December 15, 2019

The sunrise sequence.

1. It was 9° — "feels like" -1° — when I needed to go out to catch the sunrise.

2. Actual sunrise time was 7:23. At 7:19, I thought the moon was more interesting:


3. At 7:26, the power plant steam was the best "cloud":


4. At 7:27, a little wisp of cloud flared up:


5. I stopped again at 7:32, when the sun finally became visible.


6. The cold was no problem at all — except when I took my mittens off, time and again, to use my camera. I do think I need tech-sensitive liner gloves underneath my mittens. The mittens would be fine for that degree of cold, but you can't be taking them off.

7. Though it was colder than the day before, there were more people out there. Is Sunday so different from Saturday? There were people with dogs — a samoyed, a yellow lab, a cream-colored poodle.

8. I had a new playlist of music, including some songs from John's top 100 of the last decade and a couple songs from Bob Dylan's "New Morning," which I'd just bought — even though I have it on vinyl and on CD — because I blogged about clouds first thing this morning and that made me think about the song "Father of Night" ("Father, who build the mountain so high/Who shapeth the cloud up in the sky").

9. The other Dylan song was "Winterlude," which I played on my run and played again in the car with Meade. Because I'd written about the word "idyllic" yesterday, I realized the song was exactly that — a little picture, with simple elements of rural life: "the corn in the field... the chapel... the skating rink... the old crossroads sign... the telephone wire... the logs in the fire... the moonlight...."


Ann Althouse said...

And please do consider using the Althouse Portal to Amazon if you've got any shopping you still need to do.

Francisco D said...

The cold was no problem at all

All the in-laws are here (Oro Valley AZ) from the East Coast. It has been sunny, but they thought it would be warmer. The high temp yesterday was 71. The high today was 62, but it was warm in the sun. Once you start walking, the layers come off.

This 'aint Miami Beach. Only Midwest snowbirds are wearing shorts and sandals this time of year. It's cold, but it's no problem.

Beasts of England said...

Love the fourth photo!! 👊🏼

Bill, Republic of Texas said...

I like the third photo best. Very nice cloud color and reflected in the water.

rehajm said...

John Cochrane deep dives on the gruesome details if Warren and the rest of the socialists get to implement their schemes.

Quaestor said...

The solution for the Althouse cold weather photography problem:

Milwaukie guy said...


It's nice to have a convenient place to witness the sunrise or sunset over a low horizon. Chicago was like that for me, Madison is like that, too. A lot of the Midwest is really flat and but you can't get those low horizons everywhere, like where I live in Oregon now.

Water is the best thing to give one that low horizon, Lake Michigan or Mendota.
And there is something special about the crisp, cold air. The urban haze disappears for a season.

I loved visiting Madison, mostly to visit the UW Labor Library. My crazy brother did three months in Dane County lockup, too, so there was that. Love the Wright by the lake.

Ann Althouse said...

I have fold-back mitten/gloves similar to that. I’m wary of the wool knit though, might be lacking in wind resistance.

John Cunningham said...

When l lived in Alaska,I wore thin silk gloves under my ArmyArctic mittens. They allow one to do fine adjustments. Of course one also needs were and 9f seal intestine to keep the mittens off the ground.

John Cunningham said...

Make that "a strand of seal intestine."

Tommy Duncan said...

Growing up in the bottoms along the Rock River I developed an appreciation for marsh grass, willows, duck weed, muck and wet dogs. Ann's favorite photography haunts make me smile. Thanks Ann...

Mark said...

I had a new playlist of music

I've discovered French singers, Carla Bruni and Zaz (Isabelle Geffroy) in particular, a mixture of French folk, blues and jazz.

stevew said...

At this point in the year any temp above 40 feels very warm.

We've had 20" or so of snow since Thanksgiving, it is all gone now. The wind was strong and steady today, rather dramatic during my walk this afternoon. Many of the neighbors were out too, had several nice conversations. Discussed holiday plans. Nary a word about impeachment of Trump. Lives to live, things to do, people to see.

Busy travel week with work coming up. Activity has increased. Feels good.

Tommy Duncan said...
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Tommy Duncan said...

Off topic: Do you have any photos of approaching thunderstorms while facing southwest from the Picnic Point peninsula? If so, I'd love to see them posted at a time that suits your fancy.

