June 8, 2020

At the Sunrise Café...


... say what you like.

Photo taken at 5:20 this morning. The "actual" sunrise time was 5:18, but the sun broke over the shoreline at 5:20.

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Beloved Commenter AReasonableMan said...

It is morning in America once again. We are the wonder of the world.

Ken B said...

The NYT caught lying again https://www.theepochtimes.com/bush-spokesman-says-ny-times-claim-he-wont-be-voting-for-trump-is-completely-made-up_3380735.html

Lawrence Person said...

Enjoy the latest BidenWatch.

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

Plywood should cover from the horizon line up

...and a mural of inspirational wokeness should painted on.

Let the enlightenment begin. A new day has dawned.

Guildofcannonballs said...

This is a link that needs to be seen. As it is written, so shall you obey.

PubliusFlavius said...

First day out teaching music in people's homes since the corona crap.

One of my clients, I teach her son guitar, a wealthy SF transplant to Laguna Beach shared this meme via text after I left.


Middle aged moms sharing memes'....me thinks the dems are in deeps shit...they deserve it.

Big Mike said...

We are the wonder of the world.

People are wondering about us, I'm quite certain of that.

Ken B said...

A manufacturer is leaving Minneapolis. The city would or could not protect his business or employees.the city council revels in that failure.

If you live in a blue city, move.

rcocean said...

Wow, getting close to the earliest sunrise of the year. Looks, like Mitt Romney is doing his usual double-talk walkback. After Endorsing Black lives matter, and marching against "Racism", he now says he's against defunding the Police. But then flipped-flopped and said he's working on a bill to address Police misconduct.

Romney also says he wants to "increase the number of blacks voting Republican" which is hilarious since he got 6% of the black vote in 2012 and represent Utah which is 2% Black. Before becoming Utah's 2nd senator, Romney was Governor of Massachusetts, which is well-known for it massive African-american population.

The fact is that Romney is just a grandstander, and LOVES getting praised by the NYT and WaPo. While his endless attacks on Trump are partly driven by Jealousy, its also driven by his love for favorable press. Why else would he create fake twitter account and sent out hundreds of tweets to newsmen, defending Mitt Romney aka himself? Attacking trump is easiest and quickest way for a Republican to get favorable media attention.

rcocean said...

BTW, the election numbers for Republican Presidents are pretty bad. Here's the R share of the black vote for President:

2000 - 8%
2004 - 11%
2008 - 6%
2012 - 6%
2016 - 8%

The "Massive" 3% rise in 2004 was due to the Democrats nominating John Kerry (Mr. Chardonnay Spritzer) and Democrats support for Gay Marriage.

narciso said...

.a righteous fisking


narciso said...

Umcay tongue planted too firmly in cheek

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

"The Sunrise Movement"

was the MN riot preplanned?

(skip to 8:48 if so desired)

2 year undercover op - left radicalization embedded into climate justice played a huge part in unrest in MN. In this 1st video, we are going to show how the Sunrise Movement played an huge role in carrying out mayhem in the name of bringing about the GND

Static Ping said...

I had a Eureka moment this evening. Why are the problem police forces in the country almost always seemingly in deep blue cities often in blue states? And the answer hit me: typically the mayor and councilmen of these cities don't have a clue how to run a police force. Among the professional politicians using the position as a stepping stone to something more, the corrupt-o-crats that are more concerned about getting paid, and the left-wing idealists that arguably have no competencies, there's no one that knows or cares to organize what is essentially the city's military. Combine that with the general desire to buy votes, that results in police forces with minimal and ineffective oversight. The large majority of municipal politicians probably have no clue what is going on, much less have any idea if what is going on is good or not.

Of course, I never expected the extreme that Minneapolis has provided with the councilwoman declaring they are going to disband the police without seemingly having a clue what they actually do or what she is going to replace them with.

Inga said...

Let the sun rise on a new America!

Just thought I’d put that out there to trigger a few folks.

Just kidding, lighten up.

MadTownGuy said...

