it "Yell". If it were in the South, they could rename it "Yale Louder".

Wince said...

Well, that's one thing Joe Biden has in common with George Washington.

The sad loss of their faculties.

Lucien said...

Given that at least 90% of the law faculty are probably Democrats, this is good news for Barr. The 20% that didn’t sign need to be canceled because their silence is violence. These are probably the kind of people who give warnings before posting videos of a “B”lack man using (not “mentioning”) the “n-word”.

mesquito said...

Given the Maoist political culture of most Universities, it would take a quite a set of balls for a member of the faculty NOT to sign such a letter.

tim in vermont said...

What Trump has exposed is that our government thinks of itself as “post democratic” like the EU. The electorate is treated like the proverbial mushroom patch, kept in the dark and fed bullshit. Look how many of both parties stood up for what Biden did in Ukraine as “normal.” As far as I can see, not getting impeached by this bunch is a mark of shame.

Sebastian said...

"Yawn. Nobody cares what law professors think, and this is a good illustration of why."

A little shortsighted.

The whole lefty elite cares, and this is a continuation of cancel culture by other means--IOW, a maneuver in the culture wars.

Doesn't hurt Barr now, but raises the costs in the cost-benefit calculations of future conservatives.

iowan2 said...

Smearing Barr, is a top priority. The Russia investigation never had any evidence. Never. No evidence to launch Crossfire Hurricane, and its sister Crossfire Razor (Flynn investigation)

Barr will be releasing evidence proving the Government of the United States used its power to spy on, and attempt to remove from office the President of the United States. That is why Barr is under fire.

Barr has not anything that is suspect. He has been a great AG. Prove me wrong.

Sprezzatura said...

Doesn’t he mean that nobody cares what the lib profs say?

Obviously he’s not wasting his time when he produces his important jabber. Unlike the libs, he does have people that care about what he says.

Of course he may be the exception to the rule. That is, he’s so smart that he can rise above the lameness of the other profs who say things that he doesn’t like, and nobody cares about. He has something to say that is appreciated, but those he disagrees w/ are not appreciated. If other law profs could come up with equally brilliant thinking then folks may pay attention to them, too.

His brilliant analysis is right up there w/ “I know you are, but what am I” and “I’m rubber, yur glue...”. No wonder what he says is worth listening to.

Plus, he jabbered about racist Yale! That’ll result in a lot of lib tears. Really got em’ on that one. Not at all relying on the crutch of preaching to the choir to overcome a deserved lack of interest resulting from the jabber being trite and predictable. Nope, not here, that’s what the libs do.

Carry on.

rcocean said...

Nobody cares what the Law Professors say. Except they teach the next generation of lawyers AND they help keep any vocal conservatives from going into the legal profession. Yeah, other than that, they're completely harmless.

Barr was considered a typical moderate Republican when he was Bush's AG in 1992. Now he's considered the worst person ever. The left has gone nuts.

Automatic_Wing said...

I'm surprised there were 20% who went against the flow. More than I would have expected in these crazy times.

Howard said...

FIFY, Professor
"Yawn. Nobody cares what law professors think,...

Writes Law Professor Glenn Reynolds.

Reminds me of a Magritte picture

Francisco D said...

We care what you think, Althouse.

Whether we agree or not, at least you think.

Drago said...

adSs: "His brilliant analysis is right up there w/ “I know you are, but what am I” and “I’m rubber, yur glue...”. No wonder what he says is worth listening to."

Aren't you the person (along with Inga the Hopeless) who STILL believes that russia hacked the DNC, russia coordinated DNC email leaks with wikileaks, the Trump campaign colluded with russia, russia hacked the US election to "help" Trump, etc etc etc?

Because that is what you wrote just the other day......which is months and months (and in some cases years) AFTER the actual documentation and testimony of those involved demonstrated there remains ZERO evidence of ANY of those claims.


But only Zero. As in absolute Zero.

So, uh, who are YOU listening to?.......


MD Greene said...

These days particularly, self-styled elites cluster in their thinking. You get the impression that they fear being shunned by the cool kids.

Here is the motto: EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT X----- IS TRUE.

This of course is absurd. Resilient people can hear different views on any number of X-----s without having panic attacks. The forward march of ethics, literature, science, math, aesthetics and every other discipline requires openness to the next Galileo or Beethoven.

Otherwise, what's the fun?

MikeR said...

We need to move the Overton window here. People who try to destroy other people should be subject to destruction. In each of these recent cases, there should be a groundswell of demand that every person who spoke in favor of these atrocities should themselves be fired, should themselves be cancelled. Organizations that cooperated should be slated for destruction as well.
Enough is enough. There need to be consequences.

Doug said...

Would be nice to have the District of Columbia relegated to protectorate status.

Sprezzatura said...

Drago, feel free to correct yourself:


Or, are you, like DJT, worried about the Ukrainian Alperovitch? Such that that summary, including all the links to the outside reviews of the facts, is a conspiracy to get DJT or something, right?

And, by taking this POV your point is that I’m the one who can’t rely on reality.

Got it.

Richard Dolan said...

Yes, they are just talking to each other, which is the only audience most of them care about.