June 29, 2020

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Have a swell night's sleep!


narciso said...

One of these days


madAsHell said...

Ya' know.......no one will criticize you for cropping, and trying to draw attention to the composition.

Although, Photo Shop is for losers.

steve uhr said...

How does Trump turn things around?

The Dow will go down (or at least not up) as the likelihood of the Dems regaining the WH and Senate increases (because higher corp. taxes and more regs), which will only increase the likelihood of the Dems regaining the WH and Senate. A vicious cycle.

Guildofcannonballs said...

This is a link some may find frightening.

rehajm said...

A follow up to foot in mouth:

Andy Ngo: I cited in my testimony to Congress today that Legba Carrefour was arrested & charged in D.C. for hammering chunks of cement to throw at police. How do I know he’s antifa? Your own publication,@washingtonpost, previously profiled him for his extremist antifa activities

rehajm said...

I leave feeling despair that 1/2 of this nation’s political parties refuses to admit left-wing extremism is even real. At the briefing, we were told the riots of past month were peaceful & that antifa are imaginary.

narciso said...

I wonder if shes from the ashanti tribe.

Lucien said...

Don’t worry, her job is safe as long as Bezos has her back and no one does anything to piss . . him . . off.

narciso said...

Cause and effect


ex-madtown girl said...

In general, I’m a good sleeper. I love sleep, and typically sleep 8-9 hours a night. I used to worry that this was a defect, but recently decided that there is nothing wrong with this and came to the conclusion that I need a lot of sleep to function well. Until March, when this all changed. Night after night, I woke up at four a.m. and stayed awake, my mind a swirl of sadness and despair that so many of my fellow countrymen could be so easily swayed by the media that profited from selling panic and misinformation. This only became compounded by the reaction to the events in Minneapolis. How could so many people, corporations, not to mention my children’s school district react so irrationally, so cowardly, so emotionally and without logic? Has all rational thought completely left every institution?
But now my sister is here from Hawaii, with her family. Her children and my children have been playing, laughing, reading, and bonding together for a month. My sister and I have laughed until we cried, and we’ve shared hours of conversation and good times with our parents and my husband (her husband is stationed in Hawaii and could not join us). The hurt and sadness that constricts my chest and too often consumes my thoughts during the day hasn’t disappeared, and I often think about the fact that i should “do something.” But the joy that her visit has brought to my life has reminded me of what’s important, and what no one can take away from me. And that has helped sleep return to my life. So thank you Ann, for your wishes of good sleep. I know I’ll be able to sleep well tonight.

William said...

I just finished reading a biography of Madame de Stael. She was a celebrated author of her day. Her books sold well and all the important people in Europe read them and discussed her ideas. She was given a novel by Jane Austen to read. She didn't like it. She thought the book vulgar.....The uses of posterity. Too bad Jane didn't live long enough to know she was immortal and not like that flash in the pan Madame De Stael..... Has anyone here ever read a book by Madame De Stael? I'm going to give her Ten Years of Exile a shot. Her books are still in print. People apparently still read them.

Inga said...

The coronavirus is spreading too rapidly and too broadly for the U.S. to get it under control as some other countries have, Dr. Anne Schuchat, principal deputy director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said Monday.

The U.S. stands in stark contrast to countries like South Korea, New Zealand and Singapore as it continues to report over 30,000 new infections per day.

“This is really the beginning,” Schuchat said of the U.S.’s recent surge in new cases. “I think there was a lot of wishful thinking around the country that, hey it’s summer. Everything’s going to be fine. We’re over this and we are not even beginning to be over this. There are a lot of worrisome factors about the last week or so.”

For the denialists who demanded the US open up before it was ready, here is the result. All you Texans who were bitching that your little Suzy couldn’t go to her ballet lessons, how do you like the reopening now? For all you senile Arizonans who thought you knew better than the scientists, are you happy now? For all you Floridians who couldn’t stay out of the bars, bottoms up. New York and eastern seaboard states who remained closed longer have no spike in cases, except for the southern states along the coast.

stephen cooper said...

Inga, shut up for a few moments, and listen.

