May 21, 2020

At the Sunrise Café...


... you can type what you like at your socially distanced table.


The photos were taken at 5:34 a.m. today. The one on the bottom — with the sun out of view — was taken 13 seconds after the top one. The sun had slipped under the low, thick cloud.

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narciso said...


BlackjohnX said...

What happened to the format change allowing a reply to a specific posting on a few threads yesterday? Was that just a test run which proved unacceptable? The deep blue color was an improvement as was the opportunity to reply directly, not that I took that option.

narayanan said...

Wilson Roosevelt Jerman, a former White House butler who worked under 11 US Presidents, has died
Q: did early reports mention coronavirus?
Q: is coronavirus generic term or specifically COVID19?
Q: how much added fudgeability is gained thereby?

Big Mike said...

... you can type what you like at your socially distanced table.

I can type, sure. But what type of sunrise is it?

Kathryn51 said...

From Andy McCarthy: "Today, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, on its own motion, ordered Judge Sullivan to respond within ten days to the petition for a writ of mandamus filed by Michael Flynn. Earlier this week, Flynn’s counsel, Sidney Powell, filed the petition for that extraordinary writ, asking the appellate court to instruct Sullivan to grant the Justice Department’s motion to dismiss the case against Flynn.. . .

. . .The three-judge appellate panel that is considering the mandamus petition and that ordered Judge Sullivan to respond includes Judge Karen LeCraft Henderson, who was appointed to the D.C. Circuit by President George H. W. Bush (after being named to the district court by President Reagan); Judge Naomi Rao, who was appointed by President Trump; and Judge Robert L. Wilkins, who was appointed by President Obama.

The execrable Senator from Rhode Island Whitehouse tweeted the following regarding Judge Rao, an Indian American:

Where you see Neomi Rao, you can expect a lot of Trumpy dirt to follow. She’s a cartoon of a fake judge. Watch this space.

Ann Althouse said...

“ What happened to the format change allowing a reply to a specific posting on a few threads yesterday? Was that just a test run which proved unacceptable?”

It kept eating my comments. There was another glitch too. Had to switch back.

320Busdriver said...

Here’s an excellent interview of Dr Sunetra Gupta, theoretical epidemiologist at U of Oxford on the British experience with Covid. Came across looking at Aaron Ginn’s Twitter.

IFR of 0.1% - .05%
- Cases is a bad metric
- The infection started earlier
- Herd immunity is lower than 60-70%
- COVID is on its way out
- Mostly nosocomial
- Lockdowns must end ASAP

Lewis said...

So, right it was happy clappy Thursday today, a new British tradition I had not expected of praising the state ( actually the 'NHS' - national health service - or, rather, specifically it's doctors and nurses, who, allegedly, are working over-time - not, as the numbers prove - to protect us and many people do this sincerely and feel it) and I was, because of my own stupidity (I didn't time it right), caught in the bruised hail of this - I was a bit drunk (!) so I started shouting "Fascists, Fascists" but then I saw it was proper families with their children and the look on the faces of those children just shut me right up. I'm very short sighted but I could see how much this ritual that made them together meant to them. I felt terrible. This is all on my street of a 100 yards or so. And then, outside of my house, Macbeths whitches, literally toothless, who sit there (one of them lives here, with some fellow or other) every clappy happy thursday, drinking strong beer from the can, hacking there throats, because this their ritual to. Well, of course they are shouting at me, because this is their sacred day and they saw me desecrate it. The rest you can imagine. Let's say I'm a better curser than anyone, including even my hero the Don (not really my 'hero' - just say that to piss people off!). What will happen tomorrow I don't know but it will be a bit like this - when the whole Salmon Rushdie affair kicked off, at first, I hunkered down but after a few weeks I thought 'Damn it!' and went to my local library - in London - and said "I want Satanic Verses". At first they refused - what the whole of London doesn't have it? - all the libraries are connected - "the computer says no" - but eventually they gave it to me, I read it and found it delightfully funny. That's me. Yep, I'll be the first against the wall. At least I won't have to see the terrible immiseration of the rest of you!

stevew said...

I shall retire now, to return in the morning and perhaps see, or not, what has been posted while away. During my sleep I shall think carefully and well as to what I may post, or not, when it is I return to this place. Pleasant dreams to all of you, and yes, even you.

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

It didnt take long for detectives to find the arsonists
that burned down the
Mississippi church
, leaving the note saying

"Bet you stay home now hypokrits"

A second note left, saying "Eat Mor Chikin" easily lead officials to the perps

Anne-I-Am said...

So a comment-eating Pac-Man....