Asymptomatic spread of coronavirus is ‘very rare,’ WHO says.

And in slightly older news, CDC now says coronavirus ‘does not spread easily’ on surfaces.

Andrew said...

In Columbus, Ohio, several protestors were arrested for violating curfews imposed by the city. There is a move among the city council to let those arrested go free without any punishment.

A local news program asked viewers to respond to a survey question: Do you approve the city council's proposal to let these curfew violators go free without punishment?

To my pleasant surprise, the survey response was 2/3 against, with only 1/3 in favor. The locals are not favorably disposed to these protests. That's also my impression from talking to people in the area. Columbia's protests haven't been too violent compared to other cities, although there was some vandalism. But the mood of regular citizens is very fed up with it all, not least because of the hypocrisy regarding the virus and social distancing requirements that all of a sudden are officially ignored.

historyDoc said...

In response to Yancey and others having problems viewing embedded videos, try single clicking the space just above the video, and it usually starts playing.

Drago said...

A punch right into ARM's soft, Beijing-loving gut:

US sues Chinese firm over half-million 'fake' N95 masks

"The US Justice Department sued a Chinese company for selling nearly a half million fake and substandard N95 respirator to US buyers in April as the COVID-19 pandemic swept the country."


Poor ARM. His ChiCom driven narrative absorbs ANOTHER body blow.........

It couldn't happen to a nicer ChiCom propagandist.

Drago said...


What a disastrous 2 month period for Beijing Boy ARM! It just keeps getting worse!

Satellite images of packed Wuhan hospitals suggest coronavirus outbreak began earlier than thought

Satellite images of packed Wuhan hospitals suggest coronavirus outbreak began earlier than thought
Harvard Medical School study comparing hospital car parks in 2019 to 2018 finds spike in October

"It has led researchers to suggest that the outbreak began much earlier than December 31, the date the Chinese government notified the World Health Organisation of the outbreak."

It's like the whole world figured out all at once all of ARM's pro-Beijing lies, which ARM pushed daily at Althouse blog for months, were as pathetic as those pushing those lies!


Heckuva job Beijing Boy! Heckuva job.

Drago said...

Looks like Inga might have been right all along. White supremacist hawaiian shirt vendors have been found all over the country!

Here's a link to one of those sites:

And here's a link to all the geographic locations these nazi's have set up shop across the globe:

My God! It's like they are everywhere!

And here's a link to an early recruiting video:

exiledonmainstreet, green-eyed devil said...

Jonathan Chait worries that violent protests will make America more conservative:


Here's hopin', Jonathan.

heyboom said...

Asymptomatic spread of coronavirus is 'very rare,' WHO says

You think they could have let us know that 3 months ago?

The Crack Emcee said...

This "Karen" phenomena being exposed is one that's quite gratifying.

Think of what life was like BEFORE - all of my life before now - when the cops ALWAYS did what she said.

Nobody's going to talk about that now. Jim Crow's BEEN over, right, Guys?

I told you, you're naive - it was happening right under your noses and you never noticed.

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

Reveille in 72 hours-- time to get woke?

Second City Improv held hostage?

‘SNL’s Chris Redd, ‘Veep’s Sam Richardson Among Second City Alum Demanding Investigation Into Comedy Institution’s Racism & Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

black mail?

AllenS said...

I got a haircut yesterday. It had been a long time. Anyways, everyone had to wear a mask. The conversation went like this --

Her: "Hmm wmmmd ymm lmmm ymmm hmmm cmm tmmmm?"

Me: "Cww qwwww aw bww oww, pwwwww."

It was a great hair cut, and like I always do, I tipped $5. We were both happy. I think she might be kinda cute.

Darrell said...

Wouldn't it be better to leave the comments open throughout the night and just delete offensive comments in the morning?

George said...

Hypocrisy, thy name is Joe Biden


Beloved Commenter AReasonableMan said...

Drago is as easily triggered as ever. Hard to say what has been worse for this blog, moderation or Drago.

Jersey Fled said...

