July 23, 2019

At the Green Triangle Café...


... you can talk all night.


anti-de Sitter space said...

Purple triangles suck.


anti-de Sitter space said...

This is good JW juju:


traditionalguy said...

If I was a bee, I could not resist that. What a tempting flower.

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

nature's tie-dye !

...and will Herr Meuller spill beans on Mifsud/Di Gabriel and the Italians domani?

...and will Omar find it in her heart to denounce FGM ?

traditionalguy said...

Did you see Boris J just said he wants the Mayor of London to go back where he came from. Well not in those exact words.

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

Everybody! Go back to where you came from!

Ilhan Omar Also Called for Opponent to Be ‘Deported’


2015 Rashida Tlaib on Donald Trump After Travel Ban Rollout: ‘Deport This Asshole!’


Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...
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Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

we like the way the horses rear up and neigh when we say "Herr Meuller"


stephen cooper said...

God loves us all, sometimes we remember the future, \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

I had a dream last night that someone was talking to me ---- in a bar in a foreign language (one of those sort of Irish bars that are so common on Long Island, with the dark oak and the paintings of the auld sod on the wall - and the smell of people not quite drunk enough to vomit, but almost there - you know what I mean) ---and they told me this, that this is not 2019 (well of course not, I said, because I always like to encourage people who are not quite undisassociated from reality) = this is 2999 and I have spent the last nine hundred years imagining what I could have said to the thousands of people I argued with on the internet .... WHY DID I NOT TELL THEM THAT GOD LOVES THEM and that, in fact, I Knew it but instead of saying GOD LOVES YOU I just tried to argue ---- to win an argument here or there, what a waste of my time it was)

and I said ...
as one so often does ....

Dude you are telling me this is not 2019, but is 2999, and that you want me to know you have spent the last 900 years or so thinking about what you should have said

then I woke up

my dog and my cat wanted, respectively, a walk and attention (the dog wanted the walk) (as I always do, I went for a walk with my dog as soon as I woke up) (the cat wanted attention) and attention (as God is my witness I have messed up a lot of things in life but I have always been attentive when my cat wanted attention, I have been blessed that way)

don't worry that you are too stupid for God to love
or too lonely
or too unimportant

as God is my witness if you are worrying about any of those or similar things


more than you can imagine, God needs your help in spreading the message
that we are all loved and that just a little bit of prayer, a little bit of humility, and an understanding that the commandments are meant to be kept, because it is easy not to break the commandments - seriously, why would you even want to covet your neighbor's donkey, or to have any other God besides God, and so on .....and we can transform so much that was wrong into what is right

HoodlumDoodlum said...

Mom Charged After Dropping, Fatally Injuring Infant in Fight Outside Beauty Store

It's a terribly sad story but I'd just like to point out when I argued here a while back that the charges originally leveled against the pregnant woman who instigated a fight that resulted in her baby's death due to gunshot were not outrageous and were similar to what would happen in a similar case involving a newborn/baby I was correct. I took criticism for "having to come up with ridiculous scenarios" to argue by analogy, but right here we have a pretty good example.

Fen said...

Would you like some pizza?

Guess what goes with pizza?

Yes, that's right... PARMESON!

And you thought you made it clear of that. Lol think again!

redrum redrum REDRUM!

Limited Perspective said...

A good friend in my church passed away yesterday in the hospital. Our priest was there for the last 13 hours to be with the family and give him last rites. After the death of a friend the church sends emails out asking people to cook dinners and visit the family for a few weeks. It's awkward for me. I always decide in birth or death or trauma to show up with the same meal we had already planned. We have no idea what to say. We eat and try to make small talk. I'm pretty sure it's the presence of familiar friends what matters, so the Mrs and I keep showing up knowing we have nothing more than our presence and food to give.

Fen said...

"God loves us all"

Will God still love me if I ship Farmer a chemistry set?

Is it a sin to tempt Darwin? ;)

Guildofcannonballs said...

Satan knowsy talked abou t those nightly

DURUIOUS alhthouse.


narciso said...

Well you must have many memories of how this friend was, but just trying to relate to their loss is best

narciso said...

Hoping and waiting

But they can blow a lot of smoke

Guildofcannonballs said...

Fen said...
"God loves us all"

Will God still love me if I ship Farmer a chemistry set?

Is it a sin to tempt Darwin? ;)

7/23/19, 10:57 PM

You are just so cute!

I bet Althoue, brillant as ever, would have to search far and wide to find a you.

Please let everyone know just excax;tu jurepedigre.

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

your presence there speaks volumes.
1 John 3:18

Guildofcannonballs said...

Stlak, I'm worth it.''Go one.

We both know.

Jupiter said...

On these lovely Summer evenings, I am high in the southern sky. If you were a Roman noble, 2000 years ago, you might raise your right arm to me, and say "Ave, Jove". Ow-way, Yoh-way.

Limited Perspective said...


