March 19, 2020

"You got to go and follow those orders. Just remember: Stay at home. Don't go to crowds. Put that cookie down!"

Now, he should not be smoking, but, as many tweeters are pointing out, he seems to have a special privilege to smoke, explained here:


Curious George said...

"Now, he should not be smoking"

You don't inhale cigars so they shouldn't be an issue. As afar as what his wife thinks, I'm sure as long as no more kids end up looking like the maid, it's all good.

Ken B said...

Drudge is in full apocalypse mode. The stock market will tank, never to recover, wealth will be destroyed, the internet will buckle, depression will sweep the nation. The only horror he doesn’t contemplate is a recount next week to make Hillary president.

RK said...

"Hey honey, get my Sheriff's hat den sit der and shoot a video of me. I need to tell all the dummkofts what's what."

Achilles said...

Arnold can eat a dick.

Seriously the guy is an elitist asshole and in the coming months there is going to be blow back for all of this garbage.

There are a lot of businesses in Miami that depend on Spring Break travelers and there is little risk to going to a beach that has 70+ degree temperatures and high relative humidity with mostly young people.

You people are trying to hurt those people's livelihoods.

There is certainly less risk than the seasonal flu which will kill 10 times as many people in our country today.

Blanket panic is stupid.

Target your panic to where it makes sense.

Dave Begley said...

Fuck Arnold. He's rich. Not everyone is. We all don't have hot tubs to idle the hours away.

I've never seen one of his movies. And, I assure you, he will not be cast in my "Frankenstein, Part II."

Phidippus said...

Curious George: "You don't inhale cigars so they shouldn't be an issue."

Well you may not get lung cancer, but if you get a chance ask Ulysses S. Grant or Sigmund Freud how much they liked the mouth cancer.

Freud had his physician friend euthanize him when it got to be too much. Grant was made of sterner stuff and died without human assistance as far as we know.

Arnold may not smoke as many cigars as those guys did, who knows. Still, it's his health, so it's not my issue.

Mattman26 said...

Put that cleaning lady down!

BleachBit-and-Hammers said...

Just don't boink the help. OK ? yeah.

Fernandistein said...

He's right; after dinner every civilized person should indulge in a cigar if they chose to do so, or, perhaps an after dinner line, depending on your connections. Or both.

But he's full of shit about the "spring breakers".

Sacred Traditional Tobacco for Healthy Native Communities

But not any other communities - fuck you white man!

iowan2 said...

I'm curious about the "he shouldn't be smoking" bit.

He is literally doing his own thing. Yes there are health issues, but, we all (almost all) do things that take some years off our life. So? I have seen too many people that have lived absolutely pure lives, and suffered terribly in their later years.

I'm betting if that was a two hundred pound lady sitting there, the comment would not have been "she should be losing that fat, not sitting in hot tub lecturing me"

BarrySanders20 said...

People sitting in hot tubs look like human soup.

How many "OK Boomer" comments did this get from the targeted yoots?

Lurker21 said...

Why all the redness? Arnold in the tub, young idiot Brady Sluder in Miami. Sunburn, rosacea, alcoholism, or early sign of coronovirus?

He is literally doing his own thing.

No, he has in-house help for that.

robother said...

"The old love to give good advice to the young. It consoles them for no longer being able to set a bad example." La Rochefoucauld.

I quoted that below, but it seems absolutely perfect for the Terminator.

Bay Area Guy said...

Arnie has $300 million in the bank. Of course, he should stay home! Duh.

But should grocers, truckers, butchers, Amazon order-fillers and millions of other healthy people stay home?

hstad said...

"Now, he should not be smoking" Don't worry, as our snow flake culture tries to push for a 'perfect world' that is next on the Lefts agenda - just take a look at California - second hand smoke - LOL - Los Angeles smog. But the real problem is other people telling you what to do - smoking; our politics; our free speech; our gun ownership, etc. BTW, Al Capone came to power because of previous 'snowflakes' pushing prohibition. Make smoking illegal - guaranty we'll have another Al Capone wannabe in the future.

The Godfather said...

Arnold says we'll overcome this virus "in no time". I wish I believed that. I still wouldn't smoke a cigar in the hot tub or buy a miniature jackass, but I'd love to believe it.

By the way, with the collapse of the contest for the Democrats' Presidential nomination, I suppose there's a surplus of miniature jackasses.


Megthered said...

Jesus, let the man live
I am sick to death of all you evil scolds who want to run everyone's life. So he smokes a cigar, get over it.
Is it because your own is such a mess? Leave everyone alone and let them live.

Earnest Prole said...

As Rush Limbaugh says, you gotta die from something.

The Cracker Emcee Refulgent said...

Curious if there’s a correlation between habitual smoking and KungFlu death. Would love to see some numbers.

gilbar said...

So, some Multimillionaire says

sure, you've lost your job
sure, you've GOING to lose your house

So the richie rich can sit in their hottubs, and collect their social security checks

Daniel Jackson said...

He's right all moralizing (leave that for the Dumbocrats etc) aside.

Message: stay at home, be happy, enjoy life because that's all we have.

His may be easier than mine; but, he makes me (an older "girlie-man") smile.

Can't resent his successes and fuck ups even though I'm at the opposite end of the spectrum.

And, I put down that cookie; immediately.

rcocean said...

Once you get past a certain age, posturing as Macho with a cigar is pathetic rather than "ballsy". Arnold was total disappointment as California Governor.

iowan2 said...

As Rush Limbaugh says, you gotta die from something.

Average Joe epitaph

1999 quit smoking
2008 gave up read meat
2012 quit drinking
2014 gave up pot

cf said...

rocean said "Arnold was total disappointment as California Governor. "

yeah, well, I was there and it broke my heart how he tried and failed.

He tried to do a California version of what Scott Walker achieved later in Wisconsin. The unions threw everything they had at him, though, like Wisconsin unions did to Gov. Walker, and it was brutal the forces that were mustered. Terrible that it worked against the greater good, part of why we moved away was that lock by the Lefties.

So I give Arnold a Lot of Credit. He has Guts, grit and a fun sense of humor. cheers!

Social JusticeIsGay said...

What do y'all have against boinking the help?

DavidUW said...

He's also had a heart valve replacement so he's at significantly higher risk.

Char Char Binks said...

Stay away from Krauts? Does that mean just Germans, proper, or does it include Austrians?

Ann Althouse said...

"I'm curious about the "he shouldn't be smoking" bit. He is literally doing his own thing. Yes there are health issues, but, we all (almost all) do things that take some years off our life."

By choosing to smoke on camera, he encourages other people to continue (or start) a very bad habit — in a time of respiratory disease. He's offering advice about how to preserve health, while doing something famously unhealthy. It's like picking your nose while telling people not to touch your face.

KellyM said...

Hubby and I took a walk on the beach yesterday afternoon and it was packed! There were families playing together, couples walking together and lots of dogs. Most everyone was maintaining a relative distance from other groups.

There was, of course, a pre-teen girl being a typical scold, yelling about social distancing to a couple of boys skimboarding in the surf. Little busybody.