July 28, 2019

Remember when you were a child and you thought it would work to announce the "I'm rubber, you're glue" rule?

Apparently, it's not too late to recapture the joys of childmind:

(Joe Lockhart was Bill Clinton's Press Secretary.)

ADDED: Why doesn't Lockhart know that you don't show your talking points outright? This is like when George H.W. Bush said "Message: I care."


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Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

Oh FFS! Stop with the "everyone's a racist".

Only conservatives can be racist.
And should you have an Official Person of Colour vouch
for you that you are not a racist, it is because they
are an 'Uncle Tom'.

So STFU, hang your head, and celebrate diversity.
(oh...and, um, dont forget that reparations cheque, honky!)

Fandor said...


Seeing Red said...

When I pointed out this clear chasm between their professed tolerance and real-world bigotry, Mr. Ali admonished me, stating that white Trump supporters “will never love you … no matter how hard you try to be the Latin face of Trump, they will never love you.”

And there it is.

Why do I have to “love” him?

I can respect, be friendly, it says more about Mr. Ali what his insecurity needs.

rcocean said...

"This also makes no sense. I call Hitler a racist. That makes me a racist?"

Yes it does. Racists are obsessed by race.

Rory said...

"I call Hitler a racist. That makes me a racist?"

Just stands to reason.

Bay Area Guy said...

"Anyone who supports a racist or a racist strategy is a racist themselves."

Sen Robert Byrd (D-WV) - Senate leader of the Dems for 12 years ('77 - '89)

Prior Member of the KKK.

I reckon the Lockart Rule is post-hoc, right?

TJM said...

Steve Uhr,

Most Demtards accusing others of racisms are major league racists: Cummings, Obama, Talib, Biden, etc

Seeing Red said...

I thought this was settled with Barry.

n.n said...

Bigotry is sanctimonious hypocrisy. Principles matter.

Drago said...

Lefty Steve Uhr lacks the capacity to understand the difference between objective standards based on scientific measures (determination of physical height) and infinitely elastic politically-driven subjective measures for unknowable human beliefs and intents (racism) which are forever "evolving" and expanding in often contradictory ways to meet the day to day political needs of leftist hacks, like himself.

Actually he doesnt lack the capacity to understand the difference.

He is simply a leftist looking to smear political opponents.

Unfortunately for him and the rest of the left/LLR-left, the jig is up.

The. Jig. Is. Up.

Drago said...

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh (while touring Elijah Cummings congressional district in 2018): ”What the hell – we should just take all this shit down. Ooh, you can smell the rats"

Democratics support Baltimore Democratics.

Baltimore Democratics uttered racist statements about their community.

Steve Uhr is a democratic.

Steve Uhr is a racist.


steve uhr said...

Drago. — how do you define racist? We may agree.

DeepRunner said...

Joe Lockhart. Other than being a spokesman for the second impeached POTUS in history, what has he done? The last refuge of the irrelevant is to scream on Twitter.

narciso said...

Working at Oracle, last time I heard.

exiledonmainstreet, green-eyed devil said...

Many of today's "anti-racists" seem to be motivated by vengeance, rather than justice. Since some white men once oppressed and dehumanized blacks and Jews and other minorities, those minorities should now get to do the same to their descendants. "You crackas lumped us together, denied our individuality and treated us as inferiors - so now we not only get to put the shoe on the other foot, we will jam your foot into the shoe and hammer it on until you bleed."

So much of current leftism (including feminism) has a viciously vindictive triumphalism to it. They talk of equality, but don't really want equality. They want revenge on a collective.

Of course, the evil of racism is that people are judged, not as individuals, but as part of a collective. They are held guilty for accidents of birth and for superficialities - skin color and hair.

Doing onto to whitey what was done to your ancestors does not heal any wounds or make the world a better place.

Drago said...

steve uhr: "Drago. — how do you define racist? We may agree."


You are racist by your own ever changing "rules".

Plus I am betting you are white which by lefty rules already make you racist.

Plus I am betting you are a male which by lefty rules make you a likely rapist.

Further, by lefty rules, any attempt by you to deny either of these 2 lefty-defined "facts" will simply make you a privileged denier and tool of the patriarchy.

I certainly hope you are up to the challenge of living by your own rules.

Good luck with that as you struggle to identify whether you are a latter day Bolshevik or a Menshevik.

Given your track record here, you have "Menshevik" written all over you and I assure you your new masters will not much tolerate your "play dumb" act in your upcoming Struggle Sessions.

The rule of Lemnity said...