FWIW, I spent a semester 50 years ago in one of the Lakeshore dormitories. I felt like a millionaire living on a lake in a room with a big view. Cool stuff.

StephenFearby said...

AA wrote:

"I do think I need tech-sensitive liner gloves underneath my mittens. The mittens would be fine for that degree of cold, but you can't be taking them off."

[Celliant Far-] Infrared Gloves Liners Touch Screen – Raynaud’s and Arthritis Support
$49.89 [[Plus shipping unless order reaches $100].

"Infrared Gloves Liners warm hands and fingers by increasing circulation, local blood flow to help prevent or relieve signs and symptoms of Raynaud’s disease, arthritis, poor circulation in hands, injuries. The gloves are a versatile year-round accessory that will improve your performance, speed up recovery while keeping you warm and dry."

"Infrared Celliant® patented technology [approved by the FDA in 2017 as a medical device & general wellness product] features proprietary bio-ceramics/minerals infused into the fabric that is proven to increase circulation, oxygen and blood flow. If circulation is increased the other unpleasant hand symptoms are reduced. The streamlined design, combined with 4-way stretch fabric, provides you with the ultimate range of motion and comfort you need for your hands. The thumb and pointer finger (index finger) are touch screen compatible, and work with all your smart devices. Silicone palm provides you with an enhanced and secure grip, safe for driving. Stay warm with our Infrared Gloves for Raynaud’s and Arthritis and enjoy the difference."

The wife (about your age) wears the finger-tip-less model to address arthritis in her finger joints. Expensive, but very well made. And they work.

Phidippus said...

The first photograph is especially nice.

KenB: The Glass transcription for harp was great. The singer and the song are one.

Unknown Soldier said...

Matthew 11
[15] He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.

Revelation 11
[15] And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever.


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Guildofcannonballs said...

Milwaukie guy said...

Since its Sunday, after my 3-hour CNN, 1 Fox and 1 WSJ Report, I often watch the Hallmark Channel. I don't give it my full attention because my main focus is wasting time reading Instapundit, Ace, etc., and the comments at Althouse.

Some people recently criticized Hallmark for underrepresenting Blacks. [I use non-scientific terms like "Blacks" to refer to the current racist breakdown of Americans into competing groups by leftists.]

I'm happy to report that of 24 new Hallmark Christmas movies 15%, or 4, feature Black leads. This is about Blacks' percentage of the population. Victory! I can report from personal experience that there are also more Black secondary leads, with some engaging in interracial romance. This is also new.

Unfortunately, we're only seeing white guys hitting on Black gals. Where's the Black on blonde? But, one step at a time.

There is still room for outrage though.

As a man whose children are half-Asian and an ally of all the oppressed, albeit with the a large dose of Yellow Fever, when is Hallmark going to address the underrepresentation of hot Asian-American women?

At my kids' Chicago magnet school, the kids referred to our type of couples as John and Yoko's. Little smartasses. In the interracial marriage American mish-mash, the stragglers are Black women and Asian men.

Sassy Black woman travels from Chicago to Grandma's near Huntsville, Alabama. While celebrating Christmas in her small hometown, she meets a more diminutive Chinese-American coder from JPL, who was raised in Taiwan. Hilarity and love ensue.

More Asian stuff on Hallmark! Don't be a h8ter.

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

a soothing track as you view Althousian imagery

"The things That Keep Us Here"

Beasts of England said...

’Huntsville, Alabama’

I’ve heard of that place... :)

narciso said...

A detail you may not have noticed

narciso said...

Here is the nexus with mifsud

Big Mike said...

Huntsville, AL, is home to the US Space and Rocket Center, which is one of the most interesting museums in the US of A. They have examples of each rocket that took an American into space (though their Shuttle is only a non-flyable mock-up). There is a Saturn V mock-up positioned vertically outdoors, which shows how huge the thing was, and a real Saturn V suspended horizontally inside a specially-built building.

One of the cool things about Huntsville and neighboring towns is that your next door neighbor may really and truly be a rocket scientist.

Danno said...

’Huntsville, Alabama’

I’ve heard of that place... :)

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that!

Seeing Red said...

Via Rantburg:

More than 2,500 dead Americans remain on the voter rolls in bankrupt, increasingly impoverished, reliably Democrat, Detroit....

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

DoED Investigation Finds That U.S. Universities Have Taken $1.3 Billion From Russia, China, Qatar

Yale Prof Estimates Faculty Political Diversity at ‘0%’

A timeless warning from William F. Buckley Jr.

