June 4, 2020

"Hey, baby!"/"No! It's surprisingly okay!" — things I said out loud before 5:30 a.m.

1. "Hey, baby!" — I was addressing this creature:


2. "No! It's surprisingly okay!" — A response to a human creature who asked me "Is it buggy out there?" as I was running back from my sunrise vantage point.

3. Creature observed but not spoken to:


rhhardin said...

Toads are useful. They eat bats.

Wilbur said...

Did you get their consent to photograph them for your viewing pleasure? Speciesism.

stevew said...

It is remarkably unbuggy here this spring. Surprisingly as it was a warm winter and wet spring.

Wince said...

"Hey, baby!" — I was addressing this creature.

Meade before his princely morning kiss?

tcrosse said...

"Hey yourself, Baby. How about a kiss?"

Lewis said...

Hey babe, I knew this bs would make you 'glad glad of me - gladness, an old anglo-saxon word 'glad' - look it up - here's a bad poem (that at you can laugh at and, therefore, chear up!)

Ambitions Of Twenty Nine.

Ambitions of twenty nine: to be content,
Have a wife, children, home is not enough;
To gather the discarded, smooth out the written,
Turn the passive into the active,
A monument or epitaph for failure,
To have made, like the carpenter, one good table,
One perfect chair, one absolute poem
The ambition of the male, of man,
Of human kind, to turn the flattened
Presence into the beyond of all time?
Ambitions of the individual,
The urge of the mortal to make but
One moment essential and eternal?

mikee said...

No worries until the nonhuman creatures start answering your invitations to a conversation.

Quaestor said...

Althouse feels the need to converse on a more intimate than is usual between very distantly related tetrapods, as in "Hey, baby.", which grieves me. I could use an unsolicited "hey, baby" from an unfamiliar yet attractive woman now and then, but being a mammal I don't get no respect. (Perhaps this is how those many frog prince tales have arisen. Cuck aristocrat can't get a date until he's done a major clade shift.)

Narayanan said...

Hillary is reported to have denied consent to SS to look her in the face and to have asked them to avert their gaze.

traditionalguy said...

Fear the Frog. And a happy Midway Day to the U S Navy.

rhhardin said...

Bored. I just finished off scything the backyard and the front yard doesn't need rescything yet. Need more acres.

Birkel said...

I like the whimsy.

How do we know it's a toad versus a frog?

Is it cowering from rioters?

And look how well it disguises itself.

Lewis said...

You know Ivan Blatny who was nuttiest as they come, who thought he was being chased by the KGB (but he was!) said or wrote:

To be alone is criminal
Get a wife and children,
If you can't have children, just get a wife,
If you can't have either,
Get a dog, a dog only.

Howard said...

You know you're in violation of Section 301.4 of the Riparian and Lacustrine Amphibian Protection Act. Federal troops will be deployed.

Big Mike said...

I think rhhardin Is right; that appears to be a toad. You need need to change your tag.

Lewis said...


All I want is the truth - you can tell I'm a Lenon fan, despite his faults

Lewis said...

I hope you are ok? Please be ok - we need you. 'We' - what is we? Be ok, first.

Narr said...

It's surprisingly OK here too--overcast and not too humid yet--already the sun is summer-brutal, when it shows itself.

Haven't seen many amphibians, but I'm seeing all manner of birds, and the vegetation is of course thriving. The single owner of the loveranch before us was a floral white supremacist--dogwoods, azaleas, magnolias, gardenias, all bloom white. There's one yellow rose bush, and some rhodendron and camillia(?) for red and purple, but it's 95% white.

Thanks! to my well-wishers and positive vibe providers here. All went well and I feel some better already. Ablation is still on the schedule but the shock may have done the trick--I can hope anyway.

But now I have to take another drug every day . . .

rehajm said...

Toads are useful. They eat bats.

What's wrong with bats?

William said...

Professor --

I'm glad you spoke to this little critter. It feels good to have a conversation with another of G_d's creatures doesn't it.

I run outside regularly, and I carry on lovely—albeit one-sided—conversations (can you have a one-sided conversation?) with squirrels, lizards, frogs, birds, and of course, dogs.

I do not, however, speak to the alligators that frequent the ponds in my neighborhood. Alligators are not my friends.

That is all.

Rick.T. said...

rhhardin said...
Toads are useful. They eat bats.
"Toads will be toads, and toads will be cruel
Toads can be callous, and toads can be cool
Toads will be toads, remember these words
Toads will be toads, and toads eat bats
Toads will be toads, and toads eat bats"

Lewis said...


stevew said...

I'm going with toad.

Dry, Bumpy skin says it's a Toad - which is a kind of frog

Lewis said...


Paul Sand said...

If you do this every day, you could call it "Creature Feature".

Lewis said...

The secret of realizing the greatest fruitfulness and the greatest enjoyment of existence is: to live dangerously! Build your cities on the slopes of Vesuvius! Send your ships out into uncharted seas! Live in conflict with your equals and with yourselves! Be robbers and ravagers as soon as you ca not be rulers and owners, you men of knowledge! The time will soon past when you could be content to live concealed int he woods like timid deer

Lewis said...

I'm sorry if I made you upset - it probably wasn't me but I;m narcissistic to think it was - I keep hearing old tunes - I was sleeping with Bach and I wake with Deja Vue? You know, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. Stupid, I know.

Lewis said...

I know death - hello - I laugh in front of death - a stupid smile he has come down to - earth and your lifted up to heaven - as if you didn't exist - as if your enormous work was not enough but, now, it's lifted of you and so, now, it doesn't matter? What efing Hell was I thinking about? All that wasted energy? About nothing?

Lewis said...

What do lovers mean - Amy


Lewis said...