You have hatred in your heart, and you know it.

Please please please try and be a kinder person tomorrow than you are today.

People with hate in their hearts are like people who are stuck in a dream they cannot escape ----

set a good example!

Wake up, and discover how wonderful it is to love your fellow human beings without hate in your heart!

stephen cooper said...

Inga, shut up for a few moments, and listen.

You have hatred in your heart, and you know it.

Please please please try and be a kinder person tomorrow than you are today.

People with hate in their hearts are like people who are stuck in a dream they cannot escape ----

set a good example!

Wake up, and discover how wonderful it is to love your fellow human beings without hate in your heart!

Mrs. X said...

It occurred to me this morning that Trump's problem is that he was elected to be a peacetime president but he now finds he's a wartime president. He's pretty good (better than I thought he'd be) at the peacetime thing--negotiating trade deals, working to get US manufacturing going again, rolling back regulations. But we are in a war, an undeclared civil war, and Trump is a shitty wartime president. As far as I can tell, he has no plans to lead us through this war and seems to be hoping it will just go away. I'm losing faith in him. I will never vote for Biden or any democrat, but I don't kid myself that I'm representative of anything. If Trump can't present himself as a credible leader in this war, he will lose reelection. Badly.

Michael K said...

For the denialists who demanded the US open up before it was ready, here is the result

For the idiots that thought mass demonstrations and rioting were a good idea, here is the result.

Inga, I really wonder how you remember to breathe.

South Dakota, which never shut down, has no surge, you idiot.

Iman said...

That is a striking cloud formation.

Michael K said...

Has anyone here ever read a book by Madame De Stael?

NO, but she was an acquaintance of Napoleon's and later a bitter critic. She features in the biography of him that I am just finishing.

Inga said...

A little reality for the denialists...

“Inpatient beds and ICU beds in use continued to hit new records, while ventilators in use and emergency department visits for suspected and confirmed COVID-19 patients dropped on Sunday, according to Monday morning's report.

As of Sunday, 84% of current inpatient beds and 88% of ICU beds were in use for COVID-19 and other patients.

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey said during a news conference on Thursday that hospitals could hit surge capacity "very soon" as Arizona deals with one of the worst spikes of COVID-19 in the United States.

Several hospitals initiated surge plans on Friday.

During the past three weeks, cases increased by 169% and tests increased by just 77%. Last week, 20% of tests were positive.

More than 3,000 new cases have been reported on five of the past seven days, more than 2,000 new cases have been reported on 11 of the past 14 days, and more than 1,000 new cases have been reported on each of the past 20 days other than Monday, according to state data.”


traditionalguy said...

The old gray cloud she ain’t what she used to be.

narciso said...

I read georgianna, the book they based the dutchess on, kiera knightley was all wrong for it, it demanded a more dynamic personality like hayley atwell who has a small role in it.

Big Mike said...

@Inga, the cases are up, but the deaths are down (here in my rural county in Virginia the deaths went up 25% over the weekend -- from 4 to 5).

You and Schuchat need a reality check. Once the Democrat governors and mayors decided that it was perfectly okay for people to engage in shoulder to shoulder protest marches and unrestrained rioting, then the lockdown was over. Period. No one was going to stay home from a close friend's funeral if other people, blessed and anointed by Democrats, can go on rampages with looting and arson. If that results in protestors and rioters dying, well, they made their bed.

Frankly, lady, your elitist attitude towards people just trying to go to work and make a living is shameful. If you had anything resembling shame in your makeup. But you are a creature of the left, so shame -- even the realization that you are wrong and have done wrong and consequently harmed people who never hurt you -- all that has no part of your persona.

wild chicken said...

Hmm I have that de Stael bio. I started it and quit. I'm always doing that but usually do go back and finish. I read Conquest of New Spain and the three Dark Ages volumes that way.

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

the Hand of God, or the BLM fist in 3-finger cartoon format?

...better than the vestigial 6th digit version on the plywood murals?


What's With China and the Flu?, part Xi

New Flu virus with 'pandemic potential' found in China

It emerged recently and is carried by pigs, but can infect humans, they say.
The researchers are concerned that it could mutate further so that it can spread easily from person to person, and trigger a global outbreak.

