October 9, 2019

White River Forest aspens.


From last week, in Colorado.

Open thread in the comments. Slower, more meditative comments are best suited to the delays in moderation that are likely overnight.


MadisonMan said...

The Front Range is having a terrific temperature drop today. 80s this afternoon, down into the teens tomorrow night. So your timing to visit was good.

Ken B said...

Slower, more meditative comments.

The lint in my navel is pale blue-purple. It reminds me of the sky at dusk on the Serengeti, when the family gathers to light candles and discuss Proust.

Phidippus said...

"likely overnight"

And at various times during the day. "NTTAWWT" as they say.

Slow and meditative is my normal style. I come here for the witty repartee, the thrust and parry, the insult and the smackdown, the striking contretemps, etc.

Insert your own punchline here.

Mark said...

Slow meditative comments, eh?

Om. Om. Om. Om. Om. Om.

Birkel said...

So Joe Biden received $900,000 from Burisma after he was no longer VP?
For lobbying?

Seems legit.

Nonapod said...

The largest single living thing is a clonal colony of these guys.

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

ohmmmm...quietly meditate on these:

uh oh Prime Minister Blackface Sockpants--
But there might be another scandal in the works. According to a report in the Buffalo Chronicle it appears Trudeau and his people are in the process of negotiating an NDA. The woman is being represented by counsel, and is reportedly being offered monetary compensation.But a sex scandal involving a potentially underage student would likely end his political career.

Biden spox admits Obama knew about Hunter Biden’s Ukraine business deals
aaaaand his 900K check

FEDS Investigating Adam Schiff’s Disturbing Behavior at Ed Buck’s Meth & Sex House. What was he doing there 16 times? Why didnt he report illegal activity?

Defense Intelligence Agency Employee Henry Kyle Frese Who Holds A Top Secret Security Clearance Arrested for Leaking Classified Information to Two Journalists In 2018 And 2019

Phidippus said...

Regarding aspens, when I saw this one http://anseladams.com/new-acquisition-original-photograph-aspens-northern-new-mexico/ as an original print at a 1972 Adams Retrospective at the Print Club (now the Print Center) in Philadelphia, I was quite dumbstruck that such an effect could be made with black and white materials. I had only used 35mm film, with indifferent attention to technique up to that point.

This one https://www.artsy.net/artwork/ansel-adams-aspens-northern-new-mexico-1964
was there as well. Maybe that one put me over the edge, I don't know.

I decided then and there that I was going to learn how to do this magic myself. (I am still working on it, but getting close.)

It is interesting that a photograph of an aspen grove can change your life, but there it is.

Adams is not everyone's cup of tea photographically speaking, but when he was at the top of his game, he was as good as any.

wholelottasplainin' said...


"Aspen is noted for its ability to regenerate vegetatively by shoots and suckers arising along its long lateral roots. Root sprouting results in many genetically identical trees, in aggregate called a "clone". All the trees in a clone have identical characteristics and share a root structure. The members of a clone can be distinguished from those of a neighboring clone often by a variety of traits such as leaf shape and size, bark character, branching habit, resistance to disease and air pollution, sex, time of flushing, and autumn leaf color. A clone may turn color earlier or later in the fall or exhibit a different fall color variation than its neighboring aspen clones, thus providing a means to tell them apart. Aspen clones can be less than an acre and up to 100 acres in size. There can be one clone in an aspen grove or there can be many."


So...that one photo likely shows a single organism spread out over many acres. IOW they are among the largest plants on Earth.

Howard said...


wildswan said...

The Revolution I Went To

The killdeer, the catbird, the red-winged blackbird
Sang in separate trees;
The Atlantic broke
Upon the continent;
The moon began to rise;
The revolution came,
Six feet tall and green,
It slammed a large and hairy foot in
Through an open door.
How they screamed,
The cigarettes.
“Oh, shut that door, Oh, kill it please.”
Blowing bubbles,
Promoting rainbows
To executive suites
And hunted soon
By fame-seekers and flame-throwers
It had to leave town fast
In a pumpkin clown disguise.
And it is gone.
And it wasn’t the killdeer, the catbird or the red winged blackbird.
It wasn’t the Atlantic
Thudding against the continent.
It wasn’t the rising of the moon
In beauty, forever.
It didn’t last;
It was none of these.
But it was
And it will be.