But wasn't that whole wearing mask thing about preventing transmission by asymptomatic people?

I'm confused.

Temujin said...

Re: Crack's link and comment that it's been under our noses all along.

Crack- you're right. I know it's there. I suspect many, but not all of us know that. There's no accounting for idiocy in people, but we can try to weed it out- a person at a time. I know you'd agree that idiocy knows no race or religion. Its found across the spectrum of humanity. We all have the idiot gene- some more so than others.

I've spent my life traveling for work and working in and around every one of the major cities in the US. On top of growing up in Detroit, then outside of Detroit. (quite a difference). I've seen a lot in these cities. I've long wondered how we all just go about our days, working our asses off, doing our lives, trying just to get through this thing, while the Giant Elephant in the room- our throwing away the Black community in this country- stares at us from every city and corner of this country. I don't think it's hate as much as it is, we're just trying to get through our own lives. We think about it, then move on. But nothing happens.

Obviously- getting rid of police is not the answer. And frankly- the police are not even the problem. We are all the problem. We either rise together or we fall apart, every one of us. Somewhere in the city of Detroit is a young kid right now. He's 3. He's been born to a single mom who has 2 other kids. This one 3 year old boy has the genes to be brilliant. He's the one who will find the cure for cancer. Or the one who figures out a new energy source. But he's also not got very good odds of getting out of Detroit alive by the age of 18, let alone getting a quality education. That's not going to happen in the Detroit Public Schools.

This 3 year old genius in waiting is doomed due to where he was born, due to the huge number of single parent kids who grow up in poverty, and due to teachers unions (paid for and operated by Democrats) who refuse to allow for charter schools. This 3 year old, who was destined to cure cancer will get shot to death at 16, or just barely get through school, having to worry more about what to eat and if he can get home safely. He'll hope for a job at Ford or maybe he'll sell drugs to get some cash.

Another lost cure for cancer. Another generation of Black Americans that we are just throwing out. It sickens me and has for decades now. Why don't we see this. We are literally throwing out 15% of our population every generation, before they even get a chance to become.

This is not just on white people. This is on black people, too. It's on all people. We all have to learn this and change it.

buwaya said...

"Why are the problem police forces in the country almost always seemingly in deep blue cities often in blue states?"

Because they are the ones with large urban black populations. The problems follow the population. This also partly explain why they elect Democrats. Causes create effects.

Fernandinande said...

Re: Crack's link and comment that it's been under our noses all along.

The racially oppressed black police chief?

This is not just on white people.


This is on black people, too.

Gee, ya think?

Another lost cure for cancer.

The melodrama, it burns!

It's on all people. We all have to learn this and change it.

Why is it always and only "the black community" and never any other "community"?

buwaya said...

"This 3 year old genius in waiting is doomed due to where he was born, due to the huge number of single parent kids who grow up in poverty..."

What are causes, what are effects? The cause, or the predominant one, has been staring us in the face for decades now. There simply isn't a public policy or a human-engineering approach that has NOT been tried, and failed, or only succeeded marginally.

There is no known way to solve this, it is beyond our capabilities to do this at this time. This is a hard message to take, but its as true and solid as anything ever learned about public policy. Many hundreds of thousands, or millions, have done their best on this for 70 years in your country, in what has amounted to 30-50 Manhattan projects.

Fernandinande said...

This "Karen" phenomena being exposed is one that's quite gratifying.

"The workers had on shirts with the company's logo, as well as equipment."

Now that you mention it, George Floyd started his armed home invasion by wearing a government-looking uniform to fool the occupant(s) into allowing him in; when the pregnant woman got suspicious and he pulled a gun on her.

Bruce Hayden said...

“If you live in a blue city, move.”

Think rural. I bought the subdivision we live in here in NW MT this March. And, no, I wasn’t prescient - I had been haggling and working with the bank for it since late last fall. Last week, I talked to a bunch of guys pulling cable along the bike path by the highway. Asked what they were doing since technically it was now my land. The response was that by were pulling fiber for the phone company. I made sure that they knew where the expansion (Phase III) was going to be, so that the new lots would start with fiber. Just like my new house in PHX.