Mu Shu Flu?

Inga said...

Trump will go down in the history books as a traitor. What a legacy. I hope you people are proud of the man you voted for and continue to support. Trump knew about this and continued to give aid and comfort to Putin. Paying our enemies, the Taliban, to kill our service members is the same as being at war with us. Can Trump get any more despicable?

“Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.”

Top officials in the White House were aware in early 2019 of classified intelligence indicating Russia was secretly offering bounties to the Taliban for the deaths of Americans, a full year earlier than has been previously reported, according to U.S. officials with direct knowledge of the intelligence.

The assessment was included in at least one of President Donald Trump’s written daily intelligence briefings at the time, according to the officials. Then-national security adviser John Bolton also told colleagues he briefed Trump on the intelligence assessment in March 2019.

Wa St Blogger said...

Yeah. It's all about going out to bars, isn't it Inga. Today my mom called me. She informed me that my step father had passed away this morning. He suffered a stroke in February and had to have constant care. At 78 years, my mom was not up to the level of care he needed. In April they stopped letting anyone visit. My stepfather lived the last three months of his life alone, separated from his family, grandkids and wife of 38 years. He died without the comfort of his loved ones. Inga needs to stop trying to score points, she used to just be irritating, now she just pisses me off.

Michael K said...

Earth to idiot Inga.

Thousands packed the streets in Chicago for an unofficial gay pride march despite Mayor Lori Lightfoot, the first openly gay mayor, canceling the official annual event because of her worries over the coronavirus.

Organizers insisted that the rally held in the city’s West Side Lakeview neighborhood was an attempt to “reclaim” the “grassroots” efforts to push gay pride, according to ABC 7.

The gay pride parade has roots in the Windy City going back to 1972 and has taken place in the Boystown area of the city until this year, when it was canceled over the coronavirus. But the cancellation did not deter avid pride marchers, who began gathering at noon on Sunday near the CTA Belmont station in the Lakeview neighborhood.

Hundreds flocked to the march flogged by social media posts until thousands were massed in close proximity for a two-mile demonstration into Uptown.

“The reason the march is so important is to highlight those lives that we lost and highlight the people whose lives may not have been lost, but have been wrecked just because they exist openly,” Ashabi Owagboriaye told ABC 7.

Organizers tried to tell marchers that masks were required in compliance with the city’s coronavirus rules.

But many photos posted to social media by pride enthusiasts showed large numbers of people without masks, in contradiction to the coronavirus response orders issued by Lightfoot.

narciso said...

Its a shame i liked looper

Michael K said...

Blogger steve uhr said...
How does Trump turn things around?

The Dow will go down (or at least not up) as the likelihood of the Dems regaining the WH and Senate increases (because higher corp. taxes and more regs), which will only increase the likelihood of the Dems regaining the WH and Senate. A vicious cycle.

Fair comment, steve. I can only hope sanity revives.

tim in vermont said...

"Ya' know.......no one will criticize you for cropping, and trying to draw attention to the composition”

It’s not what she does. At least as near as I can figure out, what she is trying to do is convey the sense of place that she experienced, rather than tart it up to look like something she didn’t actually see. I am like you, I love cropping for composition, and also. to cut out clashing colors that ruin the harmonies, but that is something different.

narciso said...

Dont you ever get tired of getting it wrong


tim in vermont said...

I think the composition of this one is great just as it is, BTW. The fact that she doesn’t follow standard rules gives some of her photos freshness, IMHO.

Ken B said...

Althouse: I know you like reddit, but they just purged a huge number of groups and users, and their new policy specifically allows hate directed at whites, women, or heterosexuals (all of whom are majorities ). Gonna leave reddit?

Ken B said...

Steve Uhr
You haven’t looked at the numbers closely. Trump is way up with blacks, but he is down with whites, especially males. They see the country being attacked and him not stopping it. That is a reversible perception, and a reversible condition. There are lots of ways for him to “pull it out”. Biden coming out the basement for instance.

Drago said...

You just knew this was coming, didn't you?