All points of view should be expressed — but there’s a difference between a point’s being expressed and point’s being propagandized.

Seeing Red said...

It looked like a great start to your day.

narciso said...

And about 60 years after buckley wrote g&m at yale you have ciaramella an avowed arabist graduate from yale

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

@Seeing Red

A Dem "Get Out The Vote" drive:

n.n said...

Yale Prof Estimates Faculty Political Diversity at ‘0%’

Diversity is a doctrine of color judgments (e.g. racism, sexism) under the "secular" Pro-Choice religion. It is a doctrine that normalizes affirmative discrimination (e.g. color quotas, political congruence) and inference (e.g. unifying statements) from low information attributes.

Ralph L said...

Where's the Black on blonde?

Hallmark definitely needs more BBC.

Big Mike said...

I also saw the morning full moon when I got up this morning, though my exercise was limited to putting out the bird feeders on my deck. Very blue skies.

n.n said...

[I use non-scientific terms like "Blacks" to refer to the current racist breakdown of Americans into competing groups by leftists.]

It's objectively a better general statement absent a name, or in reference to a group with a normal distribution of observable attributes, and more descriptive than the politically congruent 1/2 American label.

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

Brian Cates' take on "Invisible Joe" Pientka:

excerpt:So my present take is that Pienkta is for all essential purposes in a witness protection program right now until he can come forward once Durham is done.

Milwaukie guy said...

Recently Hallmark announced it was willing to look at LGBTQ scripts. Wait, what, why is L first? Wasn't Stonewall a G riot? WTF? Ladies first?

But hey. As long as corporations are bowing to the diversity police, what are we talking about? 1 or 2 out of the next 100 Hallmark productions? The Blacks are complaining about their fair 15%. Are you going to be extra whiney?

But I'm all for progress. Let me suggest, say a couple of years out, a roman a clef.

Setting: Small city in Indiana, big enough for two high schools and a small religious college.

First 30 min: White boy Bob enters high school, the white school on the college side of town. His father is a notorious Marxist professor at the college, who nonetheless provides many bon mots and humorous moments.

The other high school is the Black high school. There is limited busing, creaming off the best athletes, amongst others. Antwan is quarterback material. They bond when Antwan is Varsity QB and Bob is team manager and State Debate champion. It's all Q.

After graduation Bob goes local because his Dad gets the employee discount and Antwan gets a football scholarship to a low-rated state school.

Second 30 min: Ten years later, Bob is the boy-wonder mayor, elected mostly by the college side of town. Antwan, after a major injury in a minor bowl game, became a pastor and the leader of the Black side of town. Just like every real-estate developer tries to crush every random Christmas-town, there's a gentrification issue. And some ambiguous Bob-Antwan relations.

Third 30 min: Running out of gas here. At 1:30 is the breakup and the last :30 would be getting back to Mayor Bob and the Yuppie dude getting married. There should be some gay v. caterers stuff of course and Dad should condemn marriage as bourgeois nonsense before the credits kiss.

Who or what is this future Yuppie husband? Can we make him Latinx? An urban planner with a great plan and tight tush? Should he be coming in at about :45?

Jim said...

Sound of Music was on tonight. wonderful movie. twitter seems to be in love with it. a few with TDS can't resist the whole Nazi thing. but most seem to wish that movies still had real talented stars. It was made in 1965, and is still a favorite movie of so many people. Hollywood seems to have forgotten how to make movies-they make propaganda films that would make Pravda blush. Oh well.

narciso said...

Bad soap opera

hawkeyedjb said...

In football news, the Packers won. They are 11-3. They must be the worst 11-3 team ever. New England is 11-3. They would beat the Packers by 30 points. San Francisco is 11-3. They DID beat the Packers by 30 points. Next week, the Vikings will beat the Packers by 30 points.

All is not lost. Bucky Badger will win the Rose Bowl - or whatever it's called now. The AT&T/Bank of American Airlines Bowl presented by Bob's Tire Repair.

Bucky will win, but not by 30.

narciso said...

Well then:

Curious George said...

"New England is 11-3."

They really aren't that good this year. The beat the bums alright, but that's it.

Clyde said...