Bay Area Guy said...

We've reached a tipping point. (Pause)

The walls are closing in. (Pause)

This is the beginning of the end. (Pause)

This latest tweet may be an impeachable offense. (Pause)

StephenFearby said...

Read the whistleblower's memo about Trump's Ukraine call, as described to CBS News

'Washington — CBS News has learned the full contents of what appears to be a memo written by the whistleblower one day after President Trump spoke with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in July.

The memo, dated July 26, is based on a conversation the whistleblower had with an unnamed White House official who listened to the call.

According to a source familiar with the matter, the memo was among the factors that led the intelligence community inspector general to determine the whistleblower's formal August 12 complaint was credible. The inspector general testified Friday behind closed doors before the three House committee leading the impeachment inquiry.

The president's call with Zelensky was held on the morning of July 25. The whistleblower wrote the memo the next day after speaking with the official in the afternoon. The whistleblower wrote that he or she spoke with the White House official for "a few minutes," and summarized their conversation.

According to the memo, the White House official described the contents of the call as "crazy," "frightening" and "completely lacking in substance related to national security."

The whistleblower said the official was "visibly shaken by what had transpired and seemed keen to inform a trusted colleague within the U.S. national security apparatus about the call."

The whistleblower's summary of the White House official's account of the call largely comports with the call record released by the White House, though some details are

[Since it largely DOESN'T comport with the call transcript, CBS is largely guilty of spreading fake news (hysterical type).

Quelle surprise.]


BudBrown said...

I'm thinkin. I'm thinkin.

Heartless Aztec said...

We take a cottage every year in Nova Scotia on the South Shore. Spectacular leaf change where the mountains meet the shore.

Big Mike said...

The Nats did it again! Spot the other team three runs and go on yo win. I had stopped watching. Maybe that’s the key? Don’t watch?

tim in vermont said...

So I disrupted their timing a little. I tweeted what I know; that various sources from different media outlets, ex staffers of conservative politicians, as well as disgruntled ex [Canadian] Liberal war room strategists are swearing that there is a secured non-disclosure agreement and a semi-cooperative female witness.

Trudeau has an NDA regarding an underage girl?

This is funny, at least he didn’t have shoe polish on his face:


Canadian conservatives have learned to play a little hardball with Dreamy McDreamboat.

tim in vermont said...

"The whistleblower's summary of the White House official's account of the call largely comports with the call record released by the White House, though some details are

What really leads to major wars is when one side realizes that they have an overwhelming strategic advantage and victory appears certain. Well the Democrats know that have almost complete air superiority when it comes to media.

tim maguire said...

Skylark: Trudeau has an NDA with an underage girl?

Trudeau’s NDA (if true) is to cover up an illegal act, which means, unlike Trump’s NDA with Stormy Daniels, it actually is illegal.

rehajm said...

The Lauer sodomize and tell admission is hopefully the last we'll hear of his comeback. Lauer had a reputation reaching back to his days in Rhode Island. Full disclosure- I'm one degree of separation from a meteorologist who went on a date with him and the hearsay fits a pattern...

Given his reputation I'm a bit haunted by the women. The guy with the reputation is married with a family, so abandon any pretense of responsibility? Is the sex predator thing a turn on to certain professional women? Is it fun to play the home wrecker? Not to excuse Lauer in the slightest but maybe it's time for an effort to close the gender accountability gap...

stevew said...

We are quickly approaching peak leaf change season here at my perch in northeastern MA. Rain, and lots of it, is predicted today and tomorrow, more on the Cape, less up here. Today is the 33rd anniversary of my and mrs. stevew's daughter's birth. Happy Birthday! How did I get so old as to have a 33 year old child? We're invited to join them for dinner tonight (late afternoon actually, they have two youngsters). Interviewing a couple of candidates for open positions today, and need to update the forecast. Someone well above me is under a lot of pressure these days, and that shite always rolls downhill. Perhaps a change is coming.