There was no other possible outcome with the marxist left now in full control of the democrat party.

Democratic National Committee: Independence Day Celebrations Glorify 'White Supremacy'


The democratics are now claiming that celebrations of the 4th of July, and at Mt Rushmore no less, is nothing less than a celebration of white supremacy.

Because of course they are.....

Narr said...

William, I only know of de Stael, never read anything, but she's definitely an interesting figure. Rachel or Rahel Varnhagen von Ense was a German-Jewish counterpart.

De Stael knew everybody . . . even Clausewitz visited her place at Coppet when he was a POW after Jena, but it's not clear (to me) that she was there at the time. Wellington and Byron were both fans of hers.

One of the themes of old Jacques Barzun's Dawn to Decadence is that in the West women have been powerful and important, and recognized and honored as such, to a degree unique in human history--he has some great stories of women artists, scientists, and thinkers.

Happy reading and pleasant dreams

heyboom said...

It's not about the infection rate. It's about the mortality rate. And there is no spike in deaths from the WuFlu. Not worried at all about the latest attempts at fear mongering.

Drago said...

Now that the democratics have declared July 4 a white supremacist event, how long before Howard's Heroes will show up with Inga-approved "spark of divinity" terrorists and attempt to blow up Mt Rushmore?

Drago said...

Inga: "New York and eastern seaboard states who remained closed longer have no spike in cases..."

You have already killed off your most vulnerable elderly by shoving infected patients into nursing homes....and you did it knowingly. On purpose.

And for those 400 million to 600 million children shoved into abject poverty across the globe due to the lockdown, we dread what the death rates for those little guys will be.

The numbers there will almost certainly be in the hundreds of thousands if not much higher.

But to the Inga's of the world, those children don't count. At all.

After all, none of their names are "Heather Heyer".

heyboom said...

Where are the deaths?

Drago said...

4 Children Shot, 18 People Dead, 47 Wounded in Weekend Violence in Mayor Lightfoot’s Chicago

We can only hope these victims realize how lucky they were to have been killed and wounded by "spark of divinity" Inga-approved victimizers.

These people can go into the afterlife content in the knowledge their demise was not precipitated by a Trump-voting deplorable who is also a russian asset that hangs hoax nooses in unsuspecting garages.

Well played Inga!

walter said...

Rise in serious southwestern cases driven by border-crossers from Mexico

People with coronavirus are crossing the US-Mexico border for medical care

Daniel Horowitz
"They'll literally come to the border and call an ambulance," says Van Gorder, president and CEO of Scripps Health, a hospital system in southern California.

from a senior executive at a Texas ER chain that sees thousands of patients a month. He went on the record

wildswan said...

I'll pass along a little secret. Older people everywhere are now absolutely terrified at the thought of going into a nursing home for any reason for any length of time. There should be some means of reporting when covid patients are being shipped in without precautions or when similar deadly abuses are taking place. There should be a whistleblower hot line connected with laws that give real power to investigate and shutdown and fine. It should be required by law that relatives should be allowed to visit and take older people outside and home for weekends. The time for these laws is now. This policy of locking older people up "for our own good" and shutting us away from human contacts "for own good" is absolute bullshit. It's a Chinese policy designed to let them get on with killing off the grandparents without witnesses so the Communist party there can spend money on their subsidies to North Korea and Hunter Biden and his kind instead of on pensions. It has no place here.

Yancey Ward said...

Inga, you are such a fucking idiot. All those states that remained closed longer have to open up as some point, don't they? Don't they? You can't keep them shut down for another year. If what the quotes in your posts say is actually true, then New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Michigan, etal. will all see the same "surge" in new cases that Texas, Florida, and California have seen. You can't stay shut down longer than it takes to extinguish the virus. The only way you don't see a surge is if those states have already reached herd immunity, which isn't impossible, but it also means that all the praise you and your fellow travelers are giving their leaders is bullshit to nth power.

Lewis Wetzel said...

Here are the terrifying, up-to-date numbers of deaths due to covid-19, day by day, for Wisconsin:
Slight decrease since the state opened up six weeks ago, and the trend is down, down, down.
I hear that Fauci says that he "is very concerned," and that "the next two weeks will be critical," LOL.