Sheldon Whitehouse is an embarrassment. He is blatantly threatening judges who do not follow progressive dictates. One would hope, but be wrong, that John Roberts would call out this malevolency. It is corrosive.

The rule of law means nothing when a court can be seen to be bending to the will of a bullying politician.

walter said...

Aim. Me.
Aim. Me!
Aim! Meee!(The other Biden)

fleg9bo said...

I thought I had voted in the Republican primaries previously and wondered why my last two ballots did not include the Repub candidates. This recent snip from the Gateway Pundit explains it:

...hundreds of people are reporting that their voter registration was switched from Republican to non-affiliated without their knowledge or permission...

Many were shocked to open their ballot to find that they were no longer with the party they thought they were with, and they received non-partisan ballots. As Oregon is a closed primary state, this effectively denies these people the right to vote in the party’s primary that they thought they were registered as.

This is only reportedly happening to folks who were registered as Republican.

I don't know how credible the Gateway Pundit is but there is a Facebook group of disenfranchised Republican voters, so it's a real thing, and it certainly happened to me. And a local conservative radio host has gotten a lot of calls about it.

George Soros has been channeling money to Democrats running for attorney general in various states. Those are the folks who are best positioned to cover up Democrat voter fraud, so that figures.

Sebastian said...

More from Sunetra Gupta, already referenced by Busdriver upthread:

"“I think there’s a chance we might have done better by doing nothing at all, or at least by doing something different, which would have been to pay attention to protecting the vulnerable, to have thought about protecting the vulnerable 30 or 40 years ago when we started cutting hospital beds."

And she believes it is a “strong possibility” that if we return to full normal tomorrow — pubs, nightclubs, festivals — we would be fine, but accepts that is hard to prove with the current evidence:

“So what do we do? I think we weigh that strong possibility against the costs of lockdown. I think it is very dangerous to talk about lockdown without recognising the enormous costs that it has on other vulnerable sectors in the population.”

On the politics of the question, Professor Gupta is clear that she believes that lockdowns are an affront to progressive values:

“So I know there is a sort of libertarian argument for the release of lockdown, and I think it is unfortunate that those of us who feel we should think differently about lockdown have had our voices added to that libertarian harangue. But the truth is that lockdown is a luxury, and it’s a luxury that the middle classes are enjoying and higher income countries are enjoying at the expense of the poor, the vulnerable and less developed countries. It’s a very serious crisis.”"


But the insanity epidemic has exposed the nature of modern progressivism quite nicely, by favoring government power to impose the luxury of lockdowns, instead of, as honest progs might have, taking the sides of "the poor, the vulnerable and less developed countries."

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

"The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitz Karen"

The legend lives on from the Chippewa on down
Of the big fake they call Bitchy Gloomy
Inferior, they said, her VP bid's dead
When the polls of November come early

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

How The Obama Administration Weaponized Surveillance Laws To Target Trump

"Federal surveillance laws put in place after Nixon were supposed to protect U.S. citizens. The Obama administration used them to spy on political opponents."

Birkel said...

Election cheating is generally hard to detect. However bribing a judge less so. We need to strengthen security for voting or our votes will be diluted by cheating.

I would expect Trump to strengthen the law in this regard, after Pelosi joins the minority again.

walter said...

Sheldon Whitehouse always seems a few short of a six-pack...for good reason.

Churchy LaFemme: said...

Aim. Me.
Aim. Me!

What you wanna do?
I think I could stay with you
For a while, maybe longer if I do

FullMoon said...


Char Char Binks, Esq. said...

The Arbery case is reminder to keep your social distance from you know who.

h said...

I wanted to post a comment but Kathryn51 (and Andy McCarthy) beat me to it. I'd like to keep this story focussed on Sullivan, not on Senator Whitesauce.

Anne-I-Am said...

I am going to offer this up to our hostess...

It seems rather cheeky to ask us to patronize your Amazon portal when the reason we all gathered here in the evening is gone.

Crazy World said...

Simply gorgeous photography

Mr. Forward said...

The Democrats are trying to lose. Change my mind.

Lewis said...

Get rid of beards! That's my first thought, this morning. There's something inadequate, disgusting - to me they just look like pubic hair, which I suppose is Freudenly (!) what is intended!- about them. Or, worse, they remind me of some kind of Medievalism which terrifies. Or, even more worse, the idiot boyfriends of my mother when I was like three - those greasy, oily shithead hippies. So, get rid of the beards - let's all be Roundheads, puritanical as the Sun!

heyboom said...


That same thing happened to my wife here in California during the 2008 Presidential primary. She is a lifelong Republican (not that kind Drago!) with an Hispanic sounding last name. When we showed up at the poll to vote they couldn't find her in the Republican voter roll but, lo and behold, there she was on the Democrat roll!

