November 6, 2019

Sleep well.



Rhonda said...

You get a cat? Cute.

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

just like the cafe, tavern and clothing store minutes from the 0
bama's soon-to-be submerged 15 million $ Martha's Vineyard mansion

Lucid-Ideas said...

So I've been thinking a lot recently about reincarnation, and more specifically about the idea that maybe I'd like not to come back as a human next time around - if it's real of course.

I've narrowed down my choices to a dog or a hawk. The hawk because I love flying (I'm a pilot - sport) but I'd love that feelimg of what that must be like to fly naturally. Also I'd love to sit around all day and hunt and have sex and do hawk stuff.

My other choice is dog, because that looks comfy as heck. Watch animals, I mean really watch them. When they get in comfy mode there are few other creations that are as pleased and satisfied as dogs. They don't call it 'downward facing dog'for no reason. I would love to be this cute guy in thr picture. Be loved, snuggled fed for free, and sniff butt.

You listening God? Hawk or dog please. Not necessarily in that order.

Yancey Ward said...

Obviously, that dog put in a hard day's work.

traditionalguy said...

Somebody wore out a black lab.

wild chicken said...

When I was 6,I wanted to be a cat, because they slept so easily. I was already having problems sleeping. Six.


Hagar said...

Has anyone checked to see if there is proof Trump knew there was a hold on the Ukrainian aid package?

Tommy Duncan said...

I have a daughter who is a dog whisperer. She is every dog's best friend and she brings out the best in them. It's a mutual thing.

It's a sign of good character when you observe someone who treats dogs well and shows empathy to them. Unfortunately, there are some exceptions to the rule.

Lucid-Ideas said...

Also, this is apt so I'll link it...

Dogs were one of the best things that ever happened to mankind. There are some smart people who've argued we wouldn't have made it without them. And they also hunt and kill murdering terrorists.

They are all good boys. Love your dogs.

PluralThumb said...

A jackboot is a military boot such as the cavalry jackboot or the hobnailed jackboot.

The term originates from the French word jaque (m) meaning mail.The tall winged leather cavalry boots, which had been "jacked", or reinforced against sword blows by use of mail sewn into the lining of the leather.

The term is also of Catalan origin, descended from the Arabic shakk.
(I would guesstimate that horse riders protected their shins from swords or shanks, Katanas, daggers, etc.)

This is the classic boot used by the German infantry in World War I, though the stormtroopers dispensed with them in favor of laced boots then used by Austro-Hungarian mountain troops. Typically a leather sole with hobnails, and heel irons. The Germans call this boot Marschstiefel, meaning "marching boot". Although hobnailed short jackboots date from before the Napoleonic era.
Prussia deemed the high-quality leather "jackboot" with its hobnails to be more durable than the alternatives available.

An etymological source not derived from the cavalry jackboot has been suggested as from the word jack, jacket or jerkin, as a common garment worn by peasantry.

The jackboot was replaced by poorer quality ankle boots in the German army when leather became scarce during World War II.[citation needed] The legging of the boot was shortened to a standard 12 inches in order to save leather, without negating its protective value, especially on the Eastern Front. The previous issue boots were as tall as riding boots, reaching almost to the knees.

The word is commonly used in English as a synonym for totalitarianism, particularly fascism ( Or as a metaphor for the above paragraph. ) Although jackboots and similar types of footwear have been worn by various British regiments since the 18th century.

The expression "under one's heel" and "under the boot" has the same meaning and symbolizes oppression.

Plagiarized & biasly edited from, a public free share. That's not like herpes or anything ?

wild chicken said...

It's been proven that cat domestication was the key to civilization. Because they caught the mice that ate the grain.

No grain, no civilization.

Look it up

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

looks like Zeus
ran out of juice

..."he quit like a dog"

reader said...

Black or chocolate? Remember to let sleeping dogs lie.

madAsHell said...


Gahrie said...

I wish I could. I have had pretty bad insomnia for most of my adult life.

FullMoon said...
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Rory said...

"It's a sign of good character when you observe someone who treats dogs well and shows empathy to them."

I've had my German Shepherd for about seven years. In all that time, he's only given his "real" growl - the one reserved for foxes and raccoons that I can't see in the bushes at night - to one person. That was a guy who was on his first date with a girl, trying to get to her by showing how great he was with dogs. I don't think my dog understood all the specifics, but he sensed that the guy was projecting something phony, and he let me know that I should be wary.

NorthOfTheOneOhOne said...

Tulsi Gabbard was on The View today and confronted Joy Behar about her 'useful idiot' comment.

Unfortunately the segment did not end with Joy Behar running off camera screaming with one of Tulsi's pumps stuck in her ass.

FredwinaD said...

Is that Zeus?

Crimso said...

Pooped pooch.

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

"This, and the notion I killed myself, are false" -- J. Epstein

Paedophiles are born - not made - and nothing can change them, study finds

"All the evidence suggests that paedophilia begins in the womb," says neuroscientist Dr James Cantor, who came to the controversial conclusion after studying scans of paedophiles' brains"

"Pedos Of The Caribbean" -- new attraction at Disney

per @Tiff_FitzHenry

James Gunn, Victor Salvo, John Heeley, Michael Laney, just a few Disney directors and executives suspected, charged and convicted of pedophilia.

Disney Chairman George Mitchell named by Virginia Roberts as a pedophile in the Epstein documents...

Makes sense now? Disney = pedos

stephen cooper said...

Lucid-Ideas - it is true that all dogs are good.