Rt1Rebel said...

STFU Inga. Everyone is going to get the coronavirus. Everyone. Quit acting like people with very low risk getting this virus is a bad thing, it's a good thing. As long as the high risk population, those that are very old, very fat, and/or very compromised are properly isolated and take appropriate precaution, it's what needs to happen. I understand your concern, as I imagine you as being very old and very fat.

Drago said...

More heartbreaking news for our own Beijing Boy ARM:

UK Parliament To BLOCK Huawei 5G

Ouch! And after it was all looking so good for ARM's Beloved and Heroic ChiCom's just last year!

The Great Global Awakening about what ARM's ChiCom pals are up to continues apace.

I truly do feel worst for ARM........and Xi.

Drago said...

Massive crowds gathering for gay pride parades and BLM protests and according to Inga, the ChiCom flu somehow "knows" the purpose of your event and will not bother infecting anyone on the left.

I recommend anyone gathering with others to say out loud at least 3 times: this is a lefty political event, this is a lefty political event, this is a lefty political event in order to inform the ChiCom flu that there is no reason to come and infect anyone.


Gospace said...

Are you going to die if you’re young and healthy and get the dreaded covid? No. We knew that back by 1 April, it’s now almost July. And, we have one really big number to confirm it, from https://www.airforcemag.com/snapshot-dod-and-covid-19/ , 3, count them, 3 military deaths from covid, total. And, from other places I’ve looked at, only one was active duty, 41 year old Aviation Ordnanceman Chief Petty Officer Charles Robert Thacker Jr. From the USS Theodore Roosevelt. 1 death among 1.3 million active duty personnel. 3, total, among about 2 million active duty, reserve, and guard members. Almost half of the active duty forces, about 595,000, are under 25. Less than 10% are over age 40. Active duty military are healthier than their civilian same age cohorts. 1 death. If you’re young and healthy, you’re not going to die.

What about 41 year old AOC Thacker? Well, we know he had covid when he died, and that’s the official cause of death. It’s pretty obvious he had at least one comorbidity- because he died, one among 1.3 million. But the Navy has been tight lipped about any information about his death. He could be THE example of a statistical fluke.

Another number I picked up is from a guest column in the Hampshire Daily Gazette by H Patricia Hynes. From her column on 29 June of the 210 residents at the Holyoke Soldiers’ Home, 89 had died by late May, with 74 of those from COVID. What type of people live at Soldiers’ Homes? Sick people. Rarely do you find an otherwise healthy person living in one. So if you’re sick, especially old and sick, your chances of dying from covid are pretty good.

So comes the question- should the entire country be locked down because sick and especially sick and old people are dying from covid? To me, the obvious answer is “Not only no, but HELL NO!” It doesn’t make any sense.

Pianoman said...

Meanwhile Covid deaths continue to go down, despite cases increasing. And there's no shortage of hospital beds.

Your revenge fantasies are disgusting, Inga.

Drago said...

Remember lefties, the 4th of July is now officially for white supremacists only so make sure you stock up on American flags to burn on that "horrible" day and make sure all of your neighbors see you do it......

Strike a blow for "freedom"!! You know, like the Maoist "freedom" experienced by the Chinese during the Cultural Revolution.

Good lefty times, good lefty times....

Gospace said...

So, you’re young and healthy, or at least healthy. In my case I’m 65 and healthy, and I don’t worry one bit about whether I’m going to catch the dreaded covid. I ignore Dictator Cuomo’s mandatory mask order. If someone from a store says- “You HAVE TO WEAR ONE!” I reply “It interferes with my breathing. I don’t have to wear one!” Which is true- it interferes with my breathing. I can walk 20 minutes with a total elevation change of about 150 feet up and down without a problem. I can’t walk down a hall with a mask on without feeling winded. And here’s a truth- if I don’t have covid, I can’t give it to you, and if you don’t have covid, you can’t give it to me. Even if we decide to French kiss- we can’t transmit covid to each other. But- what if you or I are asymptomatic? Ah, here’s something we don’t really know for sure. Many studies indicate the asymptomatic can’t transmit covid easily, a smaller number of studies say the asymptomatic can. Who to believe? Well, doesn’t matter. If I’m not talking to you face to face, breathing in your air directly as you breathe in mine, the chances of one of us giving covid to the other is exceedingly small. Now I am willing to do things to minimize my covid risk. Wearing masks to conduct my daily routine isn’t one of them. What do I do?