She cast a provisional ballot and we straightened it out in time for the general election. Never an explanation for how it happened. Just the usual liberal shenanigans here in the land of fruits and nuts.

Lewis said...

Some of my comments on fb (you have to think of the British context):

I sorta liked Boris but after they wilfully destroyed our country out of pure cowardice I have nothing but contempt. Of course, Labour would have been ten times worse, so there is no alternative.

The administrators - the so called 'experts' and civil servants - are the 'fascists', not the elected politicians - they're just lead by the nose like weak idiots - scare the bejezus out of them and they'll do what you want! Contemptible!

Look at silly Boris - I don't believe in conspiracy theories but it was very convenient he got ill at such a critical moment - that'll teach him to question the orthodoxy - because his bout of corona doesn't make sense - unless he was hitting the source in a 'Churchillian' fashion, which his vanity might make him do - only Churchill could drink like Churchill - and I hear he smokes but still he looks pretty healthy to me - how is it possible he got so ill? Doesn't compute.

Lewis said...

Imagine Churchill having a bout of the flue during the Battle of Britain - he'd just have another whisky - or brandy, his preferred tipple!

Lewis said...

Brandy, champagne and cigars - that was our Churchill - I don't think he had a sober day in his life - indeed, Stalin just called him 'the drunk' and he should know, peasant that he was - yet he brought us through the war and landed us safely only for Atlee to destroy everything that we'd achieved. I should say rescued - Churchill, himself, sold all our family goods to the US - extorted at extortion rate by the yanks just for a second rate ship - all our overseas markets given, our manufacturies gratis for almost nothing but a grudging bunch of bullets - but for a purpose - 'never surrender'! We'd sacrifice everything for freedom - wasn't that the idea? Throw it under the bus.

stevew said...

Good morning! Slept well, hope you did too.

We are headed to the Cape today for the weekend. MIL has returned from FL. She is 88 years old, in very good health. The plan is to make sure all is working as expected in her mid-1800's Greek Revival home. There is always something that needs attention but, like her, the house is in very good health.

I am curious to see how the people in her neighborhood are behaving. Many are older than mrs. stevew and me, wonder if they are following the social distancing regime, masks, etc. MIL is a far left progressive, hates Trump, but has been quite vocal about the stupidity - in her view - of the shutdown rules. She says most of her friends - all good leftists - feel the same.

Forecast high for today in my northeastern corner of MA is 83 degrees. Cape will likely be 15 degrees cooler as the house is near the currently cool waters of Buzzards Bay.

Looking forward to the new format - is that still the plan - these overnight threads have turned into an exercise in talking to yourself.

Lewis said...

One of my favourite films:

stevew said...

One other thing: it seems quite obvious to me that Susan Rice and her memo is working quite hard at protecting then President Obama, and herself and Biden, from credible accusations of corruption in the spying and attempts to undermine newly elected President Trump. Conservative Treehouse lays out the reasoning below, and identifies the fact that Rice is focusing the blame on James Comey and the FBI.

Comey is the fall guy, aka: By The Book

Lewis said...

This is tripaly - not Tripoly - a poly of triples - ironic: Imeane do your cabouche!

Ann Althouse said...

"I can type, sure. But what type of sunrise is it?"

I haven't assigned numbers to all of the sunrise types. I want to cover them all and only have 10. I'll figure it out when the year comes full circle on September 9th (my first day of doing the sunrise run).

So far there's 1 & 2 (very cloudy days) and 3 & 4 (very clear days) and 5 (a distinctive Z shape of sunlight). All of the best sunrises are 6-10, but they are harder to classify. I know what 10 -- my favorite -- is, I believe. 6-10 has to do with broken up clouds -- partly cloudy situations that disperse the sunlight.

Clyde said...

At work this morning while I was casing Return to Sender letters, I saw one being returned to Mendota Bank in Nashville, Tennessee. Not sure if there’s any connection to Madison, but it made me think of you folks up there.

Lewis said...

All that treasure and fus for nothing - imagigine if your an angel looking down at this world - what spectacle, what absurdity - as if human beings where just this simian thing, we could overlook it, or, study it. We can't do either - we are not away enough - how do you help people that can't help themselves?

Will Cate said...

After 2 straight days of steady, almost cold rain in upstate SC the sun finally came out. I was so overjoyed I took a picture of it:

Big Old Sun

Quaestor said...

The sun had slipped under the low, thick cloud.

The sun can be very slippery indeed. But that's a character flaw of all G-class stars. Most of the time these unctuous gasbags crank out a steady life-sustaining warmth but turn your back and they'll spring an ice age on your ass.