Althouse, after reading your post the other day about your son's Top 100 songs, let me recommend an album that you might like: Echo in the Canyon, the soundtrack from the documentary, featuring Jakob Dylan performing duets with various artists. Amazon Music recommended it to me based on my listening history and I've enjoyed listening to it several times. The cover art shows the songwriters on the left side of the guitar and the performers on the right side.

Francisco D said...

In football news, the Packers won. They are 11-3. They must be the worst 11-3 team ever.

Considering that they almost lost to my Bears (led by the worst coach in FB and the worst owners) you are probably right.

Mark said...

With expanded playoffs, even mediocre teams can win the Super Bowl. And if you do, most fans of that team won't care if their regular season record was 15-1 or 9-7.

narciso said...

narciso said...


narciso said...


Yancey Ward said...

My family lived in Huntsville, AL for about 2 weeks when I was 4 years old. My father was trying to find work as an electrician, and we were moving around- from Chicago to Oak Ridge, then Huntsville. He eventually gave up and took an electrician's job in the mines where he and my mother grew up in Eastern Kentucky, and so I grew up there, too. They eventually returned to Oak Ridge after my father retired.

narciso said...

I wish i were making that up:

n.n said...

Insurance Companies Tell Supreme Court of Government Bait and Switch

The understanding was that if premiums collected on Obamacare’s health care marketplaces from 2014 through 2016 exceeded an insurer’s medical expenses, the company would kick back some of its profit to the government.

Conversely, if premiums failed to cover expenses, the insurer would get payments from the government. In the end, the money paid into the pool quickly ran out and the insurers cried foul and sued. The company’s claims were rejected by a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

Progressive prices that persisted under cover of government mandates and purported "universal healthcare".

n.n said...

Former Mexican Secretary of Public Security Charged With Taking Bribes From Cartel

Time to force a Kiev, perhaps pull a Gaddafi.

Ann Althouse said...

"[Celliant Far-] Infrared Gloves Liners Touch Screen – Raynaud’s and Arthritis Support..."

They look compressive. I don't want anything tight. To me, that decreases circulation. Also I think the "infrared" action comes from the sunlight, and I am running before there's much sunlight and often it's overcast. Plus I think mittens are best -- keep the fingers together. No glove is going to do what the mittens do. That's why I was avoiding glove liners.

Ralph L said...

An obvious solution: use Meade's fingers.

rehajm said...

Plus I think mittens are best -- keep the fingers together. No glove is going to do what the mittens do.

In extreme weather I wear glove liners with my Hestra mittens so I can use my phone.

rehajm said...

They would beat the Packers by 30 points.

Only if the Patriots defense has three interceptions and two touchdowns. The offense stinks...

Scott Patton said...

It's not a solution that is good for all circumstances, but a small cheap stylus is very handy in cold weather, and also in the kitchen or the garage when you don't want to get your screen dirty. Also,sometimes touch screen compatible gloves are hard to use, lacking precision.

StephenFearby said...

Ann Althouse said...
"[Celliant Far-] Infrared Gloves Liners Touch Screen – Raynaud’s and Arthritis Support..."

"They look compressive. I don't want anything tight. To me, that decreases circulation. Also I think the "infrared" action comes from the sunlight, and I am running before there's much sunlight and often it's overcast. Plus I think mittens are best -- keep the fingers together. No glove is going to do what the mittens do. That's why I was avoiding glove liners."

No, the beneficial far-infrared emissions are activated by body heat. Also, the gloves aren't compressive.

Far-infrared review:

Photonics Lasers Med. 2012 Nov 1;4:255-266.
Far infrared radiation (FIR): its biological effects and medical applications.

Vatansever F, Hamblin MR.

Wellman Center for Photomedicine, Massachusetts General Hospital and Department of Dermatology, Harvard Medical School, Boston

"...Technological advances have provided new techniques for delivering FIR radiation to the human body. Specialty lamps and saunas, delivering pure FIR radiation (eliminating completely the near and mid-infrared bands), have become safe, effective, and widely used sources to generate therapeutic effects. Fibers impregnated with FIR emitting ceramic nanoparticles and woven into fabrics, are being used as garments and wraps to generate FIR radiation, and attain health benefits from its effects."

J Biomech Eng. 2018 Nov 20.
The Effect of Textiles Impregnated with Particles of High Emissivity in the Far Infrared, on the Temperature of the Cold Hand.

Pre and post thermal imagery pictures depicting increase in hand warmth.