What’s your Vitamin D blood level? Last checked, mine is a healthy 40 ng/ml. From many observations, the biggest single predictor of covid ICU admission in low Vitamin D blood level. “What is the proper Vitamin D blood level?” is actually a controversial question. Some health authorities say 15 ng/ml is all we need. If the ONLY thing you’re concerned about is bones and rickets, that’s correct. But more studies indicate that for immune system functioning, the level should be 40-60 ng/ml. But the US government has fairly recently changed it’s guidelines to say anything above 50 indicates potential Vitamin D intoxication! (The level used to be 100) Well, it turns out some of the symptoms of Vitamin D intoxication, which IS a bad thing, can appear with levels as low as 60-80 ng/ml. IF, and ONLY IF, you don’t have enough Vitamin K. There are no micro-nutrients that work all by their lonesomes, all interact with and have some effect on others. And D uses up K in immune function. So, if you take D, you should take K. Wow! Rocket science, isn’t it? So one of the things I am willing to do and do do is, I take 1,000 IU a day D over and above what’s in my multi-vitamin, and another supplement that has 3 type of Vitamin K (as menaquinone-7, K2) 100 mcg, menaquinone-4, K2) 1300 mcg and (phytonadione, K1) 1000 mcg. And you know what else id needed to wok with the D? Zinc! My multi-vitamin has 7.5 mg of elemental zinc, which with what’s in my normal food intake, is plenty sufficient. You don’t want to overdose on zinc- or any other metal. You need quite a number of metals in your body to function, and it’s actually easy to overdose on any of them. So, don’t start chomping down zinc supplements without checking numbers. Over 40 mg per day from all sources- BAD!.

Rick said...

Inga said...

For the denialists who demanded the US open up before it was ready, here is the result. All you Texans who were bitching that your little Suzy couldn’t go to her ballet lessons, how do you like the reopening now?

This is a good example of the crazy and hatefulness of the left. Remember in the long run social distancing was never going to prevent the spread - in fact it was going to prolong it. Closure was to prevent such a fast increase in cases our healthcare facilities could be overwhelmed. Some idiots even claimed the growth would be exponential. We've re-opened as it became clear this was not a realistic outcome.

But instead of accepting this the far leftists - conditioned for decades to interpret everything according to their partisanship and at this point only tangentially in touch with their sanity - the left blames those they hate for what was predicted at the outset.

Gospace said...

Reducing viral load. That’s something I’m willing to do, and I do. Daily. I actually started it for allergies after a younger female coworker told me about it. I was at some parts of the year taking massive doses of prescription antihistamines to be able to breathe. She was allergic to practically everything. And we talked all the time about different things. And one day after not talking about allergies for a while I asked her if the meds she was using were working. And she shocked me by saying she wasn’t taking any! She had gone to a new allergist. The new specialist educated her about nasal irrigation, and my young friend told me all about it. I was skeptical- but I’m always skeptical. So I got on Doctor Internet and started looking it up. And it was a real thing. Worth trying out anyhow. So I got a waterpik like device, as she recommended, and used the formula he recommended, 1 tsp salt, ½ tsp baking soda per pint of water, and tried it. The first few weeks I did it, you wouldn’t believe the crap that came out of my nose. It fit the definition of disgusting. She warned me that not using the salt ot not using the baking soda or not using either would hurt or burn. She wasn’t kidding- of course I had to try. I subsequently added xylitol to the mix- it has both antibacterial and antiviral properties. I haven’t taken an antihistamine in over 15 years, I also haven’t been bothered by colds or flu. I have had colds, and maybe flu- when I start needing to irrigate 2 or even 3 or 4 times a day. Average cold length according to Doctor Internet is 7-10 days. Having to irrigate 3-4 times a day never lasts more than 3 days. Now I use Navage- more expensive because of their salt pods, but easier, more convenient, and less messy. I mix the xylitol into the water I add since their pods don’t have any. I’m completely convinced that if everyone practiced nasal irrigation that total medical costs and annual medical visits would go WAY down, and total work productivity would go up. Do you practice nasal irrigation? Why not? Don’t you want to protect yourself against the dreaded covid?