I say this as someone who has befriended more than one dog that tried to kill me - even the psychotic dogs are basically good, you can see in their eyes that their psychosis is not a real part of their soul, it is an illness, and if you like dogs as much as I do, you can see they are all puppies at heart. (seriously, I have lost several pints of blood to attacks from dogs, and I stand by my generally positive assessment of the species).

Well, all human babies are good at birth, too. But it is not true that all people are good. I have looked some really bad people in the eye and they were probably not puppies at heart, they were probably just bad. Sad!

We need to protect our friends from bad influences.
If we have children, we need to teach them how to safely live in a world with bad people.
If we are religious, and belong to a church, we need to pray that God protects our religious community from the people in our church who are not good at heart and who use our church to manipulate others. And yes there are such people in almost all but the smallest of religious communities. Sad!
If you are atheists, or agnostics or whatever, well, trust me, you are not the first, hundreds of generations have seen people like you who for whatever reason cannot really believe in God (I get it - uncurably schizophrenic children will make almost any parent an atheist, and there are hundreds of similar tragedies that test the faith of anyone with a kind heart, not to mention anyone, blessed with a kind heart or not, who would have loved to live in a world where life was difficult but bearable - and I get it, life is sometimes not really bearable - did I mention that poor Harold Bloom, a famous agnostic, watched one of his only two children succumb to uncurable schizophrenia? ) God will listen to your prayers, trust me, I have heard the way the sky sounds (the gentle stars happy to be in a long quiet conversation with each other) when the humble troubled sounds of the prayers of atheists and agnostics rise, in their tentative way, to God's beautiful starlit heaven, and I know that although there may be weeping in the night there is JOY IN THE MORNING.

narciso said...

Yancey Ward said...

"You listening God? Hawk or dog please. Not necessarily in that order."

God is a prankster....dung beetle.

Yancey Ward said...


That is a question I have been trying to get an answer to. I suppose, given all the proclaimed opposition to the hold, that Trump was probably the one who put it on hold, but that hasn't actually been demonstrated that I know of. These decisions go through a lot of hands before they even reach the President's desk. I don't think it beyond the realm of possibility that the hold was put on by someone aware of the phone call and the whistleblower complaint- the executive branch is quite obviously chocked full Trump haters who wouldn't hesitate to help make the case for impeachment. However, the simplest explanation is still Trump put the hold on himself- the man doesn't seem to like to just hand over money blindly to just anyone, which is usually a good trait in a President......unless they are named Trump.

Mr. Groovington said...

So why don’t dogs wake up with boners? Depression?

rhhardin said...

At 5am Europe is active on 40m but Australia is not, a reversal. Possibly the sun has gone out. Check whether there is a sunrise in a couple hours.

rhhardin said...

Dog uncurled

gilbar said...

those of you keeping score, will remember that i'd Bravely Predicted that the dems would pick Kamela Harris with Spartacus as VP. I am NOW, Bravely switching horses midstream

Fauxcahontus; with, as VP, to INSURE complete failure (WITH the ability to blame "RACISM" for their failings)....... Ayanna Pressley

It turns out, that THIS member of the jihad squad, unlike the others;
Meets ALL the qualifications for President (she's 45, and born in Cincinnati)
Think i'm making it all up? here's my "Proof":
Ayanna Pressley, in break from the 'Squad,' backs Warren for president
but wait! there's MORE!
Elizabeth Warren is expected to be joined at a town hall event in North Carolina on Thursday by Ayanna Pressley, the Massachusetts congresswoman who on Wednesday broke away from her Democratic “Squad” pack to support her home-state senator.

rhhardin said...

I bailed out of Fast and Furious Hobbs and Shaw (2019) very fast. Pipe laying is full of cliched plot points, high tech woman knocks out a bunch of hefty guys, hints of sad mysterious past, little girl loved by hulk father is certain to be kidnapped I'd guess. Writers attain a new level of foreshadowing the intense film-watching boredom to come.

Action plots badly need to think of new action. Dispand the writing committee.

On the bright side, Line of Duty (TV series) is surprisingly good. You can't watch less than a season at once owing to cliff-hanger episode endings.

There are bunch of so-so marginal TV series too, and cliched ones. Higher risk to buy owing to higher price.

rhhardin said...

Windows 10 laptop that I got to be able to play modern videos when pressed, doesn't update EDST to EDT even after 4 days. It's set to do it automatically, and it does if you click synchronize the time, but not until.

One of the thousand ways Windows 10 is fucked up.

XP changes the time on the second, that 2 in the morning thing. The system hadn't evolved so far away from unix back then.

Danno said...

Gilbar said..." I am NOW, Bravely switching horses midstream..."

Is this like the old saw about changing Dicks in the middle of a screw job?

gilbar said...

Is this like the old saw about changing Dicks in the middle of a screw job?

As they would say about the question:
how many lesbians does it take to screw in a light bulb
That's NOT Funny!

stephen cooper said...

for the record I expected a billionaire to wade in once the obvious lawggrad (that is a Norse word, it means the opposite of brave and kind and passionate, and while it does not apply to every politician with a law degree, it applies to Kamala, Biden, Warren, and the other cold-hearted Democratic pretenders to the nomination) --- i expected a billionaire to wade in once the obvious lawggrad losers crawled to the top and tried to foolishly pretend ( John Nash, game theory , we've seen this all before ) one of them HAD to be the chosen one but I wasn't thinking Bloomberg - I was thinking someone younger, someone richer, and someone who grew up further west