With all this going on I just won't have time to keep up with the political nonsense. Note that Slow Corrupt Joe joined the chorus calling for Impeachment while visiting Manchester NH yesterday. Feels a bit desperate. Please keep your eye on him and Schiff while I'm away. Ordinarily I'd ask that you try not to break anything, but in this case, feel free, it's not worth keeping.

Go Pats!

tim in vermont said...

One of the worst things about Biden not becoming president is that now cancer is not going to be cured.

BUMBLE BEE said...

This Fauxpeachment stuff has me humming Cindy Lauper... "True Colors Shining Through". Supposedly the event's date is Oct 18th.

tim in vermont said...

I see the “Anti War Committee” is going to demonstrate against Trump tonight? It’s almost as if “anti-war” is just incidental branding, you know, like companies that sell powerboats sort of imply they all come with two hot young girls who look great in bikinis to rid with you.

All you really get is leftism and overweening government control of your life if the “Anti War Committee” gets their way.

I wish I could make it to Minneapolis tonight.

tim in vermont said...

“I can beat him again.”

Hillary still doesn’t understand the rules after all this time. Little wonder that she lost.

tim in vermont said...

"We take a cottage every year in Nova Scotia on the South Shore. Spectacular leaf change where the mountains meet the shore.”

Ditto the six million acre Adirondack Park on the shore of Lake Champlain. Well, throughout the park, actually.

Narayanan said...

What OrangeMan is not


Owen said...

Love Ansel Adams. Best of luck to those seeking to achieve effects like his.

Love Aspens. I have spent a little time in the White River watershed and it has to be one of the prettiest places ever. Very peaceful.

Justin T with an underage girl? Why the surprise? He’s a permanent adolescent.

Narayanan said...

What OrangeMan is not


iowan2 said...

IowaHawkblog. Is all over it. Again.

He fantasizes about the LSU Football game this week (home of this weeks ESPN GameDay) being awash in Pro Hong Kong banners, posters, T-Shirts and flags. So many, that anytime a camera scanned the stadium, hundreds of signs supporting Hong Kong, fill the screen.

It seems the sports in general, the NBA specifically, have been bought by communist China. $Billions are paid to the NBA, ESPN, and others to provide entertainment to China's masses. So the NBA, supporting the people of Hong Kong, has been slapped down by the NBA's masters, Communist China. Supporting freedom, a quintessential American Value, sits in the back of the NBA bus. Saving the good seats for the communists.

Owen said...

What happens to the business model for TV sports coverage if most everybody in the stadium wears/displays messages displeasing the networks, teams and ultimate clients, the Chicom Party? Will the cameras simply look away? Isn’t half the fun watching the people watching the game? Will viewers flip channels if the coverage between plays is reduced to close-ups of players scratching themselves?

Will the stadiums set up TSA type screens to confiscate banners? Paper and crayons?

Should be fun.

narayanan said...

If the FRANCHISES are selling eyeballs - make the eyeballs fall out : HALLOWEEN TIME

iowan2 said...

Will the stadiums set up TSA type screens to confiscate banners? Paper and crayons?

Conservatives maybe have a new communication platform. Sports venues. Antifa types are going to run fast and hard away from tailgating sports fans. Their tactics in those venues will get them hospital time. If they are lucky and the beatings stop before its to late.

rehajm said...

Will the stadiums set up TSA type screens to confiscate banners? Paper and crayons?

Yup. This one.

stevew said...

A question arrives: if Communist China is asserting and affirming their communist status why are these consumer focused companies - sports, tech, etc. - so focused on appeasing the leaders of the country and regime? Chinese consumers are not likely to have enough free time and disposable income to be worth the alienation of the West the kowtowing of these companies are engaged in.

FullMoon said...

The Hong Kong guys starting to look a lot like antifa to me,what with gasoline bombs , throwing bricks, bustin' up businesses. blocking traffic so average people cannot carry on with their lives. All black with masks. Very heroic.

What exactly are they after, now? Did China not rescind the law that started the whole thing?

iowan2 said...

US Corporations have sold their soul to the lie of Chinese, free market, communism

Apple and google remove apps used by Pro freedom Hong Kong protesters

Unknown said...

You picked a good week. Unfortunately those pretty yellow Aspens and beautiful red sumacs are gone today as Durango had an overnight low of 14°F.