Trump has taken on the powerful mainstream media and is debatable as to whether he is succeeding, #fakenews always trending notwithstanding.

The racist label might a tougher mountain to climb. It not only has the mainstream media willing to carry the ominous label makers water for them, I can't remember anybody taking them on and succeeding. That's why they are so trigger happy. Labeling someone a racist works.

If Trump wins in 2020, it will be a political moon shot. That's how tough that label is to shake off.

Pettifogger said...

(noun) anything of which a Leftist disapproves for whatever reason.

(noun) anyone who does anything of which a Lefist disapproves for whatever reason.

(adjective) disapproved by Leftists for whatever reason.

walter said...

Dan Bongino
‏Verified account @dbongino
10h10 hours ago

Always remember, when the Democrats run out of things to say, & they’re unable to defend the indefensible, they will ALWAYS call you a “racist” or some other word ending in “ist” or “phobe.” They have nothing else, they live in an ideas vacuum. They are an empty shell of a party.

RichardJohnson said...

Hillary did her college thesis on Saul Alinsky....That thesis is locked up tighter than Obama's college records.

When hubby was President, access was closed. It's been available for quite a while.This from 2007.Hillary's Senior Thesis.
Search engine: hillary rodham alinsky thesis gopublius

Gahrie said...

This from 2007.Hillary's Senior Thesis.

These are literally the first words she wrote: "Although I have no "loving wife" to thank for keeping the children away while I wrote,".

She's been a bitter militant feminist since at least 1969.

Jamocha said...

>>Someone remind Joe Lockhart that the last time people were told to wear a badge it didn't work out so well.>>

Especially for the people doing the "badging"; in fact, they're STILL finding American and British bombs in the nation that did that.

KevinK said...

Disagree with Gherie. Democrats may have added to their list of races they wish to subjugate, but they're still doing their best to keep blacks subjugated in poverty, etc. just like 150 years ago.

Nichevo said...

Robert Cook said...

Ha! No one will know what that means [...] I'd never even heard of him until the rightists on this blog started harping on him.

Cookie, I believe you. You are incredibly ignorant, particularly on facts and topics that do not support or reinforce your worldview.

DEEBEE said...

I just became a citizen, will vote for Trump. Lockhart GFY.

Birkel said...


One Eye said...

Memo from DNC to Joe Lockhart:

Please stop "helping" us!

Robert Cook said...

"Cookie, I believe you. You are incredibly ignorant, particularly on facts and topics that do not support or reinforce your worldview."

So...do you believe that Alinsky is still widely remembered, widely read, widely discussed, and his tactics widely applied?

If you do, I say you're deluded.

Nichevo said...

"Cookie, I believe you. You are incredibly ignorant, particularly on facts and topics that do not support or reinforce your worldview."

So...do you believe that Alinsky is still widely remembered, widely read, widely discussed, and his tactics widely applied?

If you do, I say you're deluded.

You're not the one to be calling other people deluded.

You give the "I don't know nothing about that" response on many occasions, not just this one. Alinsky only seems to have been popularized in the era of Obama or maybe Clinton, but now he is au courant. Have you heard of Antonio Gramsci? Theodor Adorno? Herbert Marcuse? Georg Lukacs? Karl Marx? Friedrich Engels? Noam Chomsky? Howard Zinn? I'm sure you haven't heard of Talcott Parsons.

What is it that you do know, Robert, other than that which Counterpunch and Mother Jones tell you to think? What should you be willing to say that you are officially trained and educated in? Do you have a college degree? In what?

By the way, off this topic, I have a question for you. You cling bravely to your rent stabilized apartment on the upper west side. As you know, that's an incredibly attractive area. I'm sure that you want to keep it forever, but you've indicated that the numbers are getting away from you.

I have a friend in Park Slope with a r/s fourth-floor walkup who is probably going to get maybe $150-200K as a go-away incentive so they can convert the unit. Maybe they would offer you a buyout where you are, and you could retire someplace manageable.

Anonymous said...

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #3,584 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)
#6 in Radical Political Thought
#6 in Civics & Citizenship
#5 in Political Advocacy Books

Just copied and pasted that from Amazon this moment. So yeah, Cookie, it's pretty well known, at least by political junkies.

Nichevo said...

steve uhr said...
Francisco D. I agree with your example. How about this one — if everyone is over 6 ft. Then nobody is over 6 ft ...

Capichi ?

7/28/19, 7:33 PM

Steve-that's not it, try this: if everyone is tall, then no one is tall.

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