Easier to do- gargle before bed and upon waking with warm water and salt/xylitol mixture. And rinse your mouth out with same. And- though I’m not convinced it’s need but I do it, buy an inexpensive plastic tongue scraper and scrape your tongue before rinsing. Really- there is such a thing as a tongue scraper and it is something many people do. They’re actually doing a study now on gargling with warm water and salt- but leaving out the xylitol. USE THE XYLITOL!

Michael K said...

So much for cafe posts.

stevew said...

MIL has her Cape house under agreement, due to sell August 31. She is 88 years old. Mrs. stevew, her siblings, and their spouses are all headed down this weekend to get things organized and ready to purge. Aside from me, mrs. stevew, her brother and his wife, they are a bunch of liberal democrats. Will be interesting to see how the 4th is celebrated. Usually have cocktails on the beach and watch the several town fireworks displays across the bay, then head back to watch the Boston Pops play in Boston. With the 4th designated a White Supremacy holiday and event this year we may end up with a candlelight vigil for all the oppressed. I'll be at the beach.

rehajm said...

how do you like the reopening now?

I'm cautiously encouraged by more people acquiring while the death rate continues to fall. Hospitals are reporting patients are showing up with milder symptoms, and remdesivir is helping those who need it. The plan now should be get low risk people out and about, build more antibodies, get the virus mutating to a less lethal strain.

Those lockdown places will be once again woefully behind the curve..,

Lawrence Person said...

Enjoy the most recent BidenWatch.

rehajm said...

What does “revenge” against “white women” look like in your mind, Washington Post editor? Be as specific and detailed as possible

Ann Althouse said...

"Has anyone here ever read a book by Madame De Stael?"

I just know that in "The Second Sex," Simone de Beauvoir expends a lot of energy insulting her. I read "The Second Sex" (half a century ago) and wondered who cares about this person?

Jersey Fled said...


From what I understand, the "new cases" number that is reported daily now includes results from the swab test and the antibody test. (Someone please fact check me on this). If that is the case, the numbers include numbers of asymptomatic cases that may have occurred months ago and have since recovered. I haven't found a breakdown of how many of each test is included in the numbers.

This would explain two things: why the overall infection rate continues to drop, to maybe 1/10th of what was originally projected, and why the death rate continues to be very low.

The error that I think you are making is to project high new cases to high future deaths. That may not happen, for the reason I cited above as well as others. We are in much better shape to handle an outbreak than we were four months ago.

We should know better in a week or so.

Michael K said...

But instead of accepting this the far leftists - conditioned for decades to interpret everything according to their partisanship and at this point only tangentially in touch with their sanity - the left blames those they hate for what was predicted at the outset.

No, the left is trying clumsily to convince the normals that shutting down the economy again will accomplish some valuable goal, like stopping the epidemic. It will not and the real aim is to defeat Trump by killing the economy. Once in a while one of the dimmer leftists, like AOC, will admit that is the goal.

The semi-conscious members of the left, like Inga, parrot this ridiculous message that we can stop the virus by killing the country. They are unaware of, or lying about the real aim of the this effort.

Tomcc said...

Inga takes a victory lap waving a little flag adorned with a skull and crossbones.
You failed to mention California; it would seem there's a spike in cases there also.

Michael K said...

Another Earth to Inga message

June 29 (UPI) -- U.S. and local leaders on Monday blamed irresponsible behavior for the surge in new COVID-19 cases across the United States as Democratic congressional leaders urged new negotiations on economic relief.

The United States had more cases than any other country at nearly 2.6 million Monday morning, according to a live tracker of the virus by Johns Hopkins University.