Clouds, on the other hand, have no agency at all.

Lewis said...

'As a first consideration, would it be possible, as you are reported to like your landlord, to have a chat with them about your broken toilet and leaking roof. If mended this would have a positive impact on you'

START Team, Lancashire County Council - 4052020

Quaestor said...

Meanwhile, back at the Madison Gas & Electric ranch — the tercel is doing his Mister Mom thing whilst Big Mama is out for breakfast.

He's such a post-modern kind of guy. After the kids are gone I hear he gonna transition.

Lewis said...

Even I knew about it, two year old kid that I was, it rumbled threw the floor

Lewis said...

And you wonder why I want to die? Stupid.

Lewis said...

I just want to know - how?

Lewis said...

You think I'm awaiting the 'inevitable' - but what is the 'inivitibale'? Everything is 'assuming' - - to what purpose? When artists are artists - and they don't pretend they know how the world should be - shut the fuck up, moron - they are beautiful - dancing across the water!

Lewis said...

Anne, this is a z-day, sorry, it's going very bad - it's my body, though I feel that, and it's not just the gin, though I* feel that, - it's grief. I am a coward. But I can't deal with that.

Lewis said...

I'm very drunk - don't publish me!

Lewis said...

I still have my music and my books

Lewis said...

Like me, I think you feel, guitars are a disgust - even the very idea of them seems perverse - but, of course, we must try

Bruce Hayden said...

“ Comey is the fall guy, aka: By The Book”

I find it interesting that Comey seems more than willing to fulfill that role. He took full responsibility for setting up the perjury trap of Gen Flynn, Trump’s first NSA. He sounded almost giddy as he bragged about sabotaging his boss, Trump, from whom her derived all of his power, by taking out his NSA. He might have been able to duck responsibility by blaming it on wayward underlines (McCabe, Page, Strzok). Nope. He was out and proud about it. He also tried to entrap the President into saying something incriminating in his visit to the WH. He has always been a snake, but he was the one openly engaging in sedition, trying to destroy his Constitutionally elected President.

But it wasn’t just that. He intentionally took the heat for letting Crooked Hillary walk, instead of being prosecuted for her thousands of felonies, in regards to her illegal private email server, mishandling classified information, destruction of official records, personally profiting by selling the power of her office, etc. Obama wasn’t going to let her be prosecuted. She was his anointed successor. Not Slo Joe Biden, his VP, as is typical, but his former rival. We may never know why, but it was very clear that she had Obama’s strong backing, to the extent that his Administration was massively misusing our national security tools to violate the Constitutional rights of probably thousands to drag her wretched carcass, cankles and all, across the finish line. It was very clear that AG Lynch had given orders to not touch her, and they were being obeyed by her people at the DOJ. But then Comey jumped in, and took credit for having made the decision, that in reality had been made far above his head. And then mangled the job. There are several million attorneys in the country, who were all trained to read statutes, who could see that the required intent level in the Espionage Act is not willful, but also includes gross negligence. He ignored that completely, and also that prosecutors routine convict defendants who feign forgetfulness, based on extrinsic evidence, such as, for her, the dozens of NDAs she signed, the dozens of security classes she had endured, etc. He looked like an arrogant, blatantly partisan, idiot. But it worked. Much of the country blamed him, when they should have been blaming Obama, Lynch, and Clinton herself.

Jersey Fled said...

Philadelphia Judge of Elections pleads guilty to election fraud.

But Nancy told me this never happens.

rhhardin said...

CDC Reverses Policy on Doorknob Licking – “Actually, It May Save Lives”

Lewis said...

“An angel!"  My hair dresser .

It’s merely individual, the four wings cramped,
A slight burn of candlelight
And we say “He’s O.k.” Arid so he is,
Broken not by any peculiar expulsion,
Cracked, rather, by a room.
And endless, endless those scribbled
Petitions back to God. You say
“Land on your feet!” which, of course,
Were broken before, even, the saints
Began their song. Because this age
Is so new, so endlessly new
And he, ancient, has forgotten, again,
How to say ‘Yes! - to God.

So, ‘across the water’ , he will drown,
And, yet, , ‘the attempt is worthy’,
Or, merely, vanity.
                           How endless the call!
And below him and above him the stair
That could never fail to climb, to descend


For, see, the precipitate stone: up,
Just the barred impossible: a roof,
Those walls, the handle of a door,
Window that cannot open: grubby, entirely?
His closed wings, vicious in a room.
Yes, this is useless. “There is no god.”

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

FullMoon said...[hush][hide comment]



that's the personification of Cuomo's nursing home/covid policy