April 27, 2020

6:02, 6:12.



Actual sunrise time: 5:56.


Kai Akker said...

Love the fireball in top one. A lot people don't get to see if they're not up by dawn.

Meade said...

Hey sailor!

Take warning.

Kai Akker said...

I don't see any red S K Y Y, Meade!

Birkel said...

Chicken, pigs, and cows slaughtered because of supply chain disruptions:

More here:

The Mayo Clinic is sending 30,000 employees home:

California doctors say lockdown vs not lockdown is a wash:


Fewer medical workers and less food?
How does that save lives?
Perhaps a little starvation will focus the minds of the most strident.
I am hoping.

stevew said...

If I zoom in on the fireball and take out the land mass and trees in the foreground I get an image appropriate to a pulp science fiction novel.


rhhardin said...

Speaking of solar refraction, I discovered that you can't take a sighting with your new army surplus bubble sextant and fly an airplane at the same time. A slight turn throws the bubble off with correlated errors, so the averaging drum doesn't work. And you can't pay attention to the sextant optics and the airplane at the same time.

The best plan is land and do the sighting with your feet on the ground.

buwaya said...

Thats why you need another crewman as a navigator.
Preferably with his own crew station with a little perspex bubble in it in which to use the sextant. And a plotting board and a supply of unfiltered Camels.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

Birkel....regarding your link to the doctors in Kern County. They are absolutely right. Plus see below!!!!

Hospitals get paid MORE if they diagnose people with Corona

Forbes link to same

More money!!!! Especially if the patient is Medicare age. The hospital gets get paid more. The hospital gets paid EVEN more if they put the old farts on ventilators which probably hasten the end.

This is Medicare fraud.

No wonder the majority of the Corona statistics are of OLD people. There is a financial incentive to cook the books. Go to the ER with chest pains or a broken bone...ta dah!!! Corona. More money!!!! KA-CHING!!!!

We should all be looking for our pitchforks and going after all these people who are profiting by destroying our lives and the economy.

LuAnn Zieman said...

Victor Davis Hanson has written a terrific piece titled "Our Virus is a Violent Teacher" posted at https://www.amgreatness.com.

h said...

Crowd sourcing a question about Covid testing: My adult son lives in Colombia (South America) which has more or less locked down the economy. He had what he is sure was a bout of Covid (fever, coughing), but he recovered quickly and now feels fine and is finishing up his self-imposed 14 day quarantine. There are no flights out of, and few flights in, the country; and although his income sources have dried up, he has savings and family support, and he intends to stay there for the forseeable future.

My question: Is there a test he can get that will confirm he had the virus? Even better (or is it the same) is there a test that he can get that he has an immunity from catching it again (is this what they mean by "anti-bodies"?)? If such a test is available, is this some he should get documented for if and when flights to the US continue?

Thanks in advance for any responses.

Ann Althouse said...

"If I zoom in on the fireball and take out the land mass and trees in the foreground I get an image appropriate to a pulp science fiction novel."

I took some zoomed in shots too, but I didn't like them as much (because I thought the clouds were interesting).

Maybe I'll put one of those up later today.

Howard said...

Yes Victor Davis Hanson is the perfect pundit for a pandemic crisis. Another Hoover globalist chicken hawk who made his living fetishizing War.

Josephbleau said...

“RHardin, The best plan is land and do the sighting with your feet on the ground.”

Your iPhone gps is more accurate, if you want the antique old times feel you could find an old Garmin. I used to hold my Garmin up to the window on airline flights and see how fast we were going, the stews didn’t like it.

Ken B said...

Excess mortality https://twitter.com/jburnmurdoch/status/1254461123753054209

tcrosse said...

Now that Althouse is past the Times of London firewall, she might wish to try the GK (General Knowledge) crossword puzzles.

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

Goodness, Gracious! Great Balls of Fire!!

if Trump had Great Balls of Fire
and chose doctors other that Faulci & Madame DeScarf,
would the left have tolerated it?
How different would things be?

Yancey Ward said...

Love that top photograph! That band of orange with the sun at the left edge was very, very beautiful.

Leslie Graves said...

Thank you.

wildswan said...

I just want to finish off a comment I posted last night about credentialism vs. the meritocracy which criticized a comment by J Farmer. I found that distinction in an article by James Fallows of the Atlantic and fully intended to source it correctly. But I was rushed (by my desire to get back to my new DSLR with a true macro lens and assorted reading about it) and didn't do it.

Here's my source:
The Case Against Credentialism JAMES FALLOWS Atlantic DECEMBER 1985

Birkel said...

Ken B's graphs is more concern trolling.
You can see the numbers disaggregated in faint lines and you will see deviations from the 5 year moving average that are at least as big as the alleged Winnie Xi Flu death spike. That means what we are seeing is not abnormal. It is a Concern Troll move.

Further, picking five years instead of 30 or 50 is a tell. The normal changes would reveal how variable the data are.

Finally, the decision to avoid total Us deaths is telling. We know the excess deaths for the US are negative. Fewer people have died. And beside that, what might be true for Italy has little bearing on the best public policy for the US, once we stopped travel from there.

Show me Poland, btw.