Thanks for the thought. I don't feel as deeply about death and birth as I used to. Perhaps it's become mundane. I do remember when I did feel intense thoughts about those events.

The John passage is something I believe to be true, but have always wondered about.

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

What Modeling Taught Me About Jeffrey Epstein

Rachel Chandler Midland models, MC2 Models


Lindsay Graham calling PapaD to testify? Ooh! Get his spook wife too!

Get Occhionero to give them a Black Eye !
get Roh & Pastor, and Mangiante's "uncle"

Yancey Ward said...

"On these lovely Summer evenings, I am high in the southern sky. If you were a Roman noble, 2000 years ago, you might raise your right arm to me, and say "Ave, Jove". Ow-way, Yoh-way."

My parent bought me a telescope for my birthday when I was 19. The first thing I turned it to was Jupiter that evening. I had seen the planet with binoculars before, and you can see the four large moons with binoculars, but a real telescope made the experience so much more detailed- you could actually see the banding on the planet easily.

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

if he had a hammer, would he hammer out justice??

Attorney for IT worker who took a hammer to Clinton cell phones is Mueller deputy



narciso said...

Oops did I mean to do that,

narciso said...

In other newz:

narciso said...

That's about the Guatemalan deal which is being reintroduced again

Crazy World said...

Blessings Limited Perspective

Lewis Wetzel said...

I was thinking about the restaurant delivery post Althouse made yesterday.
Suppose There was a company that made exactly the same meal you could have made for yourself in a minute or less, and delivered it to you.
Ordinary bologna on ordinary bread with a shmeer of mayo, a small bag of Lays, and a pickle, all poorly wrapped and stuffed into a small, brown, paper bag.
How much could they charge for such a thing? Ten dollars? Twenty dollars?

AAT said...

I don’t think you can watch more than a couple Hallmark “Christmas in July” movies without coming to a very low opinion of women in general.

h said...

Here are the questions Comey would ask Mueller: https://www.lawfareblog.com/what-i-would-ask-robert-mueller?utm_campaign=Brookings%20Brief&utm_source=hs_email&utm_medium=email&utm_content=74900735

I'm no fan of Comey, but this seems like a very astute approach -- go through the actual Mueller report item by item that is in any way damaging to Trump and ask Mueller to confirm that is what the report says. So, on the one hand it doesn't provide any new information, but on the other hand it provides video sound bites that can be shown over and over.

AAT said...

"So, on the one hand it doesn't provide any new information, but on the other hand it provides video sound bites that can be shown over and over.”

And carefully avoids looking into the incredibly shabby reasoning behind so many of those conclusions.

stevew said...

It was reported last night that approximately 250,000 Guatemalans crossed the US border illegally this year and that that represents about 1.5% of the countries total population. What the heck is going on in Guatemala?

@limited: my mother always made it a point to call or visit family and friends that had recently had a death a week or two after the funeral. Her reasoning was that most people offered comfort between the death and funeral, and then went back to their lives. The full impact of the loss settled in for the family in the silence that followed. I bet what you do is very helpful and appreciated, regardless of what you talk about. It's your presence that matters.

narciso said...

A combination of low coffee prices, cartels on the move, and the remnants of pueblos sin fronteras

narciso said...

I know a little about Jane mayers mo by how she treated a very minor subject of her reporting, Adam brickley, a fellow who introduced Palin to a number of pundits out of a whole afternoon shs used one sentence,

rehajm said...

If we see the disruptive protesters in the room it would seem to confirm congressional lefties would prefer disruption over Meuller answering questions. A contradiction of what they've been saying...

narciso said...

About how she inspires people, no explanation how, but Abu zubeydah the Saudi logistics planner for 9-11 actually cited in the August PBS ahe has compassion for.

narciso said...

Commies got to be:

Hagar said...

I see some Democrats are now claiming the Republicans are intentionally disrespecting Mueller by mispronouncing his name.
Actually we are all mispronouncing it.
"ue" is the conventional English transcription for the German letter "ü", which is pronounced as the "y" in "syntax," etc. Now listen to the howls if anyone goes to referring to him as Mr. Müller, however correct it may be!

narciso said...

Call him mr drysdale after his grandfather thr railroad executive

Narr said...

Yeah Jupe! You were beautiful last night. (Never talked to a god before.)

I understand there's something about Trump and Russian collusion going on in DC. Wonder what's up with that?

So yesterday, paying for my Exxon coffee (strong, black, and hot, like me--not really I'm white--strong, black, and hot as a Benevolent Providence intended) the young A-A male cashier finished his story to the other cashier with the phrase, "I was sweatin' like a Hebrew slave!"

BTW, a green triangle represents Habitual Criminals in some symbolic systems.

Eyes and Ears open

walter said...

The green triangle represents eco-sexuals.

Narr said...

John Barth in Sotweed Factor coined the term 'cosmophilist.' The sort of person who'd "fuck the barky boles of trees" IIRC.

Did I miss anything?