Our (indoor) cat has discovered deer. He now knows the route of windows around the house so that he can keep them in view as they graze around the house. I don’t think he realizes yet that they are a lot bigger than he is. But he seems instinctively to know that they are prey and he is a hunter. No turkeys yet, and the geese don’t have their young out yet. Burnt it is coming. The eagle’s nest about a quarter mile away is occupied, which means little eagles soon. The cycle of seasons.

We got up here late this year, because of the brand new house in AZ. Been here a month now, and the grass has grown maybe a foot. Which means that it is time to cut it. Likely have to do it one more time this summer. Racking pine needles and cones and getting them off the roof, and that is most of the yard work for the six months we usually spend here. If you stay year round you would, of course, have to shovel snow. But this last winter was extremely light - we had the road plowed exactly once last winter. This meant that the HOA had enough money left over to fill in the apron as our road enters the highway.

Restaurants have been open for better than a month now, though the place that we like best has only one inside table available. My kid and their SO are driving up this weekend from CO, and hoping it is either warmer, or they have more inside tables open. Hopefully the former, since it is right next to the river, one of the larger tributaries to the Columbia, so quite substantial. It is still running high which is to be expected at this time of year, with snow still visible higher up. There was supposed to have been flooding up in Missoula, with the river threatening the homeless encampment, but that kinda petered out.

I have been sitting by the front windows in a recliner for about an hour, with a comforter on my lap, reading blogs. No vehicles have been by yet. That is one of the big differences with living in a city - how quiet it is. Sure, birds at dawn. Some vehicles driving by throughout the day. Maybe neighbors honking, but more often waving. Or stopping as they drive by, to chat, if you are out in the driveway.

And then I look at the pictures from the riots, and ask why anyone would want to live in places like those we see on the TV and over the Internet. You ask yourself, why they don’t just shoot the looters and the arsonists and be done with it. And now we find out, in another thread, that at least one city, Boston, I believe, is going to divert police money to funding “activists” (I.e. the arsonists and the looters). Crazy times.

Change is slow here. But they are in the process of doubling the size of the church downtown. Moreover the store where my partner got my fancy gun case last year, and I bought a half dozen AR-15 lowers, has moved from selling antiques on consignment to selling feed, as well as chicks (the next batch, coming in next week is already spoken for), and renting U Haul trucks. They probably don’t have more than a desultory open long guns, and a similar number of handguns available. But that is probably because the mercantile across the street probably has a hundred of each for sale, and is planning on doubling that. Sill, the first guy will still transfer guns in to you for only $15 if you have a CCW ($25 otherwise). And the subdivision has a new owner.

brylun said...

@buwaya: Don't you think 2-parent families would go a long way toward solving this problem?

I'm Not Sure said...

"He's been born to a single mom who has 2 other kids."

There's your problem, right there.

heyboom said...

People are naive to think we will ever rid the world of it's racist nature. Everyone is a bigot to some degree. It's in our DNA. What we can do, and did was eliminate institutional racism. By and large everyone is treated with the same respect. Institutional racism is so rare that it has to faked by supposed victims. When it does actually break down, it's always because of the actions of a bigoted employee. Which is then swiftly dealt with by the institution. That's the best you can hope for.

Civil rights leader Shelby Steele said blacks are less oppressed now than at any time in history. I agree. I guarantee you 99.999999% of the people out protesting have never experienced any kind of discrimination based on race. Yeah, maybe someone gave them the side eye in a store one time (we're all bigots to some degree) but they have never been denied any service because of their race. They've never had to experience the oppression of the black race in the Jim Crow era. They aren't getting fire hosed or mauled by K-9's for peacefully protesting. What a weak and infantile generation the millenials are!

Chicago had 18 murders in a 24-hour period on May 31. There were 34 murders from May 29-31. Most or all of them were black. Is that because of systemic racism? I have never seen BLM address any black on black killings. Ever.